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'The relatives' behaviour is understandable --- they are under emotional pressure'

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Nightmare of Flight 814, Message Board. Views verbatim, edited lightly.

Name: Sourav Dasgupta
Message: The priority of the government should be the safety of the lives of the passengers. The torture that these innocent people and their near and dear ones are going through has to end immediately. Since this is the handiwork of mad men supported by a mad nation, there is very little the government can do. If they are ready to release the passengers in exchange for some terrorists so be it. India is surrounded by criminals both from outside and inside. A few more in the open will not change the situation. I am sure no one is going to blame the government if it releases the Maulana from Pakistan. The aim of the enemy is clear. They want to embarass the Indian government and internationalize the various separatist movements in India. Hence the attempts to rake up the Khalistan issue by floating theories of Sikh hijackers. All these separatist movements (not just in India) have a common game plan. They first create terror in the country. When the government comes down with a heavy hand, their best buddies - the so called "Human Rights" groups, their sponsoring countries and the foreign media raise a hue and cry about the plight of the people. When it comes to the death of common people they are not bothered and provide lip service. Happy and emboldened these terrorists go out killing more people. India finds itself in a similar situation. The solution is a simple tit for tat but in a manner which is not very obvious and force our enemies to understand that India is not going to take it lying down. We have been tranpled upon for a long time because of our incompetent political leaders who are afraid to call a spade a spade because of their votebanks. How do we trust them with our lives ?

Name: ivneet chadha
Message: the hijacking of IA814 has actually put the a very difficult situation , on one hand the lives of 150 people onboard the plane & on the other hand the releasing masood & setting a dangerous precedence for other fanatics & lunatics to try the same stunt. The govt. must try to save the lives of the passangers but also should take care that the hijackers do not succeed in their objective. It is a difficult task but simply letting massod go, will only lead to the murders of other innocent people by him. the relatives of the hostages should also understand that making a public demand for masoods release openly will only presurise the govt. to take a wrong step. i pray to god that no harm comes to the passangers & wish them a safe return home & also say that the whole country prays for their safety

Name: randhir
Message: India should warn Afghanistan of penalties should any harm to come to the passengers.

Name: Srinivasulu Chetty T.P
Message: Yes the govt. should"nt release Maulana Masood. The only person who can solve this problem is Mrs.Ruppin Katyal.

Name: Sethuraman Swaminathan
Message: No. Do not release the terrorist. But diplomatically try to free the hostages.

Name: hindujehadi
Message: I believe we should not give in to the hijackers' demands. In fact we should put all those militants whose release is demanded under the same conditions as the hostages are in, i.e. make them sit in a single position, blindfolded and bent so that they cannot see anybody or even sunlight. Let those bastards on the plane know that their beloved whose release is soulght are going to die one by one if they do not let the hostages free and India should begin the count down not them.

Name: Anandorup Ghose
Message: It's very easy to say that the Govt should not bend down in front of presseure, when u don't have ur loved ones on board the aircraft. But the point that needs to be understood is that if it actually does release this bastard then this will be a precedence for many more in future. Point is why are we such a soft country?

Name: ravindra
Message: We should not concede the demands of hijakers as this would encourage them to carry out such things in future. The govt should not put thousands of lives at risk by releasing those dreaded criminals, in trying to save 150 lives. We should follow US policy where they don't negotiate with criminals and terrorists.

Name: Thyagarajan
Message: No. If we release this will be repeated quite often. Let the government put the stakes on table and let the hijackers know that if anything happens to the passengers, then they cannot see any of their Mualana or comrades again and they will be executed out in open public. Then let us negotiate with terrorists.

Name: dr. rajnish samal
Email: rajnishsamal@123india,com
Message: we are playing with innocent lives..... remember rubaiye sayiid incident..minister's kid if ur relative was there???? we have goofed up the whole best to surrender before more damage

Name: Bhaskar Meka
Message: Yes, if this results in the release of the passengers. I think we (India) are in a very bad situation and the Taliban is basically forcing us to meet the hijakers demands by taking the present stance. The 5 hijakers should be brought to justice at any cost and death penalty imposed and carried out. Additionally our armed forces should be put on alert and military support sent openly to the forces fighting the Taliban. Enough is enough, hit sqads should be sent into Afganistan and Pakistan to take out people like Bin Laden and others.

