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'The real purpose seems to be to get international attention against India'

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Nightmare of Flight 814, Message Board. Views verbatim, edited lightly.

Name: anthony

Name: vikrant rana
Message: I think the indian govt has not acted fast enough to contain these terrorists in amritsat airport. had the govt acted promptly, our commandoes could have acted swiftly and rupin katyal 's life could have been saved. ten years ago when the daughter of the then union home minister was kidnapped by kashmiri militants, we had released three hardcore militants to bail her out. today the question is of 150+ lives and 3-4 militants. is the life of a VIP more important than an average indian. A very big NO! however we cannot even release the militants to save those passengers because it may lead to increase in such kind of incidents. hence, i think the govt should not release the militants and instead use force to bail out the passengers. to aviod such incidents in future, the govt should increase security at airports and boost up its intelligence network. the lead timew taken to formulate an action in such cases should be reduced by giving some action taking power in the hands of the local authorities.

Name: krishna kumar
Message: the first and foremost priority is to have the innocent passengers safe back in the country. if necessary release the militant but ensure he is traced and arrest him/ kill him in front of cameras. but the most important reason a lesson has to be taught to the hijackers, they should be killed in public and if necessary missile them and their location in khandhar. lets us learn this from israel and let the work learn it from us

Name: Biju Karunakaran
Message: The government should release the terrrorist first, secure the release of the passengers and then do what they can to catch these third rate terrorists

Name: Ranga
Message: Yes, they should release the militant Maulana Masood for the lives of the crew and passengers. India has reacted very slowly. Even before the flight could come to Amritsar they should have made a plan. With the flight staying at amritsar for 50 mins, we should have done some thing concrete.

Name: Sam
Message: No. The govt must not release the prisoner.

Name: anil sharma
Message: Yes India should storm the plane with commandos and kill the hi jackers. And if Afghastan and Taliban try interfere, they should not mind blowing them also. A team of Fighter Aircraft and choppers with fully armed commandos should do this. I am shocked why this has been not yet. We cannot bow down to these cheap terriost activities. thank u anil sharma

Name: Manju Rashmi
Message: I do not mind the release of the hard core Kashmiri Terrorists who are Indians. But releasing a foreigner who was held for an act of sabotage on Indian soil should not be released. Not at any cost. Our soldiers' and Ruppin Katyal's life cannot be so cheap to trade for a Professional Terrorist who cannot do anything but destruct.

Name: akshay bhandari
Message: NO Because if Maulana Masood is released then he will create more terror in the valley and henceforth the terrorists will become used to these kind of tactics to release their other friends in INDIAN jails.

Name: Gopalkrishnan D
Message: I am not bothered whether Govt. India releases Maulana Masood or not? But I want Govt. of India to act quickly to release all the passengers and crew from the Flight 814?

Name: laxmi patel
Message: Do not give in to the demands of the hijackers or this kind of thing will never stop.What the country needs right now is some firm stand by the govt combined with a bit of luck and the prayers of all indians.

Name: dipu shrestha
Message: It's really hard to take decision about this matter bcoz If they wil release for passengers they will get bad impact about this .they will try alwaysa like this.If we won't release alll inocent people will be it's very hard to say that What's to do .I just pray with god about passenger.

Name: krishna kumar
Message: its quite amusing that knives, pistols and hand grenades are allowed insied a place. what was indian airlines and its security doin ? i remember my journey from guwahati to calcutta when i was made waiting for 30 minutes for carrying a chip and a Computer Card and in Calcutta i was asked not to carry Toolkit and computer related equipments it was a different story from delhi to calcutta it was allowed and calcutta to guwahati it was allowed, only on return it was not allowed these government institutions leave pistols but promptly catch pen because its a sharp instrument

Name: Srijoy Dasmahapatra
Message: The issue should have been resolved thru the millitary. The opportunity should not have arisen for them to make any demands. What are we upto after close to 4 days of no action. It's a pity that we are so slow in whatever action we have to take.Hundred's of lives are at stake and we are taking a wait and watch stance.Other countries would have taken a military action by now. We are moving into the 21st century, unable to look after the security of our own people.

Name: Sarfraz H Dairkee
Message: Trianqulise either with time activated device ar through food and water, and then have rescue operation.

Name: Swapan Banerjee
Message: No. Govet of India should not release MAULANA MASOOD. Rather India should immediately start negotiating with the hijackers...Govt of India might try to negotiate at least to bring the aircraft into India or to any 'friendly' country - may be by taking a stand that once the aircraft is in India or in the specified friendly country, the demands would have been considered. Once the aircraft is in India or in any 'friendly' country, somehow start the commando operation to get the passengers free.

