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The Way It Happened: An interactive map
Flight 814 Message Board was named a finalist in the Breaking News category in the international Online Journalism Awards 2000, for its coverage of the IC-814 hijack crisis -- the only non-US, non-European site to be included in this prestigious contest.

July 23, 2002
India wants US to quiz Muttawakil

January 8, 2002
Advani to take up hijackers' issue with US

December 7, 2001
Bombay terrorist reveals IC 814 hijackers-Al Qaeda links
CBI seeking details of IC 814 hijack evidence from FBI

July 30, 2001
IC 814 hijack: Defence counsel wants to inspect plane again

June 5, 2001
CBI approaches Pak in IC-814 hijack case

May 2, 2001
Charges framed in IC-814 hijack case

November 17, 2000
CBI to intensify hijacking probe

November 15
FBI registers case for Kandahar hijack

November 14
CBI gets cracking in hijack case

November 13
CBI team returns from Dubai, with 'vital' clues

November 9
CBI team in Dubai, probing technical matters

November 7
CBI sends team to Dubai to probe hijacking

November 5
Interpol issues notice against hijackers of IA plane

October 1
Interpol sounds red alert against five hijackers of IA plane

August 3
Pakistan refuses to extradite hijackers

June 21
CBI files chargesheet in Patiala court

June 2
Special ladder helped India, Nepal reach an agreement on resumption of flights

June 1
IA flights to Kathmandu resume on Thursday

May 18
CBI to approach Interpol in IC 814 hijack case

May 9
IA to resume flights to Kathmandu

April 27
Key conspirator behind IC 814 hijack arrested

April 7
CBI picks up a key link in hijack drama

February 24
Is India a soft state?

January 30
Let hostages sue, say intelligence officials

January 29
Passengers divided over damage suit

January 12
Wife of one hijacker arrested in Bombay

January 11
Captain Sharan felicitated at Sharjah
Maulana Masood Azhar's speeches do rounds of Kanpur
Do a khancha and get a passport
Pak seeks Nepal hijack probe report

January 10
India caved in too early
Hijackers's accomplices in Bombay played a key role: cops
Passengers clarify about hijackers's identity

January 9
Benazir describes hijacking as 'successful'
Special CBI team to probe hijacking

January 8
Mr Considerate
The arithmetic of a hijacking
Pakistan's role in the hijack
World help sought in declaring Pak a terrorist state: Mishra
RSS flays Centre again over hijack issue
Hijack case: CBI team no yet ready

January 7
US asks Pak to probe Azhar's activities
The hijack crisis bares India's political diffidence and diplomatic credulity
Masood Azhar dares India to prove hijackers were Pakistani'
Expelled Pak embassy official leaves Nepal
'Our foremost need is to change our casual attitude'
The RSS has never advocated exchange of terrorists for hostages: Rajendra Singh
'Hang the terrorists who are in jail'
'Withdraw all ties with Pakistan, declare it a terrorist state'
Hijack Afterthought: Being Tough

January 6
All five hijackers have been identified
''The whole hijack drama was very well organised'

January 5
Nepalese authorities lukewarm towards probe
Britain too refuses to brand Pak a terrorist state
US in no hurry to brand Pak a terrorist state
Pallone to draft legislation to declare Pak a terrorist state
Fernandes accuses US of duplicity on terrorism
The Agony and the Ecstasy

January 4
Hijackers believed to be in PoK
Advani denies he thought of resigning
Police reveal Bombay connection to hijacking
'I must have died a hundred times on board...'
Who will avenge Rupin Katyal?

January 3
Hijackers with Pak military intelligence: ISI ex-chief
Centre to come out with white paper on ISI activities
Mental disorders await hostages, says expert
Declare Pakistan a terrorist state, says PM
'They had a gun at my neck all the time'
'They looked at my recent hair cut and asked me if I worked for the intelligence service'

The Day After: January 1
'Where is he? Why isn't he here to see me...'
Released militants will return to Kashmir
A midnight call and an impending climax
Hijack: CMG, PMO trade charges
'They behaved well with the hostages till the very end'
Hijackers headed for Quetta: Jaswant
Nepali not involved: Intelligence agencies
EU unconcerned about Indian concerns
Flight 814 arrives in Delhi
Advani opposed release of militants
Corruption and the hijacking drama