Name: Nitin
Message: No terrorist should be released in exchange of the passangers!!! These terrorist should learn a lesson !!! otherwist the next thing they would do is hijack another plane & ask us to give away our Kashmir.. These sons of bitch sould be killed mercilessly so that they can feel the pain of death !!! I have full sympathy with the passengers on board & would do anything to rescue them !! But I believe that terrorists don't deserve NEGOTIATIONS !!! They only deserve to be killed mercilessly !!

Name: Dr.Palaniappan
Email: pal00
Message: Government should not bend to this pressure from such fanatics and all Indians MUST look beyond the smaller perspective of 150 people and help in putting a permanant end to this madness of terorsits. We can go a step further by shooting all captured terorists thereby instilling fear in the minds of these fanatics after sucessfully releasing the hostages. The nation must unite as one in this effort.

Name: Sree Gorty
Message: Govt should not release any terrorist. If the govt does so, they will be more hijacks in the mere future. I think we should what Russia is doing. In other words, just dont agree to the demands. These words would be the same if I were in that captured plane. Jai Hindustan Sree Gorty

Name: Girish
Message: Three options as far as I can see are left. 1. Negotiate with the Hijackers and get the best bargain which means releasing some of the people they want to be released if not all. Advatage: Possibly save all the passengers. Disadavtage: Give scope more such Hijacking in the future. 2. Make it clear to the Hijackers that there won't be any compromise. Advatage: Send a message for future Hijackers that we will not compromise and thereby minimise any future Hiajacking plans. Disdavatage: Possible loss of all are many Passengers 3. Buy time and plan to strike with commandos. Adavantage: May get most of the passengers alive Disadavtage: Some or maybe all passengers may die. Looking at it.. I would rather go for option-2 though it would be a brutal choice for the near and dear ones of the passengers stuck in the aircraft.

Name: G.Prabhu
Message: Jai Hind !!! Let me please not sound cold or insensitive,but only PATRIOTIC & as the inner voice of all those who are unfortunately trapped in this act of third rated cowardice. INDIA shall not budge to the demands even if we as INDIANS should lose our brothers & sisters on board. Let us INDIANS as the citizens of a unique country stand united and utilise this oppurtunity to express our solidarity and our resolve to sacrifice the utmost for the sake of the NATION. Let this referundum somehow become a trans-national expression of our UNITY IN DIVERSITY and though it might be sad turned into that little catalystic fire of patriotism and national pride. JAI HIND!!!!

Name: Pradeep Somayaji
Message: Under no cicumstances should India heed to the demands of the terrorists. If we meet their demands. It will set a dangerous precedent for other terrorists to follow this path and start blackmailing the country. Also it will indicate to the rest of the world a very weak willed country India is.

Name: Ritesh
Message: I have been reading all the "experts", presenting their views that we must send some commando mission now and kill all the terrorists.... Why don't people understand that without knowing the full facts, doing anything would only risk the lives of the passengers. In the beginning there was no knowledge of how many hijackers were present on the aircraft, the type and amount of ammunition they carried and their intents and demands. Without knowking full facts any commando action could be full of pitfalls. The innocent passengers can be killed, the commandos can be killed. Do you think that the relatives and family members of the killed passengers are going to keep quiet. They will raise a huge storm, with the media providing the suitable petrol to it. Also, currently when we know the situation of the terrorists and their demands, their weapons, it would be easier to take an action. Remember, these people have killed Rupin, and they just have a few knives and revolvers. Their intents do not look like saintly. All you need is a sharp piece of metal to end a life, and they have that. In the current situation India cannot do anything, because the aircraft is in Kandhar and the Taleban will not allow any Indian military personnel to take any action on their soil. It may be diplomacy that might finally resolve the issue, or releasing of one terrorist to save 150+ lives, or lose a few lives on board to get rid of the terrorists. These situations are extremely difficult to work and any step needs to be taken with all the pros and cons weighed. So, I request all the "experts" to rethink their strategy and present their views only when asked for.