Name: Sherlock Holmes
Message: Learn a lesson from the Israelis. Every Israeli plane has commandos on board disguised in plain clothes. Airport security is one of the tightest. And screening of passengers can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour each. That is what one needs in the system if the country is surrounded by fanatics. And, if all else fails, a special team should be on 24 hour standby with a fighter jet at their disposal.

Message: Yes, even though it will be a political come down for the Vajpayee government. But would sacrificing the lives of the 160 hostages and possibly the aircraft itself to prove a point help?

Name: A.H. Venkitesh
Message: No, we should never bow down to terror. This will only encourage more hijacking. venkitesh

Name: Abhinav Roongta
Message: No, the govt. should not release any militant

Name: gakka
Message: I just pray to God that nobody gets hurt anymore.

Name: ravi
Message: should release immediately



Name: Sanjay Malhotra
Message: The Indian Government was very slow in reacting to this crisis. The authorities could have easily stopped the plane at Amritsar but failed to do so, also there has been criminal negligence on part of Indian Airlines for allowing these hijackers on board. The hijackers and terrorist like these should not be spared but should be shot in their balls. But if the government could release 5 hardcore terrorist in exchange for Mufti Mohammed Saeed's daughter's safe release, they should release that terrorist, more so because these innocent passengers are in this situation in the first place due to the Indian Airlines' and government's inaction and criminal negligence.

Name: Naresh Agrawal
Message: Corruption, decipline, law and some other factor make this type of situation, people in our country, don't bother about the life of other human being. I think we should save the life of all passenger first, then take care of others. Also I would like to request to all our fellow Indians please, remove corruption, follow laws, make decepline. Some bad people are spoiling our country. Thanks Jai hind Naresh

Name: Rakesh Gupta
Message: No, Government should not release the terrorists. India's record has not been good with respect to dealing with these situations, esp referring to the case of then home minister's daughter's release after freeing some terrorists in our jails. If India releases the terrorists it will set a wrong precedent. It will demoralise our armed forces. It will encourage further such occurances.

Name: Kaleem
Message: The Government has not other option left now to secure the release of passengers. The blunder made my the government is that they should have not allowed the aircraft to fly out of Amritsar. Why should the passengers face the brunt of Government for there inactions. Thanks, Kaleem

Email: Prashant_Rathi@PRovidian.COM
Message: NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!! The government should not release this terrorist.

Name: Muraleedharan.N
Message: The question is not releasing one Prisoner. The real purpose behind the whole drama seems to be to get international attention against India. India has played into the hands of the motives of those ruthless cowards, thanks to bungling of the situation at Amritsar. Now what India needs is support from outsiders...we are totally incapacitated in tackling the issue alone, due to hostile environment. We have to negotiate not with 5 Hijackers, but with two terrorist countries..... what is required is to get the true motives of this act exposed among International media..... get the help of US or other Powerful alleys, mount pressure on Afghanistan and Pakistan.....Of course the lives of 150 people are at stake.....but the lives of millions of people around the globe are at stake if the terrorists are not handled in a proper manner. It is time now for people around the world to rise up and work to isolate these anti social elements.......

Name: a.gandhi
Message: You can bet that if the flight had a politician or his relative on board, not only wwould the indian govt. have got cracking much earlier, they would not have allowed the plane to leave amritsar. remember rubina sayed?? it is typical of the indian political class to look after its own and not care a damn for the ordinary citizen.

Name: M Premjith
Message: Hi, This is a difficult question to answer by any one, be it Govt. official or a comman citizen. Release of Masood is not a solution, since this will boost the moral of the terrorists and weaken that of the Security officials. Also his release is going to increase terrorist acts in the future. Now, as of what I think, the Govt should try and talk to the hijackers directly a persuade them to release the hostages. If there is no other go, it would be better to carry out a military operation than to release Masood.

Name: anand kumar
Message: I think that the government should lisen to the demands and do as they ask. If these terrorist are ignored then they might be others who might carry on their unfinished job.

