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'Distract the hijackers, storm the plane, shoot the criminals and rescue the hostages'

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Nightmare of Flight 814, Message Board. Views verbatim, edited lightly.

Name:Anupama Vaidyanathan
Message: The government has so far handled the situation with poise and maturity. There should be no negotiations with the terrorists for any reason, because negotiations can be possible only across the table, and on equal terms. Certainly not with terrorists. We should get our security experts to plan a fail-safe commando operation to storm the plane. Not a single passenger need get hurt in such a strategy, as Israel's Mossad has proved time and again. Distract the hijackers, storm the plane, shoot the criminals and rescue the hostages. Show the world We Can Do It. Jai Hind!

Message: Tell the hijackers clearly that their demands will not be met.

Name:Ashutosh Kumar
Message: India should send our Black Cat commandos, our political representative, may be under the leadership of some senior defence personnel to Afghanistan and do what our commandos have performed in past. Come on Prime Minister, send our commandos with no delay. Krishna will take care of the rest. The enemies of humanity will be punished. OM. It could also be a nice idea to tell the hijackers to surrender and India would forgive their lives.The person to communicate with the hijackers should be the Prime Minister himself or the Foreign Minister or Home minister or Defenve Minister. Please Hurry Up .

Message: Politicz ..the damn root cause for the loss of livez.. it appalls me :o( I think a team of Indians need to be sent to Afghanistan to negotiate.. and at no cost, release any kashmiri prisoners.. this ain't clearly Roja !!

Name:himadhar vemualpalli
Message: This is the time we should not follow Gandhian priciples. if we let them do whatever they (hijackers) want this will be setting an example. SO the only solution to this is terminate the hijackers and set an example for the people out there who want to create terrorism in India that we do not tolerate this kind of acts.

Message: What can the government do now? They should have killed the hijackers when they were in India.

Name:sivakumar D

Message: Negotiations should be made directly from Indian officials.. and every demand should be made in release of the crew and passengers. Please tell the readers what exactly is being asked by the hijackers. Thanks.

Name:Vinay Lopez
Message: Situation is totally out of control of Indian Authority now as we don't have any ties with the Taleban Goverment and most important in a country where Osama bin Laden is indireclty ruling Taleban Govt. I don't think Indian govt can do much in this case as US fails to do any harm to Taleban Govt. I think Indian govt should consult with experts from security forces to find out what India can do and what's a best possible solution to save the lives of our important brothers & sisters.

Name:prashant sunke
Message: Govt should act fast, so that people will believe in democracy i e in democratic india where we are safe and govt is active. We indians are with the govt and expecting govt will take the proper action so that no one in future will act like this with any indian.

Name:murlidhar bhutada nanded
Message: Govt should take a firm decision so that terrorists should not think of hijack in india. It may get loss first time but all other indians will remain safe. We can say that our govt can take a decision without sympathy of other nations.

Name:kalayan murthy
Message: the govt should kill all terrorists in jail and also those found in future at the same time. also when the plane landed in amritsar they should have punctured it and not have allowed it to take off.

Name:siva prakhasam
Message: if the demands made by the hijackers are only releasing the three kashmiri militants there is no point in wasting time, accept with the prior condition that all the remaning people have to be released within the short timeframe of maximum 5 to 10 hours. from the news i gathered their motive is not only that of releasing the militants but some big conspiracy behind it. Not well known militants can't do this sort of hijacking without the involvement of a well established militant group like the osama bin laden group.


Name:Sathis Kumar
Message: India Will not and should not negotiate with TERRORISTS.

Message: 160 lives at stake. No point in dilly dallying.They look like hardliners who would not hestitate to blast the plane. They might be ready to die but should 160 innocent people die? Government should think about it.

Name:D V Dinakar
Email: Not given
Message: I feel angry and upset over the whole incident, because of a few brainless cowards, the lives of innocent people who have nothing to do with what these brainless chaps want, are being kept in a state of constant danger of life which is the least cowardly thing one can do to get a little publicity.

Name: Amit Shaligram
Message: The govt should: 1.Open negotiations with the hijackers. 2. Avoid further bloodshed

Name:Vijaya Mareddi
Message:Let them bring anti-hijack teams from western world and storm the plane.

