December 18

Pakistan accuses India of sparking tension
A foreign ministry statement said India was 'desperate' to involve Pakistan in the December 13 terrorist attack.

US urges India to show restraint
White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, however, said India was well within its rights to defend itself.

Don't act in haste, cautions opposition: PTI
CPI-M veteran Somnath Chatterjee said the government should exhaust all possible options before taking recourse to war.

Delhi police says Mohammed was 'Burger'
The police also picked up a wholesale merchant for selling chemicals used in making explosives to the terrorists.

Pak jealous of India's successes: Advani
Making a statement in the Lok Sabha, Advani said the attack on Parliament was aimed at wiping out the entire political leadership of the country.

Pakistan rejects Advani's charge
Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar asked New Delhi to approach the UN Security Council for impartial verification of the evidence.

Powell remark on joint probe irks BJP
Secretary of State Colin Powell had suggested that Indian intelligence agencies along with those of Pakistan and the US probe the attack.

India must ignore world and react: BJP
Party chief Jana Krishnamurthy welcomed the Congress party's decision to support the government's action against terrorists.

US to brand Jaish, Lashkar soon
The two organisations already figure in blacklists such as the terrorist exclusion list, which prevents their members or supporters from entering the US.

US asks Pak to rein in terrorist groups
Of particular concern are the Lashkar-i-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, both of which have indulged in terrorist activities, the state department said.

We won't budge until Laden, Omar are punished: Rumsfeld
The defence secretary said Al Qaeda and Taliban troops could still regroup in the mountains where they have taken refuge.

US special forces in Pakistan: report
The CIA has also begun interrogating Afghan fighters taken prisoner by Pakistan after they crossed over from Afghanistan.

FBI in Afghanistan to question prisoners
A report said eight agents had arrived in Kandahar to help establish a detention centre at the airport to question captured Al Qaeda fighters.

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'Vinson' visit signals resumption of Indo-US military ties
Ambassador Robert Blackwill pointed out that the visit was not just a photo-op and there was intense interaction over two days between the Indian delegation and the crew of the aircraft carrier.

Al Qaeda suspect Afroz makes in-camera confession
The confession was made before Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate V P Tawre following a request by Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam in view of the sensitive nature of the case.

I never possessed an AK-56: Sanjay Dutt
The actor appeared before designated TADA judge P D Kode with his lawyers Satish Maneshinde, Rajendra Singh and Farhana Shah.

All for love
Hindi filmmakers seem to know only the boy-girl-song-villain formula.

 POTO invoked against 4 held in Parliament attack case

 SGPC to revive board on Sikh history

 Villagers along LoC evacuated following heavy Pak shelling

 Indigenous cryogenic engine to be ready by 2004: ISRO

 NSCN-K offers month-long cease-fire to rivals

 UP implements complete ban on cow slaughter

 War last option against terrorism, says Abdullah

December 17

Congress pledges support to action against terrorism
Congress spokesman S Jaipal Reddy, however, said the 'strategic decision' on whether to strike terrorist camps across the border will have to be taken by the government alone.

Conduit between JeM commander, terrorists nabbed
Tariq used to pass on information and acted as a conduit between Jaish commander Ghazi Baba, who is based in Kashmir, and Mohammed Afzal, the organisation's point man in Delhi.

Jaish denies hand in attack on Parliament
Maulana Masood Azhar said the attack could not have been carried out by Islamic militants because they stood to gain nothing from it.

India rejects Pakistan's demand for joint probe
`How can any country accept such an offer? This is not only ridiculous, but highly absurd,' Minister of State for Home I D Swami said.

Property dealer, landlord arrested
They were arrested under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code for not having informed the police about their tenants.

Terrorists to be booked under POTO
Police investigations continue to unearth details about the plot and its perpetrators.

NRIs recommend hot pursuit
In a strongly worded resolution adopted at a meeting on Sunday, they warned the Bush administration that victory in its war against terrorism would be incomplete unless the scourge is wiped out from Kashmir and elsewhere in the world.

