September 18

Taleban set terms for surrendering Laden
The conditions, set by Mullah Omar, include the Saudi fugitive's trial in a neutral country and lifting of the UN sanctions on Afghanistan.

Israel, Palestine declare ceasefire
Experts said the Israel-Palestine ceasefire is likely to boost US efforts to get Arab nations to participate in its anti-terrorism campaign.

Australian Stabbed Saving Indian Friend
'Robin asked why he was hitting us, and he said, "Because your friend is a f****** Arab and you are a white nigger lover,' " Sean Fernandes from Calcutta said.

Scotland Yard tracking terrorists in Britain
Britain's Scotland Yard has been asked by the FBI to examine a list of 100 suspects and track any 'sleeper' cells bidding their time in the UK to carry out more attacks.

Priest predicted attacks on the US
The priest said Laden was not the only point of reference for the Islamic organisations. If he should be killed or arrested, the rganisations -- with thousands of volunteers and activists in 30 countries -- would continue to operate.

Families shocked by the arrest of Indian suspects
Mohammed Jaweed Azmath and Ayub Ali Khan's kin said they had contacted them just 10 days earlier and told them that they were moving from New Jersey to Texas as they had lost their jobs in a store.

New York, 7 Days Later
Paresh Gandhi captures the mood of the city a week after the catastrophe of September 11.

Irony or retribution?
'It would be utterly hypocritical not to blame American policy makers themselves for the dark day in their country's history,' says Arvind Lavakare.

Pakistan in a bind
'Who will be the first to overthrow the Pakistani establishment -- crusading Americans, a vengeful Taleban, or its own long-suffering citizens?' asks T V R Shenoy.

Payback time
'This is the time for us to destroy the Afghan/ISI-run camps in PoK. Neither Pakistan nor the Americans will have the time or the guts to ask us to back off,' says Devi Prasad.

The day my life changed
Ajay Kabra recalls America's day of terror.

An Indian view from New York
Ilesh Shah had a view, which made him a witness to the world's deadliest terror attacks.

Ten things India should do
Don't brood over how hard the economy would be hit following the US attacks, says Mahesh Nair and suggests a 10-point action plan for India.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

Laxman to test drive his recovery
The star batsman, who opted out of the Indian team for the South Africa ODI series, is likely to play a local team in Sydney.

Zaheer may miss SA triseries
BCCI sources said the Baroda paceman was declared unfit by sports medicine expert Dr Anant Joshi.

The Wright view
Faisal Shariff meets with India coach John Wright.

Split at top hurts the game: Anand
The World chess champion lauded the achievements of 14-year-old Pendyala Harikrishna and World junior champion Koneru Humpy.

Govil, Devanath asked for details of achievements
The Delhi high court asked the two sportspersons selected for this year's Arjuna award for lifetime contribution to provide details of their sporting career.

Bobby gets bold
The actor on Ajnabee, Akshay Kumar and mysterious circumstances.

Sanju threatens a cop, while Nandita pleads for mercy
On the sets of Mahesh Manjrekar's Pitah.

Moulin Rouge credits omit Anu Malik
Composer contemplates legal action.

GUIDE TO THE NET saves jokes for another day
The satirical newspaper refrained from publishing its weekly lampoon sheet because of Tuesday's attacks.

September 17

Osama wanted dead or alive: Bush
The US president said the US was embarking on a long struggle against terrorism, and the immediate focus was on Osama bin Laden, his network and those providing him refuge.

Taleban should see writing on wall: Sattar
Sattar indicated that if the Taleban agreed to hand over Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden, the main suspect in last Tuesday's terrorist attacks in the United States, it would be a 'miracle'.

Still missing!
No figures are available about the exact number of Indians working at the WTC, though the Indian consulate believes at least 250 Indians are missing since the towers collapsed.

'Musharraf's cooperation with the US could be dangerous for him'
'The Pak army has core commanders who feel Islam is the only recourse that is left. Can Musharraf tackle them?' says Surya Gangadharan, editor, Strategic Affairs.