Name: Samrat Mathur
Message:1) Don't Make the Mistake of Refuelling Again. 2) Send Anti Hi-Jacking Commandos Straight to Kandahar Airport. 3) They can also take help from US or Germany Anti Hi-Jacking Commandos who are best for this type of situations. 4) NO COMPROMISE.

Name:Arindam Sen
Message: 1. Have a standard reaction plan in these situations 2. A special security force to be kept ready on a regional basis (E/W/N/S)to react within minutes 3. Better information dissemination to comfort relatives 4. Govt should start caring about its people as is done in other western countries and not leave them to the mercy of their fate

Message: NO accession to their demands -- negotiate, wear the terrorists off, while at the same time, prepare to send a commando force just like Israel did to storm the plane.

Name:chan patel
Message: Any highjacking can be foiled so easily. All the airlines should have sleeping gas cannisters above the air vents. Only the pilot should know where the trigger switch is and when the plane lands at any airport for whatever the reasons it would be safe to release the sleeping gas and let the whole crew, passengers and the hijackers go to sleep. when this switch is triggered a light above the plane can be installed and activated with the sleeping gas trigger switch so the airport authority would know that such action has been taken. Any plane can be taken back safely and 100% of the passengers can be saved and all the terrorists can be captured while sleeping. This solution is so simple but nobody is going to give a second thought on this to improve the idea. We Indians as people are backward thinking people and that is why we are being kicked left, right and centre in the world.

Name:Devendra Agrawal
Message: Why the hell did they not block the passage of the plane at Amritsar after it had landed? How come the plane was allowed to take off from Amritsar? Seems like we have already lost to the hijackers. What can the government do now? All they can do is sit and wait and watch the drama on television.

Name:Vijay Marur
Message: Entebbe!

Message: Our government is capable enough to solve the situation, our commandos are good enough for them. I think they can sneak into the plane with ease. I think this is the crucial time for them to demonstrate their skill.

Name:Prathap Varkantam
Message: India has missed the chance to take action against the Hijackers when the plane landed in Amritsar. India could have killed or caught the Hijackers with minimum loss of lives of passengers. Now the plane is in a foreign land with which we don't have good relations. The good idea would be to talk to Afghan officials and take the permission to land Indian security personal to take action against the hijackers. But at the same we need to think about the passengers.

Message: The Indian government should take a stubborn and immediate action agaisst the terrorism with the help of international oraganisations like the UNO. For the current situation we have to just release the militants coz there is no other scope to save the life of innocent civilians.

Name:Jennifer Jacobs
Message: Take the risk: Fly commandos to Afghanistan. Storm the Airbus. Shoot the bastards, a ka Mossad did in the Entebbe airport operation against Idi Amin's terrorists. DON'T NEGOTIATE WITH THE CRIMINALS AT ANY COST.

Message: It is only our fault as we didn't learnt from our earlier experience. Request ISRAEL and also the USA to help us. Now we have to learn to fight fire with fire. We only pray for the hostages.

Name:parag agarwal
Message: there should be a team of commandos sent immediately to Kandahar, UAE and all other possible airports where the plane may take off and land again and this team should take on the hijackers and bring an end to this stalemate that has been created.

Name:R Vaidya
Message: Send commandos. At once scrap ART 370 and allow all Indians to settle in the valley. When Biharis and Rajputs and Jats with guns are allowed to settle in the valley (Give 50 lakhs to each settler as hardship money). this will not recur. This is the SOLUTION. IF WE DO IT TODAY SECULARISTS WILL ATLEAST KEEP QUIET FOR A DAY.OR SEND ALL SECULARISTS AS EXCHANGE FOR THE PASSENGERS. WITH CANDLELIGHT (HEADED BY KULDIP NAYYAR) THEY CAN GO TO KANDHAHAR

Name:Nishant Bagai
Message: It's too late. The government has to give in to the demands. or else, you know.

