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'Please for God's sake save those 150 people'

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Nightmare of Flight 814, Message Board. Views verbatim, edited lightly.

Name: syed
Message: The Govt. should act very carefully. Its just not matter of 150 lifes, thousands of dependents are there behind those people who are there in the airbuss. Please for God sake save those 150 people's life.

Name: Ram Godthi
Message: NO. This is not just because, I don't have any of my relatives/friends in the list of hostages. I feel that because I don't have anybody in the hostages, I can give my best views on this without any prejudice. My argument why we shouldn't concede to any of the hijackers demands, is to create a tradition atleast now. Even if we talk about around 160 lives in danger because of this, I want to know how many lives other than money, we have lost to arrest these guys and how many more we may be going to lose, if we release them. I guess, then the number of lives lost would be much more and the total implicatoins will be much more than we can think about now.

Name: ravi
Message: Up until a minister or some big shots relative is involved govt will not wake up (weather its BJP or Congress). The Crisis Management Group is full of power hungry Hyenas waiting for an oppurtunity to show that they are the one who will call the shots. Otherwise for 45 minutes the plane was landed in Amritsar and not even a single commando unit has arrived to the airport. I guess, since there is no SOP in place, they might be running internal politics to avoid taking responsibility (since there will be no reward in taking resp for such an incident). Once the hijaking is over, entire CMG should be suspended, makeshift CMG should be identified and an SOP should be in place ASAP.

Name: subodh
Message: I feel strongly that we should not bend down to the terrorists. As it may lead to a habot for them to terrorise like this. But then the lives of the people cannot be ransacked also. We should try to save them at any cost. JAI HIND.

Message: I suggest Indian Government should not bend to the demands of the Hijackers.

Name: mahesh
Message: I feel the Govt. should not cave in to the demands of the hijackers. Send NSG commandos, kill the bastards and get the people out. I donot understand what the Govt. was doing when the airplane was on our airspace.

Name: preeti
Message: No, the Government should not listen to the demands. Instead some commandos should attack the plane and kill or arrest the hijackers. This act should be performed with a duration of a min or less than that. None of the Indian personal is there to take charge of the situation there. Isn't this govt's responsibility to see that all the citizens are safe. A lot of time is however being spent in useless talks.

Name: Sandy
Message: The Govt. Should be firm and should not concede to the demands of the Millitants, Comewhat May.If the Millitants can risk there lives for such DEVILSH activities, I think we can & Should Sacrifice Lives for the Integrity of OUR INDIA. I think otherwise the LIVES LAID DOWN by all our brave Soldiers would go waste. We Should Stand united and fight this Mennace.

Name: karan midha
Message: YES

Name: pranay
Message: no

Name: ankit gupta
Message: he can be realeased on humanitariun groundsbut this should be kept in mind that he had already killed many, many are dead in arresting him and he will kill many after getting released

Name: Dharmendra Patel
Email: dharmpatel
Message: Indian government should take advantage of the situation and should kick bloody terrorists ass. As soon as the innocent citizents are released, they should attack ALL the terrosrist training camps in Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan and take care of them for ever. People should publicly criticise Congress and Mufti Mohmed for giving up to Terrorist's demands for a bloody politician's daughter. Pray for innocent citizens and hope for continued tough govt. stand.

Name: k seshan

Name: D S Sundaram
Message: 1. Do not release Maulana Massod 2. Tell the hijackers if they shoot one more hostage we will shoot Maulana Massod. Under Islamic law beheading criminal is allowed. 3. Start bombing Afghanistan -- Do not pay attention to US protest or warning on this. 4. FIRST FIRE ALL THE INDIAN AIRLINE STAFF(no good bumps & SCUMS) AT ONCE AND ARESST THEM & CHARGE THEM FOR CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE These type of people are more danger to India because they let these things to happen & it is a treason. Did they take any bribe? Do not listen to their hagwash statements. If they are so carefull - Why it happened ? "Sup kutch chaltha hi" No more These type of people are the traitors & do not feel sorry for them. Who knows - they may have rlatives in proper places.FIRE THEM- NO MERCY ON THEM. 5. Stop all the flights to Kathmandu and do not extend any rights to Nepal Air line D.s.Sundaram

Name: Anil Manchanda
Message: They should fit a plastic explosive to his body before his release.