Name: JOY
Message: NO,we definitely feel sorry for the passangers trapped and respect their families sentiments but if maulana masood is realised it will be a trend from next time and government will be helpless every time a terrorist is arrested they will use the same modulus operandi but the officials responsible for the security lapse should be charged with murder[criminal negligence] because it is impossible that the terrorists just planned the hijacking that day and they were lucky to manage it it actually means that the negligence of the officials was there always and whatever happened was a result of that our prayers are with the people trapped inside we all wish their safe release as soon as possible

Name: rajeshwar
Message: I think, it better to release Maulana Masood, because since 4 days this hijacking drama is still continued... and the Indian govt. is not able to take any decision till now. we can not sacrifies the lifies of the innocent people who are boarded. And this is the biggest flop of the millianium.

Name: Girish
Message: No, India should not leave Maulana masood. Instead India should some how convince Taliban and prepare a commando rescue operation on the plane.

Name: Nandita Mukherjee
Message: Please release the abducted & save the lives of the passengers.

Name: chandrashekar
Message: I think maulana masood should not be released and the government should make a brave decision of releasing all the passengers safely.

Name: Ravi
Message: Needless to say that the Govt has bungled and let the initiative go off by allowing the aircraft take off from Amritsar. Now we have landed ourselves in a situation where the options are really limited to say the least. Having said that to release Maulana Masood will be compounding the mistake already committed.

Name: Rishi Sinha
Message: It's only now that an Indian official is being sent to Kandahar. And now the Taliban is sick of the plane cluttering up their pretty little airport and want it out. I wonder who the Indian official will talk to in Kandahar. I wonder where the plane will go next. Before matters turn from bad to worse, a counter-terrorist operation MUST be launched! Those rats must be slaughtered. Who knows where the plane will go next!

Name: rungam
Message: yes they should relese Maulana Masood in exchange. i am praying for the 150 lives

Name: Srinath Venkataraman
Message: The Govt. should not release any terrorists. We did this to get Mufti Md.'s daughter, Rubaiyya, release. If we do this again, then we can gaurantee an annual or more frequent ritual of a terrorist hijacking. Let's face it, no one can set up a fool-proof security system. If not a plane, these folks could grab a bus, lock up a school or do one of 'n' other things to get their friends released from jail. Unfortunately, the Taliban is refusing to allow any commando action. We should try and get the plane back in India, but the hijackers would probably be smart enough to avoid that..... Deadlock?

Name: Geetika
Message: the government of a country should be in a position to work all situations around to its advantage...and i think that the GOI should prove itself by managing to free the hostages without compromising on release of any criminals... however if they prove incapable of doing so...then yes they should release the captive in exchange for the lives of needless victims.. its all upto the GOI to prove whether they are capable of running a country!!!

Name: Sushma Arora
Message: We should give slow poison to him so that he is dead after getting the passengers released

Message: The Indian govt. should have been more sensitive to the sufferings of the innocent passengers from the very beginning. The brave words which are more drama than real by PM Atal Behari Vajpayee that - The govt will not cow down to terrorist pressure - are an insult to the innocent victims as well as a political stunt aimed towards the patriotic feelings of the people. The people have already been fooled once by Vajpayee and co on Kargil - which was the result of criminal neglegence of the govt. If the govt indeed wanted to take on the terrorists, then why did it allow the plane to leave Amritsar. Didn't the govt facilitate the escape of the terrorists by refueling the plane? Didn't the govt know that after refuelling and flying off the next destination can be Pakistan or Afghanistan- which are known sympathisers of Islamic Terrorism? Could our innocent passengers be more safe there than in India? The fact is that the Terrorists are safer there and not the victims. If the terrorists could have been brutal here than what can stop them from killing there if they want to? Although Maulana Masood need not be set free, the govt should have tried to overpower the terrorists by way of sending trained commandos into the plane in disguise as men carrying food or blankets for the victims. Such a thing could be possible had the plane been in India. Such cooperation is difficult to get from the Taliban who have themselves called for jehad against India. The govt should try to get the plane back to India and then flush out the terrorists here. Rather than appointing another committee to look into the lapses, the Prime Minister should own up responsibility and apologise to the families of the victims and the nation at large. The govt should stop playing politics with the lives of the innocent citizens.