Name: dylan
Message: This is a real tough one. The propensity for violence shown by the hijackers , the hostile govt in afghanistan, the time elapsed. The GOI has to act fast before the hijackers lose their head due to fatigue and stress. May God be with the crew and the passengers.The whole nation's prayers shall not go in vain..

Name: aakash
Message: No

Name: Rima Shewkani
Message: Of course they should let him put. How can they risk the lives of so many people just for a stupid man. I know they r hijackers but u cant help it. Our people are in danger and the only mission they have now is to rescue them and save their life. It will be a stupidity if they stand here with their hands crossed doing nothing while they have already killed a man. Its disgusting. Do something damid .. use ur brains!!! Well thats my opinion .. if i have to say anything about the hijackers i wont stop .. those people are mentally retarted that they r killing 4 no reason .. but remember if they kill any more .. the culprit will be the gov. 4 not fullfilling their demands by the way i am 16 yrs. and i hate these things happening .. and thats why i live in Spain cause for me India sucks

Name: Ajit Panda
Message: No, No, no in any way. Then, why a number of army/air force people sacrificed their lives during Kargil.

Name: R.V.Iyer
Message: India should not bow to pressure from these hijackers. Maulana Masood with ties to Osama bin Laden should not be released. Pakistan is behind this in a desperate attempt to internationalize the Kashmir problem. International pressure should be brought to bear on Pakistan to force the release of the hostages and arrest the bandits. India must stand together in this crisis.

Name: R.V.Iyer
Message: India should not bow to pressure from these hijackers. Maulana Masood with ties to Osama bin Laden should not be released. Pakistan is behind this in a desperate attempt to internationalize the Kashmir problem. International pressure should be brought to bear on Pakistan to force the release of the hostages and arrest the bandits. India must stand together in this crisis.

Name: lucky me
Message: Many of you are making what on the surface seems to be a reasonable suggestion--that the jailed militants should be let go in exchange for the 150 passgrs. Letting Rubaiya Sayeed go was a MISTAKE by a bunch of cowards (Mr Mufti Sayeed & friends--are you reading this-I hope so) and poor, untrained negotiators. Letting the jailed dopes go again in this case will be another MISTAKE. It will not CORRECT the previous mistake. It will only increase the likelihood that in the FUTURE, more such events occur, more terrorists get back on the streets, and even more of US get kidnapped, killed, hijacked, etc. While my heart does go out to the relatives, and I am not sure how I myself might react in such an emotionally charged state, I am disappointed at the relative lack of strategic thinking expressed by most of you. The relatives' behavior is understandable --- they are under emotional pressure, and for their own selfish reasons, would prefer their relatives go free this time, even if others pay the price much later. But the rest of the gang---get a clue about the psychology of hijackings. And for heavens sake, stop criticizing the government for everything that goes wrong in your life. Grow up and be a man (woman) who can take some responsibility, mama's boys. Now go back to your coding--your H-1 visa will expire otherwise.... :)

Name: subhash Kulkarni
Message: Save the Passengers! Lets live to fight another day. Let the prisoner go, learn from our mistakes, take precauions for the future, and take action later. Indian citizens should be considered more valuable than anything else on earth.

Name: Ajaz
Message: If Taleban supports, replace their commandos with Indians, who are guarding the aircraft and the hand work can be shown.

Name: proud indian
Message: The plane should not have left Amritsar. But that is past. In no way should the government order release of terrorists. This will only lead to more such hijacks and hostage situations. We must have trained personnel to fight such situations. We are entering another millennium and showing the other cheek after being slapped on one ain't gonna help the future. It's best to pay back in the same coin. Jai Hind.

Name: Abdul Habib Shah
Message: There is a way of resolving this crisis. The Indian Government must take a hard line stance on the issue of terrorism, in general, and on these terrorists, in particular. Firstly, this so called "Maulana" and his henchmen should be released and brought to the air craft. For every one terrorist we hand over, they should release 30 hostages. Masood Azhar should be the last one handed over (as he is the prized possession). Once all hostages are out of the aircraft safely and all of the terrorists are on board of the air craft, our Indian commandos should destroy the plane. This is the only feasible and viable approach that will guarantee the safety of the hostages while practicing the successful US tactic of gun diplomacy. This idea may seem fruitless and weird but just think about it. Khuda Hafiz A.H. Shah