Day Eight: December 31
Hijackers got more weapons at Kandahar
'For four days I was forced to sit in the cockpit, blindfolded, without seeing sunlight'
Hostages are fine except for minor ailments
Hijackers headed for Pakistan: Taleban
'We would have preferred to die for the country'
Two turn up at PM's all-party meet
'No criminal shall go unpunished'
Prime minister's speech in English
Prime minister's speech in Hindi
Best possible solution, says Brajesh Mishra
The nightmare is over, but...
'We were able to scale down their demand'
Formal recognition of Taleban by India on the cards
Relatives of hostages elated, yet....
'The extra names were only a red herring'
Three militants for hostages
Masood, Zargar, flown to Delhi
More and more people now want government to act tough
Hold Pak responsible, says Pallone
IA staff try to fix APU; talks begin
Dossiers reveal 35 men are committed, dangerous
Hijacking wakeup call: Canada
Hijackers gave in after talks broke down on Thursday
IA's training ex-chief calls for sky marshals
Who are the Harkat-ul-Ansar?

Day Seven: December 30
Kuwait calls it 'condemnable terrorist act'
Hijack is remote controlled: Intelligence
'Katju is the best possible negotiator'
Desperate relatives now turn to the Almighty for succour
'Talks are now extremely delicately poised'
One hostage released for medical treatment, returns to plane
Caught on a hijacked plane? Relax
Govt denies reports of militants' release
Clinton may call off trip: LA Times
'Pakistan very nervous about India-Taleban ties'
'If the hijackers refuse, we will motivate them in anyway': Taleban
Centre asks J&K govt for information on 35 militants
The list of dreaded militants
'We should not treat their warnings as empty threats'
'The country's dignity comes first'
Kathmandu denies Nepali involvement in hijacking
'The state with the closest ties and strongest links to Afghanistan is Pakistan'
'The calculus is not 160 lives against one'
Them and Us
'The Taleban views the hijack as an opportunity to distance itself from Pakistan'

Day Six: December 29
'Passengers are playing cards, reading newspapers'
India conveys response to hijackers
Remembering Kargil, Orissa, and Kandahar, Some Will Forego Millennium Galas
Hijacking: Diplomat Denies India Seeks Security Council Intervention
No proof yet of Pak hand, says France
India seeks aid of Taleban-friendly nations in resolving crisis
Taleban's co-operation still suspect
Only Jaswant Singh will brief press
UN official to leave for Kandahar tomorrow morning
CBI teams leave for Amritsar, Kathmandu
Dropping demands makes no difference: Govt
'India shouldn't accept the demands of militants'
What makes a good negotiator?
India coughed up $ 25,000 for landing rights
Fourth round of talks with hijackers to begin shortly
Kargil widows warn against softness
Passengers face severe psychological stress
Government determined to call hijackers' bluff
A negotiator speaks!
'This govt only knows how to break a temple, not a terrorist operation'
'The real purpose seems to be to get international attention against India'
'I believe the government has a reason for dragging on the situation this long'
'They are killers and should be put down as rabid dogs are'

Day Five: December 28
Hijackers demand release of 35 militants and $ 200 million
Vajpayee promises firm action
Afgani's body lies in Jammu graveyard
Indian authorities have info on ISI role in hijack
Public opinion against succumbing to hijackers' demands
'Power restored to aircraft
What is an Auxiliary Power Unit?
UN expert cautions on hijackers's intent, lauds India's stance
The mind of a militant
Indian authorities have info on ISI role in hijack
Taleban will co-operate in freeing hostages, says Rabbani envoy
Religious leaders offer to go to Kandahar
Russia assures all help to resolve hijack crisis
'Please for God's sake save those 150 people'
'Never give in to terrorist demands'
'The relatives' behaviour is understandable --- they are under emotional pressure'
'India shouldn't give in to hijackers'
A militant's mind: what makes him tick?
Indians given "access" to hostages
NSG crack team was ready on Dec 24
Hijackers may want more militants released
Pak cross-border terrorism 'real serious issue': US
Taliban commandos surrounds plane
Steel in the soul, anyone?
Secretive govt sparks confusion
PM discusses crisis with defence chiefs
Govt denies release of passengers
Raje to brief relatives
State Department Urges India, Pakistan To Stop TradingAccusations
MESSAGE BOARD: 'Please for God's sake save those 150 people'
MESSAGE BOARD: 'Never give in to terrorist demands'
MESSAGE BOARD: 'The relatives' behaviour is understandable --- they are under emotional pressure'