Name: Sushmita
Message: I read all of the things that people write on this message board and I am constantly amazed at peoples preception of this situation as some movie. All people are talking about is killing the hijackers, storming the plane, and rescue the passengers. This is not some sick fantasy, this is real life. Think about it. The Indian government is sitting around doing jack. They couldn't even storm the plane when it was in India, how on earth are they going to do it in a foreign region controlled by a government India does not even recognize? The topmost priority is the saftey of it's citizenry. God knows that the passengers on board are definately a part of that. If it can't guarentee the safety of it's people then the government is renderred useless. Therefore, the saftey of it's citizens should be the upmost priority. People here like to point out that thousands of soldiers died in fighting for Kashmir, so surely a few people's lives can be demolished here as well. Absolutely not. Soldiers in Kashmir went knowing the risk of dying. In fact, most expected to die. They can't go into the frontline and expect not to be shot. Whereas here, these are innocent lives we are talking about. Innocent people with families and friends worrying about them. They're saftey should be the priority of the government. Therefore, they should take whatever measures necessary to free them. Please don't end your message with Jai Hind or Vande mataram if you proclaim gross human rights violations with no regard for saftey. As that most certainly should not be what the Indian government stands for!

Name: Janardhan
Message: I would have been happy if they hijacked a team of ministers instead. I dont beleive our government is capable of taking a strong decision at any point of time. I feel ashamed to see the happenings. And our SARDARS in Amritsar deserve a beating for messing up things. God save INDIA!!!

Name: sunil sainani
Message: Though it is a tough decision but releasing Maulana Masood Azhar will give wrong signals and such hijacks can happen in future also. India should find out solution through dialouge with hijackers. But whatever, they should do it quickly.

Name: Anonymous
Message: Although popular opinion may suggest that negotiations ensue between government and these hijakers... doing so may save the lives of dozens for now, but will set a precedent in which the world will be an open table for terrorism.

Name: Girish Thakur
Message: Previous Governments have done that before. So we may feel why not this time. But this time all Hindusthanis need to think that if such things keep on repeating then all Jails will be empty and only Terrorist will rule this Country. One Mistake is a Mistake. Repeating Mistakes is a Blunder. Jai Hind Girish Thakur

Name: Indian in the US
Email: none
Message: No. The Indian Govt should NOT negotiate with those terrorists as this will be an open invitation for more hijackings in the future.

Name: Mala Raj
Message: No, We should not bow to the demands of the hijackers. It will only serve as a precedent for more such incidents in future. My solution is that a powerful sedative that acts after 1 hour and retains its efficacy for 3-5 hrs should be mixed with the beverages served and send to the passengers and the terrorists. Certainly they would like to sip a cup of tea or coffe after all these hrs. And when all are drowsy or asleep commandos should strom the aircraft. Mala Raj


Name: Tejasvi Sharma
Message: Carry out the military action. and free the hostages at the earliest.

Name: M.N.Dakshina Murthy
Message: No! Never. There should be no question of freeing any deadly militant. It would set a very bad precedent. Already a blasphemy has been done by the V.P. Singh's government for the sake of its Home Minister's daughter. Let us not repeat the historic blunder and send wrong signal to the militant community. The only option for the authorities is to test the patience of the hijackers and then ultimately storm the plane.

Name: srinivasan
Message: The attitude of the Indians is very surprising to me. I read that people are demanding that Maulana Masood be released as there are 150 people stuck in the airbus. But what about the hundreds that this terrorist might kill in case he comes out. People are more worried about their home rather than the homeland. I understand the trauma that they are undergoing but they should wait. In case Masood is not released, the hijackers will surely release everyone. They will never try to blow the plane. They cannot kill all of the passengers with knives. They will release. We need to wait.

Name: Barry
Message: Whatever happens now, the government should take a strategic decision that no terrorists will be kept in jails in future. Rather, they should kill them the moment they are caught. For diplomatic purposes the government may declare that the terrorist is killed in encounter with security official while he was trying to escape.

Name: Amit Sahai
Message: I feel that instead of "examining the possibility" of letting Mohammad Ashghar go free, the govt. should take a good hard look at the 150 passengers still inside. There are thousands of Pakistani terrorists in india who are operating freely and moving around without any hesitation.We should understand and realise that we have miserably failed to stop them.So, whom are we trying to decieve? Ask yourselves, what is more important, the 150 innocent people on board - or a terrorist who is in Indian custody. No govt. should ever forget that the protection of its citizens is above and beyond any terrorist. Let him go - we value the 150 people more than him. But, after that have the guts to stand up and take action against these terrorist outfits. The govt. should ask it itself whether it can afford the blood of more Rupen Katiyals on its conscience?

Name: s.k.jain
Message: no, will start conti.blackmailing

Name: aditya Narain
Message: No

Name: Bharathi Vasanthakrishna
Message: No - Should not release. But use a diplomatic pressure for release of our crew and Pasangers.