Email: Not given
Message: I sincerely sympathise with the families of the passengers still on board the aircraft. But we should not negotiate with the terrorists. If we allow them to win this time there will be more of these cases cropping up. Having said this, what the government should do 1. Keep the families informed of the progress at least 3 times a day and let them know the demands etc and help them to appreciate the seriousness of the situation from the government's standpoint 2. Have this aircraft fly to a friendly neighbor (sic!) (do we have any in the islamic world) and start a swat operation. 3. These guys must be killed, no mercy. 4. Crackdown on this group's links in India and just kill the bunch but for some who can be twisted for info 5. Refocus our security strategy in airports around the world. Let us not fly to airports that do not have the necessary security in place. There are watchdog organizations that do this frequently. For e g the US State Dept issues warnings and ensures that all its citzens be aware of the threats. 6. Be more vigilant. We could have seized the opportunity in lucknow. The govt needs to form a special terrorist task force. India is a growing country and hence will have these kind of surprises and gifts handed over to us by our friendly neighbors.

Message: It is amazing that on the message board everybody is talking about saving 156 lives, no matter what, and in contrast only a month ago 10,000 people were dying in the Orissa cyclone and the whole country was sleeping and nothing much was done. The country as one nation didn't rush to their aid with food, shelter, money or even prayers. We Indians just ignored those poor souls, some lost their family members and 1000s of kids are left on the streets having no father and mother to take care. yes! WE indians stood there watching, watching but didn't raise the national voice and now for 156 passengers we are talking of nothing but to save their lives (which is good but....) We fail to respect our fellow Indians. I just want to know what kind of people we are. As a nation what do we stand for and when will we indians wake up to face the truth and cleanse our dirty hearts. I'm ashamed. Mera Desh NOT mahan.

Message: Negotiate and get all the passengers safely freed. Then kill the hijackers by torturing them horribly to death.

Name:R Ramanathan
Message: No more Wishy washy and back boneless acts. Indian Commandos should storm the aircraft before more lives are lost. We cannnot sit tight & do nothing when 160 odd passengers are experiencing a nightmare of their lives.

Name:Deb Chatterjee
Message:The Indian Govt may do more puja and yatras and more to take the support of gods on their side. It is a shame that the BJP-led NDA gives no damn about how to go after Islamic militants who in whatever capacity are destroying the secular, democratic fabric of India

Name:Nakul Chhawchharia
Message: What the hell is our Indian Govt doing? What is Jaswant Singh doing? What if his family members where there in the aircraft! he would have asked the govt to release the millitants! My only suggestion is that either the govt should release them or they should surround the plane with their commandos specially sent from India and then enter the plane and kill the millitants! It is known to us that all the people will die! so why not save at least some of them?

Name:Nilendu Misra
Message: Government has acted late, as usual. In Amritsar itself they should have blasted the hijackers. Now the matter is totally out of our hands that it is in Afganhistan. We trusted Dubai authority too much!! It could have been checked there as well. This is the most barbaric bunch of callous criminals I could ever think of. It definitely involves people in other places. Also whether the arms were actually brought in Kathmandu requires attention. It could have been Calcutta, another keypoint of ISI activities nowadays. In perspective, the volume of arms these guys are carrying should show how 'secure' our aviation system is! Kudos to the pilot for not breaking in. He is the only man who is fighting from the beginning. Hats off to you. The government must learn from him how to act in these type of situation. Why isn't K P S Gill called for CMG meeting as he has successfully defused it last time???

Email: Not given
Message: Stop trusting countries that say we are "brotherly". Also, it is high time that the Indian aviation officials arrange for security of those boarding its aircraft, even if it is in any other country. We Do NOT have to wait for another Kanishka or another hijack. We are a targetted nation (airline service). Learn to take preventive measures, and not try to tackle problems after its occurred.

Name:Bhaskar Peri
Message: I wish I had a suggestion to solve this crisis... But this is the time (Though late by ages !!) to bring people like Mufti Mohammad Sayeed (Minister/Father of the Rubaiyya Sayeed episode !!) to justice... BJP Govt turned out to be no different to those previous (Read LAIDBACK ) Indian Govts which is a great believer in the legend "Time is a great healer" and is busy healing those numerous wounds it has been facing from almost a decade now. It is a wild suggestion but what we need now is a CLEANSING ( What about UN?.. Bullshit !! what about US .. OPEN our MARKET more and it is on our side !! We can apply the same legend again here to our benefit !!) all those terrorist organisations once and for all..instead of waiting to get some more wounds to get healed by time... Why People in India are not as shocked as we should have been at this episode.. ?? We have seen similar acts of terrorism time and again..and yes.. WE ALL ARE TO BE BLAMED as we too would forget this episode soon as another incident would occur .. which would steal the LIMELIGHT only to be stripped off by another LIMELIGHT....and we would be giving our children a lot of things to heal ......................................... by TIME..