Name: V B Rawat
Message:The govt should negotiate till the last. Every individual is precious and the government should do everything to save their lives. India should develop stretageis like Isreal who have dealt with such situation in the past with grit and thourough professionalism. Entebbe raid was one of the fines thing which only Isearlies could do. Moreover, security arrangements in the airports should be good in future. We also hope that this will not harrass the innocent travellers at the Delhi airport. No where in the world security is linked with the harassment of the passengers, except India. We will have to find out the solutions. It is the reasonal aspirations take turn when the powers in Pakistan or Afghanistan always tried to get benefit from. The government should negotiate with the socalled militants or Muzaidins and internationalise this issue of terrorism. Expose the neferaious designs of those who instigate the people in the name of religion. But before that, the people of India, our politicians must ponder over also. What they want to internationalise is also true for them.They should also not see Kashmir problem as a Muslim problem. all the ethnic minorities in our country need our firm support without blaming them being ISI agents or any other epithets. I wish the government will do the needful. It will not take any stand against the lives of the people of the country. Whatever it deem fit, it should do so.

Name: varavararao
Message: Yesterday they kidnapped the daughter of a Mufti and got their scum released. Today it will be maulana hyena and more sum will be free to murder and maim the innocents. This toture will never end. So do not bow down to the wishes of these bullies.

Name: Amreeta Sen
Message: No. There will be more hijackings in the future. We have to think about something else.

Name: Ram Sethuraman
Message: The Government should not release these terrorist as that will lead to more of theses cowardly acts in the future. They have to be dealt in other ways.

Name: ind
Message: Hmm

Name: sadiq
Message: hello sir if v release them now they may try another game so pls try to nagocait as little as possible & then also they will not release the passenger then go for release MM

Name: Tilak Varma
Message: Yes. He is not the only terrorist in Kashmir. There will be others. Now that the govt. has been caught unawares or unprepared, hopefully this will be a wake up call.

Name: Dr D Krishnamurthy
Message: If I am one among the passengers or if some of my relatives or friends were there inside, I would have definitely not asked for the release of the Militant. But, now as a third person, I feel the passengers are top priority and hence the militant can be released. But are we not setting a precedence for later hijackes to take place in the hope of meek surrender of the Government? We have already given balidan in the death of Katyal and hence should show resolve to catch the culprits rather than surrender meekly. Already the precedence set by Mufti' daughter is bad enough to create lot of trouble.

Message: I feel that this is not the time to enter into a conflict with the terrorists.We should release without any conditions.However,stern steps should be taken that such an act is never repeaated.We would be more to blame if it is repeated in the futute.

Name: Raghuveer R Ramireddygari
Message: The govt should not release the terrorist's at any cost because today we might lose 150 + people's life and if they are released they will murder where the number will be very high.

Name: Dr satish potluri
Message: masood should not be realeased

Name: sAMIR
Message: Remember what happened when home minister (mufti mohamed )daughter was released for 5 terrorists,it gave a big boost to terrorism in j&k.It will show India as a weak state aND LEAD TO MANY MORE hijackings. I see 2 possible senarios in front of the govt now: 1 .Storm the plane by the commandoes. 2.secert(REQUEST) talks with US to ask them to put pressure on pakistan and thru them on the taliban to ASSIST THE INDIANS IN giving them permission to storm the plane. 3.The CIA have injections available in their secert weapons which if given to a person will lead to his MYSTERIOUS death after 7 odd days. shoot all the terrorrist with the same AND THEN EXCHANGE them with plane and passengers. We shall win over the hijackersFINALLY.

Name: ashok sharma
Message: No, India should not bend to these demands, as this will only encourge them not these but all kind of terrorist. Instead, India should send a strong message to the hijackers, if they do not release the hostages, Maulana Massod and all others will be executed.