Name: seina
Message: no

Name: trirani

Name: Jai Somanath
Message: The release of Maulana Masood and other terrorists in exchange of hostages will only increase such horrible crimes by Islamic militants. VP Singh and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed did just that when Mufti's daughter whose abduction was staged for all intents and purposes, was taken hostage. And they helped inaugurate current wave of Moslem terrorist campaign in Kashmir. India's entire millennium was filled with horrible killings like that of an innocent 25 year old Hindu passenger suffered in recent episode. Mohammaden Ghazni started his attacks exactly at the start of this millennium that is ending. And at the beginning of new one ,it is a fitting tribute to India 's soft policy towards Islamic terrorism, to have yet another Islamic terrorist act from Afghanistan aided by Pakistan. Instead of releasing the terrorists in exchange, India should deliver a warning to the brother of Maulana Masood that he will be summarily executed if any harm comes to passengers. And also should give an ultimatum to Taliban and to Pakistan that we will hold them responsible for safe return of both passengers and plane. Otherwise like US did to Libya, India should bomb Islamabad, Taliban. The ineptness with which this hijacking is handled by Indian government should not be compounded by appeasement which will place all future passengers in planes potential danger of Islamic terrorist hijackings. On otherhand even now if the government finds backbone and stands up to terrorist mischief and delivers a blow to their supporters in Pak and Afghanistan, that will ensure peace. Since Reagan bombed Gadafi, the latter has abstained from terrorism todate. That is the way to deal with them . Appeasement like that of Gandhians or treason like that of VP Singhs has no place in tackling Islamic terrorism. But 10 tits for one tat is very much required. Hope that Vajpayee government stands up to the mischief. %

Name: trirani
Message: The country comes before individuals.The pain is for the relatives but there is no way the country should bow down to those bastards.This is another Kargil and we are one. GOT THE MESSAGE??????

Name: Gussa Singh
Message: Two options: 1. Meet the demands. 2. Storm the plane and kill the hijackers. India should start working on the first one and keep the hijackers busy under negotiation. If India decides to send the commandos Taleban govt cannot be trusted, and they might notify the hijackers and this will lead to extra bloodshed. India should have a backup plan after the hostages and released and break its promise with the terrorists after everyone is released. We are smart people and whatever Indian Govt decides, lets all support them.

Name: Robert
Message: First of all, recognize that it not simply a case of six hijackers taking a plane hostage. It is the Taliban government, which has taken the plane hostage inside Afghan territory and that too in Taliban stronghold of Kandahar. It should now be clear that Kandahar was the destination all the time, that the delayed departure from Kathmandu and lack of night landing at Kandahar forced the round about way of getting there. The Taliban made noise about not letting the plane land, and after the landing they have been making noise about wanting it to leave Afghan territory. Very convenient, indeed. Innocent lives are involved. Bending to hijacker's demands will only invite further hijacking, besides encouraging the Taliban to treat India as a wimp. My read is that the Govt. of India knows that they are up against Taliban, not just 6 hijackers, though publicly they are going along with the Taliban's attempt to maintain a veneer of non-involvement. Even if India was an Israel, rather than a bungling wimp, Kandahar is no Entebbe. Uganda government was neither the hijacker nor the sworn enemy of Israel. The storming of the aircraft will be an attack on Afghanistan, besides requiring flying through Pakistani territory. So, what are the options after the super-bungling at Amritsar and missing a second minor chance in Dubai? Are the options any different than if the plane had flown directly to Kandahar? After all the only difference is that the Taliban has a more defensible veneer. Playing further on the Taliban's need to be seen as a good boy may allow for the option of letting them 'help' the hostages out. I seriously doubt that this will work, since the Taliban does not have such a need that Sharif had or the 'professional' generals of Pakistan may have. May be we need to let Pakistan get the glory of helping release the hostage

Name: anant jain
Message: they have to release him because govt is responsible first for live s of civilians

Name: Amulya Tyagi
Message:'Yes', but only if after the hostages are safe government launches full scale attack against Pakistan and Taliban to destroy the fountainhead of Islamic hooliganism once and for all and changes the international boundary to include not only the POK but also parts of Pakistan and a good chunk of Afganistan to ensure these hoodlums will never be able to wreak havoc on India again.