Eid Mubarak!
Pictures of the Muslim holy festival.

Themselves the authorities
`It is ludicrous to believe that the terrorists drove their Ambassador into the Lok Sabha premises because India is a democracy. I'm not even convinced that a lot of those Lok Sabha members truly know what democracy is or believe in it anyway,' says Dilip D'Souza.

Hope springs eternal in the heart of Kashmiris
While Eid and its festivities rekindle hopes of peace and well being in Kashmir, they are also tempered by the shadow of gun and terrorism.

Japan to air first made-in-space TV ad
The commercial, completed with the help of Russia, features an astronaut picking up a floating bottle of a Japanese sports drink and gulping it down while looking at Earth.

Al Qaeda fighters fleeing Tora Bora
Almost 200 Al Qaeda fighters -- all of them Arabs and Chechens -- have been killed in the past two weeks of heavy US bombing on the Tora Bora cave network.

Peace force in Kabul by Saturday: US envoy
US special representative to Afghanistan James Dobbins said the contingent would not be 'large', but added that it would be 'enough' to maintain peace.

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'Unfortunately, they don't look for talent today'
Haresh Pandya in a freewheeling conversation with former Test star Mushtaq Ali, who celebrates his 87th birthday today.

Ahmedabad fanfare
Jonathan Dyson's India tour diary.

Hayden ton sets up Aussie victory charge
Hayden smashed 131 to pass Brian Lara as the world's leading run-scorer this year.

Tendulkar finds nothing wrong with Wright
The master batsman said the New Zealander is a 'very good coach' and he's 'trying hard on the team'.

Paes hoping to improve singles ranking
The Indian tennis ace says he is looking forward to doing well in the Tata Open and Asian Games next year.

All for love
Hindi filmmakers seem to know only the boy-girl-song-villain formula.

All About Insurance
Cover your life and property: Seven sites.

Was Tony Blair 'reborn' in a holiday steam bath?
At a 'rebirthing ritual', Mayan prayers were read out and the Blairs were invited to smear papaya and mud over each other's bodies.

Iran figures in new war plan to overthrow Saddam
Ahmad Chalabi, the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, has given the Bush Administration a war plan, which calls for bombing, the deployment of thousands of Special Forces, and help from Iran.

December 16

Last Al Qaeda position falls, Rumsfeld meets Karzai
However, the anti-Taliban forces and United States have no information on Saudi extremist Osama bin Laden.

'Attackers comprised four Pakistanis'
They were led by a Kashmiri - Mohammad - who blew himself up in the initial phase of the attack, Delhi Police Commissioner Ajay Raj Sharma said.

Ex-army chief cautions against crossing LoC
Meanwhile, Home Minister L K Advani said the govt is 'seriously considering all options on the issue of hot pursuit' adding that the political and military leadership would jointly decide on the issue.

'Jaish carried out attack on Parliament'
Police Commissioner Ajai Raj Sharma said that though Pakistan's ISI had told the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Tayiba to carry out the attack, the actual attack was carried out by members of the Jaish.

Colin Powell asks India to exercise restraint
The US Secretary of State, however, conceded that that the Indian government clearly has a legitimate right to self-defence.

US to increase pressure on Pak
In its efforts to obtain the continued cooperation of Pakistan in the fight against Saudi extremist Osama bin Laden and his terrorist outfit Al Qaeda, the Bush administration has so far refrained from pushing Islamabad too hard to clamp down on the LeT and JeM.

Rupin Katyal's killer led the suicide attack
Rupin Katyal was a honeymooner in the ill-fated Indian Airlines plane that was hijacked to Kandahar in December 1999.

Geelani is innocent: Teacher's brother
Abdul Rehman Geelani, a Delhi academic, has confessed to having links with militants who attacked Parliament on December 13.

Enron seeks auction to raise funds
The beleaguered energy trader aims to salvage the remains of what once was the United States's largest energy trading business.