Pearl Harbour redux
'Americans are finally realising what it feels like to be the targets of determined terrorists, especially those fuelled by religious ideology. Indians have coped with this for years and the Americans have generally been unsympathetic to our plight,' says Rajeev Srinivasan.

Pak not in a position to put conditions: Advani
He said Pakistan had deliberately spread this information to mislead its people for fear of a backlash for helping the US in its war against terrorism.

End violence against US Muslims: Bush
'Those who feel like they can intimidate our fellow citizens to take out their anger don't represent the best of America. They represent the worst of humankind,' the American president said.

Canada pledges military support to US
Canada will join the any military action that the United States decides to take in its war against terrorism, even if Canadian lives are lost, Minister for Foreign Affairs John Manley said.

Attacks on Sikhs worries Indians
'We are concerned about the safety of the Sikhs living in the US and we condemn the killing of Balbir Singh Sodhi,' Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa said.

Taleban chief calls Islamic scholars to discuss Osama
Mullah Mohammad Omar on Monday said he had convened a meeting of Islamic scholars from around Afghanistan to take a decision on whether to hand over Osama bin Laden to the US.

Taleban should take quick decision: Pak
'For the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, an immediate decision should be made, because we will be the target of the influx of refugees,' Pakistan Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar said.

Pak team gives Taleban three days
A six-member delegation led by the ISI chief, Lt Gen Mehmood Ahmed, met Taleban Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakel and Mullah Mohammed Omar, spiritual leader of the militia.

Pak has taken serious note of Taleban threat: Sattar
The Taleban had earlier threatened to attack any country, particularly Islamic ones, that gave in to the American demand for access to airspace and ground facilities to mount an attack on Afghanistan.

India seeks to dissuade US from cutting deal with Pakistan
India is sending National Security Adviser Brajesh Mishra to Washington to dissuade the Bush administration from agreeing to the conditions set by Pakistan for supporting any US military action against Afghanistan.

US sensitive to Pakistan's internal situation: Powell
The secretary of state said the Pakistanis had been 'forthcoming' in their reaction to the demands made by the US.

50 US security agents in Pakistan: Report
A foreign agency report said the agents are involved in the selection of Pakistani officers to work with them, if the US decides to conduct raids in Afghanistan to nab Osama bin Laden.

Pak hardline groups threaten civil war
The newly-formed Council for Defence of Afghanistan and Pakistan said it would 'consider any US attack on Afghanistan as an attack on Pakistan'.

British extremists urge Muslims to fight US
At a meeting of the Al-Muhajiroun, an extremist organisation in Birmingham, a group of 50 young men and women was encouraged to travel to Afghanistan and give their lives in the 'defence of Islam'.

NATO divided on joining US military action
Britain and German have said they are willing to send soldiers should the US ask them to. But Italy and Greece have declined to do so.

India speeds up revamp of intelligence network
The government, stunned by the daring attack that humbled one of the most advanced intelligence mechanisms in the world, has hastened the process of bringing various intelligence agencies under a unified command in the home ministry.

Diplomats in Pak scramble for Indian visas
Western diplomats fear strong reprisals from Pakistani supporters of the Taleban and Osama bin Laden in the event of an American attack on Afghanistan.

Pakistani businessman shot dead in Texas
Numerous incidents of attacks on Muslim, Hindu and Sikh places of worship and individuals of Arab and South Asian descents have also been reported across North America.

4 Wipro engineers still missing in New York
Their immediate superior in Bangalore spoke to them barely an hour before the crash into the building. The four sounded cheerful, at the beginning of yet another busy day.

16 attacks on Sikhs in Britain
Sikhs have been subjected to aggressive looks, called "murderers" or been pushed on the street.

Dow Jones posts largest point loss
The Nasdaq composite index sank 116.09 points, or 6.85 per cent, to 1,579.28, the lowest close since October 1998.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

Last man standing
Manoj Bajpai bags Dutta's magnum opus.