Name: ramta
Message: India should NOT give in, then get RID of DHOTI CLAD OLD HAGS AS Ministers and have young, aggressive action oriented people who can stand up to terrorists in Kashmir or any part of India. These ministers who used to sell Choleys at the streets have now become our masters such as Mulayam singh and his gang

Name: Dr. Soumendu Das
Message: My wife, Kobita, is a hostage as crew-member Air Hostess on board the aircraft. I am in great anguish. I pray for all passengers and crew members on board. I would like everyone to know that the IAL cockpit crew and cbin crew are all professionals( I live and breathe airline life) who will prove themselves and hold our nation's head high in situations like these, which includes the Supreme Sacrifice, if they have to. Let us all pray for them. Thank you all for your support. I am A Consultant Super-Specialist at Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad with flying background from both my and my parents-in-law's end, who are professional pilots. I urge those with access to bombard the PM and bunch of lazy Advisors/ministers with all means of communication to bring home the point. God Bless us all. Jai Ramji Ki, Jai Hind. Your friend on the net who also sees and meets you on the Apollo NetCliniq at

Name: 4bharat
Message: Can someone think about what all of us can do for the affected families of this hijacking?

Name: Sesha
Message: I was shocked to read that an all party meet was postponed because "the notice was too short" for some of our public parasites. We clamour to be an IT super-power. Couldnt the telephone have been used to speak up ? Imagine the ordeal of the 150 or more passengers for the past 50+ hours. What are our elected reps doing ? Cant we be sensitive atleast in such grave times ? Comeon, wakeup before its too late. Its time to be pro-active w.r.t terrorism. Lets not wait for the next attack. The time has come. The new millenium should hearld a new, aggressive India.

Name: Deepak L
Message: Try and get the plane into a friendly country. We can't do anything with it sitting in Afghanistan. Then we can do something about it. This incident shows how well India is prepared for its security. Pathetic ....

Name: ShashiKiran
Message: Tribhuvan International Airport is the safest place for anyone to hijack the plane. I have seen couple of times, the two flights parked next to one another at the same point of time. It's very easy to get down from one plane & get into another. The Hijackers have made use of this nicely and are able to successfully take it under their control with just vegetable knives !. The Air Indian Officials & the concerned Nepal authorities responsible for this, should be immediately dismissed from their duties and severely be punished. Now, the only way to rescue the 160 passengers is by the intervention of U.N officials, by talking directly with the hijackers. If there is a need, Azhar should be released for a few hours & be flown to Pakistan for surity, get the captive passengers out & arrest the hijackers. Then, a decision by both the govt should be taken, about what needs to be done to Azhar. Most importantly, Pakistan should be declared a "Terrorist Country" with immediate effect & suspend all grants to that nation.

Name: Naveen KS
Message: No. Do not release him... even if you do, see that he and his kith and kin are finished within hours of the plane being freed If, god forbid, the hijackers do anything to the plane India should finish of Pakistan... that is the only solution to all of India'a problems.. Then even our own people will fall in line. BJP is the best suited govt. for this .. Now it has to prove itself as that

Email: MICRO135

Name: vic
Message: when will the indian people realise that you can no longer trust any of the muslim countries around it.India must not sign any nuclear treaties ,having a strong nuclear deterrent will ensure indias future.India must not submit to the terroist' demands.Even now it is common knowledge here in the U.K that young muslims funded by the local muslim community through their mosques are being trained to carry out criminal activities in kashmir and other indian states.WAKE UP ALL YOU INDIANS THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE GOING TO SURVIVE IS BY FORGETTING ABOUT MAHATMA GHANDI WAY AND LOOKING TOWARDS ISRAEL AND RULING WITH AN IRON FIST LIKE SOME OF THE DICTATORS OF PAKISTAN.

Message:when will the indian people realise that you can no longer trust any of the muslim countries around it.India must not sign any nuclear treaties ,having a strong nuclear deterrent will ensure indias future.India must not submit to the terroist' demands.Even now it is common knowledge here in the U.K that young muslims funded by the local muslim community through their mosques are being trained to carry out criminal activities in kashmir and other indian states.WAKE UP ALL YOU INDIANS THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE GOING TO SURVIVE IS BY FORGETTING ABOUT MAHATMA GHANDI WAY AND LOOKING TOWARDS ISRAEL AND RULING WITH AN IRON FIST LIKE SOME OF THE DICTATORS OF PAKISTAN.