Name: R Singhle
Message: They should release this bastard after fitting some slow release poison capsule in his guts so that he konks off after a week/10 days of his release. Pse convey my msg to the right people.

Name: Dr potluri satish
Message: he should not be released

Name: uma vaidyanathan
Message: my heart goes out to the innocent passengers stranded in the plane and their families. but there is no way the government should concede the demands of the hijackers. this is the month of ramzan and no REAL muslim will indulge in such an act.

Name: Anantha K Balaji
Message: Hello All, The government is in a better position by not releasing the prisoners as these kinds of acts will increase in future if some prisoners are released. It is high time that the government takes very hard decisions on J & K and do all things necessary to get the terrorists out of J & K at all costs at the earliest and for which I consider Article 370 should be repealed. Hope the people of India and the relatives of the hostages understand this and behave themselves in a mature way overcoming their selfishness by which the country is ruined. Jai Hind.

Name: Hari Chetlapalli
Message: By giving some slow poison to terrorists in jail and releasing them. We can exchange the passengers.

Message: We seem to have very few options left, thanks to our govt's complacent attitude in the course of this entire saga. A huge nuclear power and the world's largest democracy has almost been brought to its knees by a handful of hardcore criminals and another handful of lousy politicians. This effectively neutralises the fame and glory of the Kargil victory, which incidentally was brought about not by Jaswant Singh's foreign policy and the now pathetic "Crisis Management" meetings but by very decisive, brave and invariably brilliant action by the Indian Armed Forces. In replying to your question, YES!!, if that is what it takes to get our citizens back,let's get it over with.Remember,there are bread winners, sons and fathers of someone on board who are desperately needed.If you must,let Lalu send Rabdi and let Mayawati and Mulayam volunteer to give themselves up to the hijackers in exchange for the passengers. Please respond to me.

Name: Prashant Khandelwal
Message: Yes ! Right now lives of 160 odd people are more important than with-holding Maulan Masood. Once the passengers are back, the Govt. should step up the fight against terrorism and ensure no such Masoods are born !

Name: dharuna
Message: Indian government is is in a very difficult situation

Name: Vijay
Message: Well that's a tantalising question. My answer : I suppose they must.

Name: Murali
Message: I beleive the Govt. should cede to the demands of the hijackers. I think 150 lives are more precious than keeping Masood Ansar and other militants captive. Why should innocent lives be sacrificed for the lapse in security on part of IA, Govt of India and Nepal? Will Advani and Vajpayee give up their kith and kin in a situation like this? Terrorism can be tackled later in a different manner. But the need of the hour is to ensure the safety of those on board the aircraft, I hope the Vajpayee Givt shows some wisdom in defusing this imbroglio.

Message: i think govt should not allow them . govt has to fllow some othere tractics to save life of passengers

Name: M.Dharan
Message: How can we allow the plane to take off Indian soil from Amritsar. Whomeever did allow the plane to take off should be accountable.

Name: amit garg
Message: no the teririst should not be released there will be no end to the demands then

Name: prakash/satish
Message: Yes

Name: Dr Murali K Nandigama
Message: I suppose that we should seriously think whether Government should sack Minister of Vivil Aviations and Chief of NSG. It sure would hapen in USA. I am not surprised that our politicians and Babudom is not feeling an iota of shame.

Name: sunil yeluri
Message: sir, i don't think that the demands of the the militants should be met,b'coz once we bend it will become a easy way for asking their demands next time so i think it should be handled thank u sir.

Name: Sandeep Grover
Message: The lives of the passengers are of utmost importance and should be protected at all costs. After the drama is over we must hit back and hit back hard, so that these terrorists are tought a lesson - once and for all. All relations with Pakistan should be snapped and the terrorist bases should be blasted.

Name: Jagadish Angatahalli
Message: My opinion is to NOT release anybody, once we did that every TOM DICK and HARRY will start hijacking the planes and putting their demands. We should never encourage this it will start a bad precedent. -Jagadish

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