Tina doesn't want to act with me!
But Akki's is just fine, fine, fine.

At the Oscars: Wedding or cricket?
Experts upbeat about Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding.

'I bought Shah Rukh Khan for Rs 10,000'
Rajasthan's ties with Hindi cinema.

'Denzel is least like a Hollywood star!'
Stars who charmed at Toronto.

September 16

Musharraf blames India for Pak support to US
He said his hand has been forced by India decision to allow Americans access to its territories.

President George Bush Calls Vajpayee
He discussed with the PM the latest developments in connection with Tuesday's terrorist attacks on US cities.

Hindus, Jains bewildered at attacks on community in US, Canada
An Arya Samaj temple in Hamilton, west of Toronto, was gutted by a fire on Friday. The local police are investigating if the fire was a possible retaliation to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Pakistan stock exchanges to be shut for 3 days
Officers of the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges met with securities regulators in Lahore and plan to meet with Pakistan Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz in Islamabad on Monday to discuss steps to reassure investors, the exchanges said in a statement.

Hindus, Jains bewildered by attacks in US, Canada
An Arya Samaj temple in Hamilton, west of Toronto, was gutted by a fire on Friday. The local police are investigating if the fire was a possible retaliation to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Pak sending senior Diplomat to Kabul
Pakistan government plans to give a three-day deadline to the Taleban to hand over Laden.

Pak will extract a price for its cooperation
President Musharraf has already asked his US counterpart George W Bush to play a more active role in settling the Kashmir issue.

Sikh Immigrant Killed in Mesa, Arizona
Authorities have not yet determined the motive for the shooting that took place on Saturday.

September 15

India offers to refuel US planes in Bombay
'We will offer the same facilities under the same conditions as we did during the Gulf War,' a PMO official said.

Pakistan agrees to allow multinational force
But the foreign ministry said it did not expect its forces to be deployed outside the country.

Bush gives war cry, says Osama can't hide
'Everybody who wears the uniform should get ready. The US will do what it takes to win the war,' the American president said.

'The time has come to choose sides'
Washington has offered a stark choice to 15 Arab states, asking them to either join the international coalition against terrorism or risk being isolated.

'I'm trying to wake up, but it's real life'
There were people buying disposable cameras to take pictures. Hanish Bhojwani could not believe that they would be so stupid. He did not want to be caught in the middle of a stampede.

Sikhs, Muslims running scared
Fearing further violence, Sikhs and Muslims have launched a campaign to educate other Americans about themselves and prove their loyalty to America.

77 Indians being treated in hospitals
Officials say the chances of survival of the missing are becoming slim with time and, on Friday, not a single victim was found alive. Families of 250 Indians believed to be missing are holding out hope to find their loved ones alive.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

After Kosovo, will Afghanistan be next?
'Islamic movements thrive in the US and are liberally funded by Saudi Arabia. There are at least 10,000 known Hamas supporters in Chicago while several hundred backers of the Kashmir Front are gaining strength,' says Major General (retd) Ashok K Mehta.

Justice department issues second arrest warrant

Training camps in PoK shut down temporarily

Indian consulate in New York sets up helplines

September 14

FBI makes the first arrest
CNN, quoting Justice Department sources, said a 'material witness' was formally arrested.

Senate approves use of force, $40 bn fund
Meanwhile, President George W Bush declared a national emergency.

US awaiting Pak response to its request
The US has asked Pakistan to close its border with Afghanistan, allow American warplanes to overfly its territory and provide intelligence about Laden's location.

Pak ignores US on Afghan border issue
But a secretary in the interior ministry said that more effective checks were being conducted now on people crossing the border.

Mullah Omar insists Osama is innocent
The Taleban's supreme leader said the elusive Saudi millionaire was incapable of orchestrating the attacks. Indian embassy condemns attacks on Sikhs
'Along with other Indians, Sikhs themselves have been targets of terrorism, and have been known for acts of great heroism,' the embassy said in a statement.

