September 30

Madhavrao Scindia dies in plane crash
Congress leader Madhavrao Scindia died in a plane crash near Mota village in Bhogaon tehsil of Mainpuri district of central Uttar Pradesh on Sunday afternoon.

Express, HT, Aaj Tak journalists killed in crash
The tragedy that claimed Madhavrao Scindia also resulted in the loss of four of Indian journalism's best and brightest talents.

Cessna lost contact with air traffic control at 1330
The 10-seater Cessna C-90 aircraft, with Congress MP Madhavrao Scindia, four journalists and Scindia's private secretary Rupinder Singh on board, left Delhi at 1239 hours on Sunday on its way to Kanpur.

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'He once defeated even Vajpayee': Pranab
"You know, this news brings before my eyes so many images. When he was just 26, he got elected on a Jan Sangh ticket. I remember when he came to Parliament as the youngest MP in our party," the veteran Congress leader said.

Dikshit, Aiyar have providential escape
Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and senior Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar had a providential escape after a last minute change in travel plans to accompany Madhavrao Scindia, who died in a plane crash near Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

On the campaign trail with Maharaj
In Gwalior Madhavrao Scindia was His Highness, the Maharaj. But in his 30-year political career, he always attempted to project himself as a people's leader, says Archana Masih.

'Madhavrao had no business to die'
The last few months were not kind to him. His mother passed into the ages. His niece Devyani Rana was at the heart of controversy following the massacre in Nepal's royal family. In recent months, it was felt, Sonia Gandhi did not give him the authority he deserved.

'He was a mixture between the present and past'
' I have seen his resolve of steel during a crisis. He would fight for his principles.'Amar Singh remembers Madhavrao Scindia pankaj: ok...

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US, British forces to strike Taleban inside 48 hours
First phase of air and missile attacks aimed at crippling Taleban's air force and armour, ahead of the landing of troops.

Chances of Taleban surrendering Laden dim: Musharraf
The Pakistan president also ruled out the possibility of his troops getting involved in any military operation against Afghanistan.

Taleban says they have Osama bin Laden
The Taleban on Sunday said they have Osama bin Laden under their control at an unspecified location in Afghanistan and only security officials know his whereabouts.

US rebuffs Taleban talks offer
Taleban Ambassador to Pakistan Mullah Abdul Zaeef said the Taleban was willing to negotiate with the US, if it provided evidence about Osama's involvement in the September 11 terror strikes.

September 29

Congress to mull $500 million aid to Pakistan
This aid is in addition to $100 million in cash, half of which was sent to Islamabad this week, and half to be transmitted next week.

US May Resume Arms Sales to Pakistan
Ambassador Wendy Chamberlin has shown a willingness to put together a $75 million package for Islamabad to help it keep a watch on the porous border with Afghanistan, say reports.

Arrested British scribe could face trial for spying
Sunday Express reporter Yvonne Ridley was being held in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, and her case had been handed over to the Taleban intelligence department.

Harkat-ul-Mujahideen ordered to shut offices in Pakistan
Pakistan-based terrorist organisations have been facing the heat ever since the September 11 attacks on New York's World Trade Centre and the Pentagon near Washington.

1500 crack Russian troops in Tajikistan
Russian defence ministry said sending of the troops was 'pre-planned' to fill vacancies, and had nothing to do with a possible American action on Afghanistan.

No US troops in our territory: Pakistan
Pakistan also dismissed reports that a number of Osama bin Laden's associates involved in terrorist attacks in US have been arrested.

Mullah Omar appoints commander-in-chief
The Taleban leader has appointed his trusted aide Jalaluddin Haqqani as the commander-in-chief.

Taleban denies capture of US soldiers
'It is totally wrong. We deny this news,' Taleban Defence Minister Mullah Obaidullah Akhund told a news agency.

'Proof of Laden's hand to be presented'
'It is not that the schedule has slipped. It's just that there's a lot of information to go through,' US Secretary of State Colin Powell said.

UNSC adopts resolution on terrorism
The resolution demands that financing of terrorism operations be criminalised and all states stop providing safe haven to anyone who support terrorists or their organisations.

Deferring Commonwealth meet understandable: Canada
A government spokesman said, 'We are disappointed that the Commonwealth leaders' meeting will not go ahead as planned but we understand the decision to postpone the meeting.'

September 28

Bush sanctions $50 million to Pakistan
United States President George W Bush said, 'The assistance was in the security interests of the United States'.

Taleban arrest British woman reporter
Yvonne Ridley of The Sunday Express was arrested along with two Afghan guides near Jalalabad town for trying to enter the country illegally.

USAF plane refuels at Delhi
The plane, a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, was believed to be headed for the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan, which borders Afghanistan in the north.

US, British forces conduct operations in Afghanistan: Report
A US state department official speaking to a television channel hinted the operations in Afghanistan were intelligence or reconnaissance-related.

Pak fails to persuade Taleban again
This was the second Pakistani delegation to visit Afghanistan, in an attempt to persuade Taleban to hand over Osama bin Laden to US.

Bukhari supports Taleban, asks PM to shut up
An attack on Afghanistan would be construed as an attack on Islam, the imam of Jama Masjid said.

Pak to permit commando raids on Afghanistan
Islamabad will not, however, permit large concentrations of American troops on its soil, a US newspaper reported.

Commonwealth meet postponed
The decision to postpone the meet was taken in the light of the likely absence of a significant number of world leaders due to the September 11 attacks on the US.

