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Mutual Funds - IPO

HDFC Children's Gift Fund
With a well-designed product to suit your time horizon and with services in line with the best in the industry, HDFC Children's Gift Fund seems a good investment anchor for your child's future.

UTI MIP 2001
Unit Trust of India is in the market with its first Monthly Income Plan for the year 2001.

HDFC AMC funds: entry in a turbulent phase
HDFC AMC launched three funds at a time when the equity and balanced funds have both seen erosion in net asset values. The AMC will, thus, have to sell aggressively to garner good initial collection.

Franklin India Index Fund
An index fund is probably the best investment vehicle for an investor who plans to invest in a portfolio of blue chip scrips, says Aabhas Pandya.

UTI Monthly Income Plan 2000 (II)
Aabhas Pandya advises investors to skip UTI's Monthly Income Plan and invest in similar private sector plans.

Sun F&C Resurgent India Equity Fund
Aabhas Pandya analyses the first fund to tap the opportunities arising out of acquisitions, restructuring, privatisation and turnaround of Indian companies.

Indexing benefits
Dhirendra Kumar explains how index funds work and what to expect from UTI's recently launched Nifty Index Fund.

Uncertainties ahead
Dhirendra Kumar thinks that the Kothari Pioneer Internet Opportunities Fund may be ahead of its time as there aren't enough Internet companies.

Broad spectrum technology investing
Dhirendra Kumar says that Prudential ICICI's Technology Fund will be relatively less volatile than a dedicated infotech or pharma fund.

Alliance Sector Funds
Investors should consider these funds as an add-on to enhance the overall return from an already diversified portfolio, says Dhirendra Kumar