Name: manoj gupta
Message: release? you must be joking. shoot the bastards. For each of our man killed kill 10 of the captured terrorists. If a blunder has been committed in the past does it mean we need to repeat it? This hijacking is the interest we are paying on the Rubiya Sayeed episode. Shoot Mufti Mohd Sayeed too. Why cant civilians die for the country? Or only poor soldiers have to die for the country. The soldiers also have relatives/ mothers/sisters/brothers/wives. If the govt releases them , then we all might as well put mehndi on our hands and wear churis. Tomorrow somebody hijacks and says give us Kashmir then will u give it? When has india turned into a country of hijras?

Name: sunil
Message: Masood shud be left, if no alternative cud be found in a few hours.. we cant hold 150 lives at stake. They are innocent people. Imagine the tough situation they are put in, just because somebody lost their nuts.. these militant organizations and terrorists shud be crushed and removed.

Message: Infect the terrorists with bio-agents and free them-they will definately die like rats in a month or so in their terrorist holes with no possible cure in the world! Payback in the same token is a bitch! THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD SHALL DIE BY SIMILAR!

Name: SM
Message: No. Only because the reign of terror in Kashmir will increase and will spread to the rest of India. The Pakis and Taliban cannot hold India to ransom.

Name: j paulraj
Message: when terrorists are freeded to rescue the child of a minister why not the government release the terrorist and save 160 lives? if government doesnot release the terrorist the same norm should be applicable for any abducted ministers sons and daughters in the future. any how it is the primary responsibility of the government to provide security to all the citizens. i wish the government acts instead of watching. at this hour i look to the almighty to give good sense to the hijackers and release all the passengers and crew.

Name: Do Consider this!
Message: Infect the terrorists with bio-agents and free them-they will definately die like rats in a month or so in their terrorist holes with no possible cure in the world! Payback in the same token is a bitch! By their actions this is how they should pay! THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD SHALL DIE BY SIMILAR!

Name: Neeraj Sharma
Message: Govt. should not bend against these terrorists and should conduct a commando action against terrorist and in future govt. should not keep a highly wanted terrorist in there custody they should execute such a person as soon as possible.

Name: Nishant Suri
Message: The govt should definitely release Masood to save the life of each and every passenger. It is just too unfortunate to see the corrupt Indian political leaders struggling to deal with a "real issue." All they are good for is to make black money and the nation can go to dumps as far as they are concerned. I'm just sorry that MY country is governed by these incompetent fools.

Name: Amiya Ranjan
Message: Where is the guarantee that the highjackers will release the hostages after releasing Azhar. Let Government assure the release of all innocent passengers by anymeans. Thorough prove is necessary why we could not do anything during the plane's brief landing at Rajsansi? Let us have a thorogh introspection to our security need, the hostile neighbours all around,and especiall the terorist activity through out the nation. Inaction like that during Afganistan civilwar may prove our ideals, but never a good diplomatic step in our interest. Pakistan is reaping the fruits whatever investment they have made in Afganistan. amiya

Name: Rajan
Message: Is our country so weak that we can't protect the lives of our own people ? What stops us from taking severe action against those terrorists ? Why can't we start killing those terrorists inside our jails and give those hijackers a deadline ?

Name: DON

Name: narendra sharma
Message: Indian not in well possition to solve this crises soon.It is better and only a way to release that three terrerist and after our passenger arrive in India,govt.should have to kill all those kashmiri and forign millitent who are in Indian jail.I think this is only way to give a strong example to the worl how to fight against terrirism .

Name: Payback!
Message: We have Plenty of Hepatitis B,C, Jaundice, AIDS, TB Viruses in the labs. Inject them into the morons. They will die in a month or two. One shot two birds, Our hostages will be released and the moron will die in a few days or months. Why the hell they hold these dreaded terrorists in Jails like Pets in Zoos or as decorative items in showcases. Why not immediate execution? Already 5 foriegners + one inspector were killed in an effort to realease this Azhar, why keep him alive??

Name: S Ramesh
Message: Yes. Life of more than 150 passengers is at stake and releasing of one terrorist will not affect India which is already infected by the terrorist virus spreading all over Kashmir and India. When a terrorist can be released for a daughter of a Minister why not the same be done for the life of so many passengers.

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'We should do an operation a la Entebbe whatever the consequences'

'The Govt should avail of all diplomatic means to get the passengers released'

'Please for God's sake save those 150 people'

'Never give in to terrorist demands'

'This govt only knows how to break a temple, not a terrorist operation'

'I believe the government has a reason for dragging on the situation this long'

'They are killers and should be put down as rabid dogs are'

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