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Mutual Funds - Performance Review

Best and worst funds of April 2001
While there is no end to the spate of negatives for the equity markets, the debt markets continue their party with great vigour, says Dhirendra Kumar.

Best and worst funds of March quarter
If the markets took you through the frying pan in 2000, it's straight in to the fire in the first quarter of 2001, says Dhirendra Kumar.

Mutual funds in Y2K: Year of ladders and snakes
Little did one expect that the rally, which swept the markets in year 2000, would fizzle so dramatically, says Dhirendra Kumar.

Best and worst funds of November
After going through a spell of coincidental lows, both debt and equity markets are creeping back cautiously.

Best and worst funds of September quarter
If a colourful depiction were to be given to the performance of equity funds for the quarter ended September 2000, it would be 'red-wash'.

Best and worst funds of August
After the July crash, the debt and equity markets posted a joint albeit tentative recovery in August.

Best and worst funds of July
If the Indian markets were hit by a gale in June, it was a tornado that swept both debt and equities off their feet in July.

Best and worst funds of June
Dhirendra Kumar says a large number of June toppers are concentrated funds with a predominant exposure to infotech, communication and entertainment.

Best and worst funds of May
Dhirendra Kumar says May has been better for investors after the bloodbath of April.

Best and worst funds of 1999-2000
The Research study of one-year fund performance reveals that diversified equity funds provided an average return of 78.19 per cent.