Message: the government should act with caution ."This Act is to be condemed".

Name:Binay Shukla
Message: storm afghanistan -- what else?

Name:Jack the Ripper
Message: The government should do nothing. They haven't previously. Besides, who cares about all those lives up there. No one. Not until some politicians beta or beti is in that flight. That's when we resort to something. India is a jungle now. Every man for himself.....

Name:Pradip K Majumder
Message: IAF should enter Afghanistan and destroy all hideouts of Kashmiri Militants and other terrorist groups, so that hijackers has no other way except surrendering.

Message: I feel the militants should be released. They can be captured later. We have seen this happening earlier when relatives of ministers caputred, militants were released immediately to get the relatives released. Since, none of the VIPs are in the plane, may be govt is not interested. But, may be this govt is not like that. Above all if Afghan govt is allowing passengers to disembark at the airport, at least most of the passengers can be released. But, we do not know why that govt is not allowing. Let us hope and pray for the best.

Message: hang those bastard hijackers and those bastard Kashmiri militants

Message: The India govt must in no case accept the demands as this will encourage other militants.

Name:Anil Jadhav
Message: First of all we should close this third rate airline ones for all. I think the approach should be negotiate with them, make sure we bring all the passengers to safety. Then hound them down. Legally or illegally.

Name:Prashant Attray
Message: We agree to the fact that the government acted slowly when the hijackers landed in Amritsar. But the Government is at no fault for the present scenario where it could have done very little in Nepal. Its purely a lapse on the Nepal Government being able to maintain proper security at sensitive places. Now that the disaster has struck, the Government should act tough and SHOULD NOT fall to the demands of the terrorists. The decision taken today by the Government could be the measuring stone for all the future consequences that will unfold. My prayers are with all the passengers and their family members to stand tall amidst this hour of crisis.

Name:Vikram Chandran
Message: We need to keep our cool and not lose sight of the immediate task on hand i e freeing the passengers. They are all Indian nationals who are as important as any VIP including that ineffectual Mufti Sayeed. Once this crisis blows over [a long shot right now], we need to track the guys responsible down and publicly tear tehm apart. There is no justice in tne next world, only what we mete to them now that counts. So lets' hope the Govt redeems itself and we see some proactive responses from them. Though frankly speaking, seeing our PM dodder his way thru' an official response seems sickening.

Message: isn't there any technology using which (some thing like x-ray or infra red rays) by which the happenings inside the aircraft can be viewed from a distance and may be with a powerful long range guns (telescopic) they may be shot from a distance

Message: Tell RAW to end this drama. it's costing indian lives and tell RAW to come up with a better plan next time.

Message: In my opinion the Indian army should take an active part in it, and rescue the hostages as the Israelis did nearly 20 yrs back.

Message: The first priority according to me should be to get the passengers released, SAFELY. It is shameful enough that the plane got hijacked, any further negligence resulting in loss of human lives is absolutely unacceptable. In this day and age when everyone was concerned about the terrorist attacks, this hijacking clearly demonstrates absolute carelessness. How else could one explain the presence of armed terrorists on a plane.

Message: The Govt of India should meet the Hijackers demands. I do not believe the govt of India is capable of doing anything better. The lives of the passengers and the crew is the most important thing. A succession of Govts that have been unable to do anything decisively about the Kashmir situation or aout Pakistani aggression over 50 yrs cannot be trusted to save lives either. In the future, however, when any of these Islamic/Kashmiri ultras are caught, they should be roasted alive over the Amar Jawan Jyothi at India Gate. WHY OUR GOVT KEEPS THESE TERRORISTS ALIVE AND PROVIDES THEM FOOD AT TAX PAYERS EXPENSE IS BEYOND ME.

Name:mathew TJ
Message: At this situation India can only look for saving the life of our brothers on the plane, without much deviating from our stand. In future we should be able to make necessary precautions for avoiding this kind of problems, with the help of all like minded nations.