Day Four: December 27
Indians hold talks with hijackers
Something may happen tonight'
Government spirits look up, finally
Intelligence intercept indicates hijackers will free passengers, blow up plane
Cabinet plans action against bureaucrats
Punjab officials deny goof-up at Amritsar
Flat-footed government exposed by hijack
Govt wants to wear out hijackers
Masood prefers to be known as Islamic cleric
Panun Kashmir opposes demand to release Masood
Hijackers did not board flight under aliases
'Various people failed at various stages'
Four hijackers identified as Pak nationals
Musharraf denies Pak involvement in hijacking
Pak police question Maulana Azhar's father, brother
What is the fuel injection part?
Hijackers not to harm passengers till Indian team arrives
Govt thinking of 'releasing' Masood
Parties leave final decision to government
Taliban supremo tells hijackers to surrender or leave
Taleban does not consider India an enemy of Islam, says Mujahid
'We Will Take All Action to Rescue the Passengers'
Kashmir Secessionist Damns 'Absolute Terrorists'
Flight 814 smells like sick bay
How long can Captain Saran hold on?
India may send team to Kandahar today
Russia calls for special UN meeting
The Devil's Alternative
Silent Night, Holy Night...
MESSAGE BOARD: 'We should do an operation a la Entebbe whatever the consequences'
MESSAGE BOARD: 'The best course of action would be to storm the plane and rescue the hostages'
MESSAGE BOARD: 'The Govt should avail of all diplomatic means to get the passengers released'

Day Three: December 26
India points an accusing finger at Pakistan
Passengers will return safely: PM
They were called Burger, Doctor, Duphtar...
Flight 814 is a warning of things to come
Taleban wants plane to leave Afghanistan
India awaits UN report on condition of hostages
Misinformation, delay led to hijackers getting away
What gives the hijackers the upper hand?
'There is no way the hijackers could have passed six hours on the tarmac'
Operation 'clean-up' at Kathmandu airport
UN's British expert on Afghanistan offers to resolve stalemate
Harkat ul Ansar: Growth and metamorphosis
Aircraft on standby to bring back passengers
Relatives storm Jaswant's meeting
'Can people under severe mental strain like us take further governmental callousness?'
UN officials meet Taleban ministers
'One of them started stabbing me...' A passenger speaks
Rachana may not know of Rupin's killing
Hijackers refuse to free Rachana
'Let baba not feel the chill'
'We have faith in Saran and in God'
MESSAGE BOARD: 'An SOP must be in place, formulated without a second's delay'
MESSAGE BOARD: 'Distract the hijackers, storm the plane, shoot the criminals and rescue the hostages'
MESSAGE BOARD: 'The Govt should directly talk with the hijackers and release the passengers without succumbing to their demands'

Day Two: December 25
Hijackers want Harkat leader released
Hijackers demand Maulana Masood Azhar's release
India had been warned of hijacking
Kashmir-watchers puzzled by Islamic Salvation Front's existence
No third party mediation to end hijack crisis: Jaswant
ISI operated with impunity in Nepal
'These are not ordinary terrorists whom we dealt with earlier'
'They were ruthless'
'I did not hear any gunshots'
'I have lost my son, please bring back my daughter-in-law'
Released hostages return to Delhi
Govt blasted for dilly-dallying
The list of passengers released by the hijackers
8 crew members hail from Hyderabad
India could have done an Entebbe at Amritsar
Sharad Yadav reaches Dubai
4 Kathmandu airport officials arrested for helping hijackers
Centre in touch with Taliban
UAE opens negotiations with hijackers
Nightmare of Flight 814, Message Board

Day One: December 24
Hijacked IA plane land at air force base in UAE
Chronology of hijackings in India
'Normally, it's a war of nerves'
Tense relatives await news of Flight 814
The passengers on IA Flight 814