Name: Yashwant Rai
Message: Well, as a first step the people who allowed to let the plane fly out from Amritsar shoud be brought out in the open space in the middle of Connaught Place and shot by some good sharp shooter. Or an alternate some hungry dogs be let loose on them to tear off every piece of flesh from their bodies. This should hold good for all right upto the top. They have brought shame to the whole nation.

Name: Anger
Message: Govt, NSG, CMG,IA, RAW etc should buy some bangles and wear them. Then they should get a "tabla" and start "kirtan". They should also invite Nepal govt for "Kirtan". This is the only thing they can do now after they let go of them in Amritsar. Happy "Bhajans and Kirtans". May God give all the power to passengers, crew and their relatives.

Name: Pooja Gurnani
Message: yes they should how many lives are they going to risk like that.they like the militants better then they're citizins then they are stupid

Name: Ram Razdan
Message: Never, should we give in to the demands of the hijackers. One, it would be a great waste of Rupin Katyal's sacrifice. The brave man must have put up a fight to have been so brutally murdered.His fighting spirit should be a message to the hijackers that Indians will never give in to their demands. Two, Though I can understand the anxiousness of the relatives who are pressing for the Maulana's release, they should realise that his release will only encourage more such acts of terorrism. Three, Mufti Mohamm'd Sayeed episode is a shameful reminder of what happens when we give to terorrist demands. Four, What of the sacrifice of the thousands of soliders who fight these terorrists every day, If we are to give in to them for each such demand why did we fight at Kargil.

Name: Pritesh Shah
Message: A LOUD NO...........

Name: Janbaz
Message: Yes ! He should be freed

Name: babu
Message: NO WAY . That Maulana Masood Azhar should not be released. Indian GOVT should kill him right now in jail. Those bastards and the idiotic people in pakistan who is aiding all these things will know what is this.

Name: suresh
Message: No Maulana Masood Azhar should not be released. He should be hanged immediatley in jail.

Name: Dinesh Thoniparambil
Message: Absolutely NO. Let us not bow to the terrorists.

Name: v thilagar
Message: No, the Govt. should not release the terrorists. But, at the same time they should not drag their feet about negotiating with the terrorists. Someone in person should go to Kandahar.

Name: Kasturi Santanam
Message: Dear Sir, It is too late to take any drastic action now as the life of 160 people is in peril. Action if at all should have been taken in Amritsar when the plane was there for 50 minutes. Now it is in an unfriendly country which is directly responsible for growth of terrorism in India. The best option is to have the Taliban and Un negotiate and have the demand of the militants met. BUT AFTER THAT THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT SHOULD PULL OUT ALL STOPS AND BLAST ALL MILITANT OUTFITS WITHOUT MERCY OR REMORSE. THAT MAY EVEN GOING ALL OUT TO BLAST OUT POSTS IN PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR AND NORTH EASTERN STATES. IN FUTURE ISLAMIC MILITANCY HAS TO BE VIEWED SERIOUSLY AND ANYONE INVOLVED IN ABETTING ISLAMIC MILITANTS IN INDIA HAS TO BE DONE AWAY WITH, IRRESPECTIVE OF RELIGION OR AFFILIATIONS.

Message:No, the government should find other ways to resolve the issue. AND FOR ONCE LISTEN TO THE AGENCIES !

Message:This clearly shows how slow our government works even during such crisis. By letting them fly to Lahore from Amritsar without having tried for a commando operation (slow decision making)the government has failed miserably to handle this situation.I guess we can still take care of this situation by sending our commandos to Taliban when the flight is still there. This also shows lack of security in most of the Indian airports and inefficiency of Indian Intelligence Agencies. GOD SAVE INDIA!!

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'An SOP must be in place, formulated without a second's delay'

'We should do an operation a la Entebbe whatever the consequences'

'The Govt should avail of all diplomatic means to get the passengers released'

'Please for God's sake save those 150 people'

'Never give in to terrorist demands'

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