Terrorists may target Brisbane summit: experts
The final decision on hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet rests with Australia's Prime Minister John Howard, who was in Washington when the Pentagon was attacked.

Injured list released by consulate in NY
Three companies have released lists of its employees who are safe.

10 suspects picked up from NY airports
They were allegedly carrying multiple fake identities, knives and fake pilot licences and were apprehended at the John F Kennedy and La Guardia airports in New York.

Powell links lifting of sanctions to help rendered by Pak
The US secretary of state said the US wants to move forward in its relationship with Pakistan and has been exploring ways to do it.

'We have to confront terrorism and defeat it'
'Why should we ever talk to terrorists? Will Bush negotiate with Osama? He will not. Why should we talk to the mass murderers in Pakistan?' Dr Ajai Sahni, executive director, Institute for Conflict Management, on global terrorism.

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Attack on the US: The complete coverage

They reported it before the TV cameras did
Even before the world saw the pictures, bloggers were telling us the story.

September 13

Cloud of gloom hangs over New Yorkers
'This has forever changed New York,' said one. 'This has forever changed America.' But others were hopeful that the city would rebound from the experience, saying, 'It's gonna take more than this to cripple us.'

Taleban says Laden is innocent
'Blaming Osama without any reason is a move by the Western intelligence agencies to escape their own failure,' the supreme leader of the Taleban, Mullah Mohammad Omar, said.

No need to base troops on our soil, Pak tells US
The US authorities said Tajikistan had, meanwhile, granted permission to place special forces at a site on the Afghan border.

'Eighteen hijackers were involved'
US Attorney General John Ashcroft said five hijackers were present in each of the two planes and four each in the other two, one of which crashed in California.

5 fire-fighters rescued from WTC rubble
The fire fighters were ensconced safe in a sports utility vehicle under the rubble of building no1 of the WTC complex.

Bush puts Pakistan on notice
`I appreciate the support extended by the Pakistan government to track down those responsible. We will give the Pakistan government a chance to prove themselves,' the American president said.

India for intensified efforts to curb terrorism
The prime minister emphasised the need for more focus to be given on intensified joint efforts to effectively deal with the scourge of terrorism during next month's Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Brisbane, Australia.

50 suspects identified
The authorities said 27 suspected terrorists, hailing from West Asia, had received various kinds of pilot training in the US and elsewhere.

Osama still plans to hit White House
Reliable sources said the Indian military's intercept of a conversation between two supporters of bin Laden indicated that his attack on the US may not be over yet.

94 bodies pulled out from WTC wreckage
New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani said there were just 94 confirmed dead, even as his administration sought 6,000, body bags.

Mullah Omar shifted, Pak troops on alert
This was a precaution against possible US military strikes against the Taleban or Osama bin Laden-controlled military installations inside Afghanistan, Pakistani media reports said.

NGO workers begin leaving Afghanistan
It is generally believed that pull out of the Western expatriates indicates the possibility of a retaliatory attack by the US against the Taleban rulers or their Arabian guest Osama bin Laden.

Nine people of Indian origin among those injured
Around 20 per cent of the estimated 50,000 people who worked in the twin towers' financial firms were believed to be of Indian origin.

The chronology of events

Attack on the US: The complete coverage

Wipro searching for missing employees
The names of the missing employees are R S Shreyas, Sashikiran L Kadaba, P Hemanth Kumar and S Deepika Kumar, according to a release by Wipro in Bangalore on Thursday.

Annual IMF, WB meets may be put off
However, before making any final decision, the two organisations are awaiting final word from the US government, the official host of the meetings, Washington Post reported Thursday quoting sources.

Fitness fundamentals
Faisal Shariff reflects on the BCCI's approach in conducting fitness tests on the SA bound players.

Decision on Afro-Asian Games on Fri: Bharti
The sports minister said a final decision on India hosting the November Games will be taken at a meeting with PM Vajpayee.