Message: Dear Rediff, It should be a very tough time for the Government to decide and also the control has gone to foreign soil. In my opinion, the flight should not be allowed to fly anymore. It is not a healthy idea to keep flying to places as the pilots are just human beings. It's totally unsafe to fly the plane after this long journey with the same pilot. So, first a situation to land the plane at indian soil should be worked out and discussions can be made later. Later, it's a question of saving 150 lives or sacrificing a terrorist from our jails. We don't want to lose 150 human lives for holding a terrorist inside our jails. And, though the storming action can rescue most of the passengers, still it is not in our hands and we don't want to take that extreme step. The results of a storming operation is highly unpredictable. We have to think over whether the Government would take such action if a VVIP say a great Minister were one of the passengers in that plane. Had it been the situation, the drama would have ended by now as the party people would be forcing the Government to take decision fast. This reminds me the situation portrayed by Maniratnam in his film "roja". Though it would have required sacrifice of many soldiers to catch that terrorist and put him in jail and also the terrorist can kill many people after being released, no one would want to sacrifice the innocent people for this. Now, Terrorism has become a weed. You can't eradicate that, but keep in our control. There are several people like that terrorist active now. And, it's not going to matter much if we release him outside. It could satisfy a small islamic millitant organisation as they can get their valuable leaders. I don't know whether there is any clever idea of using Science to help this situation..say..any capsule that can spread a gas inside the plane making everyone unconscious. If there is no other intelligent way, I feel the government has to bow to the terrorists and release their leader. We are not losing a war now, but it's the amount we pay for the lack of security or the lack of evaluation of security on the destination airport. It's a very heavy price to pay, but it's our negligence. And, this incident should be taken very serious. And India should co-operate with United States as Osama Bin Laden has become our common enemy (whether or not he is involved in this conspiracy) and we have to try our best to end islamic terrorism. Pakistan is not our only enemy. We should have all islamic terrorists in our agenda as they often work with each other. And, I don't know about the non-violent, in fact Gandhian way of tackling this problem in general. That could also be considered as only that way can give a permanent solution. I appreciate the help of UAE and Taleban for their help to our flight and people. Thanks to rediff for giving the hot news time to time.

Name:mayank sharma
Message: Indian government should not negotiate with militants. Government should kill the demanded militant in tihar jail immediately as aggressive action. I fully support a fake encounter in this type of situation. They killed a young man who just married. Why we should give tham any chance. About hijackers, action by commandos should be alowed

Name:Vivek Khanna
Message: Those pussillanimous "Islamic" hijackers deserve only one fate! Send a commando outfit to Kandahar, storm the plane and end this nonsense. We need to send an unambiguous message to these Mullahs that we mean business. Any delay and/or talks will only encourage the perception that India is a soft state.

Name:Dr Rajan Gaur
Message: I am writing from New York, Experts here feel that the plane should not have been allowed to leave. As now that has happened,if possible for the Indian army could go in Afganistan and storm the plane. But we should not met their demand in a hurry.

Email: Not given
Message: With the "Mujahideen" government in Pakistan and the "Taliban" government in Afghanistan, the (holy) terrorism has begun. A bunch of fanatics have already taken one precious, innocent life. The government shouldn't think twice about releasing the terrorists if that can ensure the safety of our people. We can flush out J&K later. My prayers are with the victims.

Message: My opinion is that Govt should deal with patience and firmness.Though I understand that it is hard on aboard people and their relatives but anyway it should not concede the demands as that makes the future complex. Present situation can only be dealt with firmness and UN help as this act is an ominous and heinous act of international terrorism and need condemnation from every segment. Finally, the conclusion is not that simple and should be reached based on the situation.

Message: 1. Release the acquits. 2. Trace their movement. 3. Get them back with the hijackers and more. I think we have enough technology to trace each and every movement of any particular element around the universe. It will not be a big task to get them back but not the innocent people in the vessel.

Message: Pressure should be kept, to recover the hijacked people safe home.

Name:venkata krishna
Message: It is a very precarious situation for the government. After having one innocent person savagely killed by the ruthless barbarians.. I personally feel the Govt should have a direct dialogue with the hijackers and should try to meet their demands ... though it may sound a cowardly act .. but i can't stop empathising with the feelings of the people in the ill fated aircraft..after all one gets to live only once.. Good luck..and may god bless the govt and all the people in the aircraft..

Message: i think the rashtriya rifles should let the elite commandos do the job get on a secret mission to afghanistan on some stealth plane and get those guys who are really inhuman and insensible and get back with there heads as a millennium gift for the people.

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