Lot of hard work ahead: Dhillon
The captain of the Indian hockey team, which won the Champions Challenge, said the midfield needs to be strengthened.

No hype. No hoopla.
The Royal Tenenbaums is a cult classic.

Scientist wants to clone people
If the American government bans human cloning, a scientist says he intends to find a country where it is legal and create cloned babies.

Fowl play
Some say he could be the next Harry Potter. What do you think?

How do I uninstall software from my computer?
Dr Know has a step-by-step guide.

December 15

Al Qaeda fighters make surrender offer
US officials said American forces have detected Osama bin Laden giving orders over short-range radio during the past week in Tora Bora mountains.

300 Al Qaeda fighters surrender
US and Afghan opposition forces attacked Al Qaeda positions in Tora Bora with AC-130 gunships and mortar fire.

French Al Qaeda fighter captured
A report said a captured French Al Qaeda fighter undergoing treatment in Peshawar claimed that close to ninety Al Qaeda militiamen were French.

Laden hides, sends men to die: Bush
'He may hide for a while, but we'll get him... dead or alive,' the US president reiterated.

EU warns US against extending war
The 15-member European Union said the US shouldn't extend it's 'war on terrorism' without the approval of the international community.

Anti-Taliban forces advance 2 km in Tora Bora
AC-130 gunships attacked cornered Al Qaeda forces and hundreds of US bombs were unloaded on caves, tunnels and fighters, US Defence Secretary Rumsfeld said.

Pak agrees to long-term US presence at Jacobabad base
A Pakistani military official said the American troops stationed in Jacobabad would be involved in counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan.

Indian suspect in FBI custody blessed with a son
Tasleem, the wife of Mohammed Jaweed Azmath, gave birth at a private hospital in Hyderabad.

Key issues remain as UN works on Afghan resolution
The resolution is delayed, as Britain is yet to announce clearly that it would lead the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan.

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December 14

Terrorists entered Parliament through the main gate
In a blow-by-blow account captured on the close circuit television of Parliament, the white Ambassador car with a red light bearing number DL3CJ 1527 is seen entering the complex from the Parliament Street side.

Terrorists intended to take hostages
Sources said the car in which the militants came to Parliament was loaded with explosives, which they intended to detonate in the building and then take some MPs hostage.

Laden not hiding in Tora Bora: AIP
The Pak-based Afghan Islamic Press said that Laden had taken refuge in the mountainous Tora Bora region after the Taliban evacuated Kabul on November 12. Pak-based terrorists 'may be' involved: Mahajan
The minister pointed out that while the US president and the UK prime minister condemned the attack as an act of terrorism, Pakistan's president chose to call the attackers armed intruders.

US offers help in identifying terrorists
Describing the terrorist strike on Indian Parliament as an attack on all democracies of the world, the US State Department on Friday strongly condemned it.

RDX stored in terrorists' car defused
The white Ambassador car with red beacon light and fake home ministry sticker has been removed from the Parliament complex, police said.

Parliament sanitised, security tight in Delhi
Security around the Parliament complex, Rashtrapati Bhavan, North and South Blocks, residences of the prime minister, home minister and leader of opposition has been tightened.

PM promises firm reply to terrorist strike
Thursday's attack on Parliament was 'an attack on the highest institution of the largest democracy in the world' and was as much an arrogant challenge to democracy worldwide, he said.

Army commandos keep vigil around Parliament
Commandos in camouflaged headgear and armed with SLRs took positions around the outer wall of Parliament. Army trucks were stationed nearby.

India, US together in fighting terror: Blackwill
American envoy Robert Blackwill was in Parliament to witness the proceedings and express his country's solidarity with India and convey deep condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in Thursday's attack.

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The attack on democracy
Whoever might claim responsibility for the terrorist strikes on the Indian Parliament on the forenoon of December 13, 2001, the involvement of one of the Pakistani components of Osama bin Laden's front is a strong possibility, says B Raman.