Annan appeals for $584 mn to avert Afghan crisis
The UN estimates that 7.5 million Afghans will require assistance within the country.

Sharjah cops specify how to wear a sari
Police officers said the emirate's new decency law would make no exception for women of any nationality 'wearing dresses that expose the stomach and back, short clothing above the knees and tight, transparent clothing'.

Mughal gem sells for record $2.2 million
The Mughal, a 217.8-carat emerald, sold for more than twice the price it had been expected to fetch. A magnificent diamond, enamel and emerald sarpech was also bought for close to $2 million at the auction.

September 27

Photos of suspected hijackers released
While releasing the photographs, US Attorney General John Ashcroft hoped that some Americans might recognise some of the hijackers.

Taleban locates Osama
Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Mullah Abdul Saleem Zaeef said, 'We had not lost Osama, but he was out of sight of the people'.

US presents evidence against Osama to NATO
NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson said he is convinced by the evidence presented by the United States.

Pak sends another team to Afghanistan for talks
Pakistan has sent a delegation of pro-Taleban Islamic leaders to Afghanistan to prevail upon the ruling militia to hand over terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.

US proposes joint team to track Laden: Reports
The team would comprise sleuths from the US, Pakistan, Russia and Tajikistan, the reports said.

Jaswant begins tour of France, US, Germany
Singh would discuss the evolving international situation in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the United States and emphasise the imperatives of a global approach to terrorism.

Taleban appoints commander for border area
Maulvi Muhammad Rasool was appointed commander of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area in view of the impending US attack on Afghanistan, Online news agency reported.

India asks Interpol to focus on terrorism
CBI Director P C Sharma asked the member countries of Interpol to shift their focus from subjects like money laundering and counterfeiting to terrorism-related issues.

A joke bombs on a traveller
Musician Sinan Safety Acar from Australia has landed in Toronto jail for 60 days, when he jocularly told the security personnel of Pearson International Airport that he was carrying a bomb in his bag.

The chronology of events

September 26

Bush Meets Sikh, Muslim Leaders
While welcoming the Sikh leaders to the White House United State President George W Bush said, 'We're all Americans'.

Uzbek General Dostum killed by Taleban: Russian TV
TV 6 reported two persons, one of whom had been identified as Dostum, had been killed in the air strike. The report did not provide any other details.

Northern Alliance has Pak POWs: Russia
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said Pakistan armymen were fighting on the side of the Taleban till last week.

Pak says no Information on Osama
Asked whether supporters of bin Laden might have entered Pakistan through the 2500 km porous border with Afghanistan, he said it was very unlikely.

Indo-US ties on fast track: Blackwill
US ambassador Robert Blackwill says that Afghanistan is merely a beginning. And that India and the US will cooperate in the battles yet to come.

Eleven of 19 hijackers had British connection
The FBI has asked Scotland Yard to find out who was sheltering and funding the team. They hope to uncover a cell of Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda organisation suspected of masterminding the US attacks.

Pak groups vow jehad against US
Eight terrorist outfits met to declare support for the Taleban, and vowed to fight the US even as they continue their activities in Kashmir.

Pak freezes accounts of terrorist groups
Islamabad moves into line of a George Bush executive order aimed at financially crippling 26 terrorist groups and individuals.

Sikh student shot at in US hate crime
Satpreet Singh escapes unhurt; Frederick County's sheriff's office says in the absence of hard evidence the case is 'on the back-burner'

India for joint action against terrorists
'The roots of terrorism run wide and they can be uprooted only through concerted action,' Ambassador to the United Nations Kamlesh Sharma said.

September 25

No major military offensive planned: Rumsfeld
'It is by its very nature something that cannot be dealt with by some sort of massive attack or invasion', US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said referring to the proposed US action against global terrorism.

Stability in Pakistan important: Bush
'After all, Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and we want stability in countries that may have nuclear weapons', the US president said.

CBI denies Hizbollah link with IC-814 hijack
A top CBI officer said the report of Imad Mughniyeh's involvement in the hijack may have been planted by Western intelligence agencies and the Israelis.

India alerted US about flying schools-terrorist links in 1999
Indian investigators stumbled upon the information following the gunning down of a militant belonging to the Al Badr terrorist group in Gool area of Udhampur district in February 1999.

US should freeze funds of more outfits: India
An external affairs ministry spokeswoman expressed confidence that the United States would meet New Delhi's concerns about terrorist groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir.

Osama still in Afghanistan: Embassy
The Rabbani government is also upbeat about the Northern Alliance recapturing Kabul soon.

Osama was immaculately well-behaved: Teacher
A British teacher who taught a teenaged Osama bin Laden in Saudi Arabia is surprised that his student today is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.

British Party Warns Against Giving US 'Blank Cheque'
The Liberal Democrats have signalled a clear divergence from Prime Minister Tony Blair's headlong support to US military action in Afghanistan.

CBI team to front anti-terrorism war
Brains trust put together to direct India's own war against terrorism.

Laden claims Islamic rights over Pak N-bombs
The suspected terrorist talks of war between the Christian West and the Islamic world.

Taleban calls for mobilisation of forces
The Afghan regime plans to put 300,000 men in the field to battle the US on one side and the advancing Northern Alliance on the other.

Saudi Arabia breaks ties with Taleban
'The Saudi government announces that all relations with the Taleban are cut,' a statement released by the official SPA news agency said.

Uphold rights while fighting terror: Amnesty tells US
The human rights watchdog urged President Bush to 'take every necessary human rights precaution in the pursuit of justice'.