UK woos skilled manpower with new policy
Britain, like Canada, has relaxed its immigration policy allowing skilled foreigners, including those from India, to enter the UK to seek jobs.

When I am 61...
Jewella C Miranda captures images from the birthday bash of the year.

India Vs England
Day four: Butcher leads the slaughter.

The declaration that wasn't
Verdict on England: Tim de Lisle on a perfect day that went awry

Can't field, can't captain ...
Verdict on India: Now will Ganguly please make some runs, asks Rahul Bhattacharya.

Game slips through India's butter-fingers
India need 357 runs on the final day to win the second Test against England. Prem Panicker reports.

India retain team for Bangalore Test
The selectors had discussed the names of alternative wicketkeepers but decided to stick to Dasgupta as there is just one match remaining in the series.

Bakre in sight of chess title
The Indian inched closer to the title after defeating Schenk Andreas of Germany in the 12th round of the First Saturday tournament in Budapest.

'I want to be where Amitabh Bachchan is'
Television star Rahul Bhat enters Bollywood.

Music to their ears
Using the Internet, musicians now reach out to fans in a way they never could before.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
A guide to this film on the Net.

Where did toys come from?
A look back at our most famous toys: 6 sites.

Don't die in Australia!
All is not well with Australia's funeral industry - wrong bodies cremated and buried, bodies left in fridges, etc.

I lost all my email folders
Dr Know on how to prevent this from happening.

December 13

Terrorists attack on Parliament House
The terrorists fired from AK-47 rifles and hurled grenades before the security forces liquidated them.

'War against terror to be fought decisively'
Prime Minister Vajpayee said, 'The attack was not on Parliament, but on the entire nation.

Govt has leads on attack: Advani
The home minister said the terrorists' objective was to enter Parliament while it was in session and the members were still inside.

US airs tape showing Laden's 'complicity' in strikes
In an amateur video released by the Pentagon on Thursday, the Saudi renegade 'explained' in detail planning aspects of the operation.

We accept terrorists' challenge: Cabinet
The Cabinet adopted a resolution condemning the attack on the `very heart of our system of governance'.

'They threw glad to be alive'
Lying in a stretcher, injured CRPF Constable Mahipal Singh recollected the terrorist attack.

'The terrorist looked like any Indian'
Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Nirupam, who was present in Parliament at the time of the attack, recollects.

'Terrorists, terrorists shouted everyone'
An eyewitness account by BJP Member of Parliament from Baleswar M A Swain.

Indian duo no longer suspect in Sep 11 attacks
Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath had aroused suspicion while they were travelling in a train with box cutters of the type used by the hijackers.

Taliban, Al Qaeda fighters in PoK
The FBI is probing the role played by Pakistan's ISI in helping 22 top Al Qaeda commanders escape from Afghanistan.

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Giles has India spinning
At stumps, on day 3, England were 15/0 -- overall, 131 ahead and in a very good position now to try and level the series.

Riding out the storm
Tanya Aldred watches a dream comeback for Ashley Giles.

Masterful and professional...
But Sachin needed to make 170 today, laments Rahul Bhattacharya.

Menezes stars as India reach final
India's goalkeeper came up with a brilliant display in a 2-1 victory over Argentina in the Champions Challenge hockey tournament.

Anand falls on the threshold
The defending champion was beaten by Vassily Ivanchuk in game 4 of the semi-final of the World chess championship.

And a film is born
Meet the stars of K3G.

Music to their ears
Using the Internet, musicians now reach out to fans in a way they never could before.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
A guide to this film on the Net.

Where did toys come from?
A look back at our most famous toys: 6 sites.

Don't die in Australia!
All is not well with Australia's funeral industry - wrong bodies cremated and buried, bodies left in fridges, etc.

I lost all my email folders
Dr Know on how to prevent this from happening.

The climbdown
'By agreeing to delete entirely the POTO provision making journalists responsible for giving any information they have on terrorists to the government, L K Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee have proved unworthy heirs to Sardar Patel -- the great man they never fail to revere,' says Arvind Lavakare.