July 30, 2002

Osama alive, hiding in Pakistan: Fernandes
Pakistan in response said the Indian defence minister was talking 'through his hat'.

July 29, 2002

Two pro-Al Qaeda web sites close down
They were a major source of information on Osama bin Laden, the Al Qaeda and other terrorist outfits.

'UN report finds discrepancies in Afghan raid'
US forces had removed vital evidence of the bombing raid on a wedding party in Afghanistan by going back to the scene soon after and cleaning it, The Times quoted a UN report saying.

July 28, 2002

India rejects international monitors for J&K poll
US Secretary of State Colin Powell said 'outsiders' travelling to Kashmir to 'monitor' the election would give credibility to the results.

Powell asks Pakistan to prevent violence in J&K poll
'If the Kashmiris want to run and vote in the elections they should be allowed to do so without endangering their lives,' the American secretary of state said.

Musharraf says infiltration stopped
India countered Musharraf's claims saying there has been a 'spurt' in infiltration in the last few weeks.

Powell meets Vajpayee, Advani
The leaders agreed on taking forward the new momentum in Indo-US relations.

July 27, 2002

Protestors confront Sadhvi Rithambara in New York
'Sadhvi Rithambara Has Blood on Her Hands,' said one placard. Another stated: 'No Money for Terrorism.'

July 26, 2002

American joins Bhopal victims' fight against Union Carbide
Diane Wilson, a shrimp boat captain from Sea Drift, a coastal city on the San Antonio Bay (Texas), wants people to know about the tragedy caused by Union Carbide.

NRI couple charged with public order offence
Gurbux Singh and his wife were charged following an incident outside Lord's cricket ground after India defeated England in the NatWest series final two weeks ago.

Hispanic youth arrested for Hollywood Hills murder
26-year-old Carlon Amador has been charged with arson and the killing of four Indian Americans, Gita Kumar (43), her son Paras (18), daughter Tulsi (16) and mother-in-law Sitaben Patel (63).

July 25, 2002

Don't scuttle Arrow sale to India: Pallone
The founder of the Congressional Caucus on India said American support to the missile sale would 'further solidify' Indo-US defence ties.

Powell may not last through Bush's term
Tensions with the White House and Pentagon hawks that the secretary of state has long underplayed are no longer possible to disguise, the 'New York Times' reported.

July 24, 2002

US praises Musharraf for curbing terrorism
A White House spokesman said the tension between India and Pakistan was defused twice this year by American diplomacy.

French consulate in Karachi closed
The decision followed a report from French experts that the consulate was located in an 'unsafe' location, a Pakistani daily reported.

Post report on missile sale not US views: India
The Washington Post on Tuesday reported that US Secretary of State Colin Powell had objections to India's plans to buy the Arrow Weapon System from Israel.

Democracy losing ground: UN report
A UNDP report titled 'Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World' expresses concern about Pakistan and Burma lapsing back into military rule.

M M Joshi unhappy with UNDP report
India has been ranked 124 in the UN's World Human Development Index report.

US to enforce law on non-citizens changing residence
Those immigrants who do not notify the government of a change of address within 10 days could face a fine of up to $200, a jail term of up to 30 days, and even deportation.

Ill-luck continues to dog Samyuktha Varma
On July 22, she lost her passport and those of her family members when they were out touring Manhattan.

US to block UN vote on torture convention
It fears inspection of its prisons by international and independent teams.

July 23, 2002

Fresh US warning against travel to Pakistan
The travel warning said that there is a threat of terrorist attacks against Americans following conclusion of the trial in the Daniel Pearl murder case.

India wants US to quiz Muttawakil on IC-814
The Afghanistan foreign minister under the Taliban regime acted as an interlocutor at Kandahar after the hijacked IC 814 plane landed there.

Govt may deny visas to British MPs
The Labour Party MPs, many of whom have a sizeable number of Muslims in their constituencies, want to visit Gujarat and J&K 'to get a clearer picture of the situation'.

Amnesty decries India for refusing visas
The international rights body wanted to send a team to Gujarat for an independent probe into the recent communal trouble.

Amjad Ali Khan honorary Atlanta citizen
This is the fourth citizenship honour the sarod maestro has received after Massachusetts, Houston and Tennessee bestowed it.

Bypass govts, speak to people: US lawmakers
Chairman of International Relations Committee Henry J Hyde, Congressmen Tom Lantos and Howard Berman have sponsored legislation suggesting that the US 'speak effectively and directly to the peoples of the world'.

July 22, 2002

Karzai replaces Afghan bodyguards with Americans
'There are currently very credible threats against the president,' Time magazine quoted a Western diplomatic source as saying.

Taliban still casts shadow over Afghanistan: India
India told the UN Security Council that the international community needs to help the nation develop its security structures.

July 20, 2002

Remains found in grave are Pearl's: US official
The Wall Street Journal reporter was abducted on January 23 in Karachi.

Taliban regrouping, warns India
Addressing the Security Council, India's ambassador to the UN said: 'What is more worrying is that they continue to receive external support.'

Pakistan should have democratic rule: US
The US said the amendments proposed by President Musharraf should be consistent with the existing Pakistani Constitution. US travel advisory under review: Rocca
Senator Ed Royce, co-chairman of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans, said the warning was adversely affecting commerce.

July 19, 2002

Sheikh challenges death penalty in high court
An anti-terrorism court in Hyderabad, Pakistan, had awarded him death sentence for the abduction and murder of American reporter Daniel Pearl.

July 18, 2002

Osama is still alive: ISI officers
The suspected terrorist mastermind fled the Tora Bora cave complex before US jets started bombing the area, they told Time magazine.

Afghan royal misses his sitar the most
Prince Nadir Zahir, the second son of ex-king Zahir Shah, told that the sitar has been his passion since the age of 10.

Pak unable to deport foreign militants
Most of the terrorists are of Arab, Central Asian Republics and Chechnyan origin.

Pallone flays Musharraf's amendments
The US Congressman also introduced a legislation to reintroduce democracy sanctions, lifted earlier this year.

'Pak won't be declared terrorist state'
A US state department spokesman said that Pakistan has been a 'stalwart ally' in America's fight against terrorism.

July 17, 2002

Top Malayalam actress held, let off in NY
A flight attendant of American Trans Air Flight 204 found the Indians indulging in 'suspicious activity'.

They were only doing their duty: Samyuktha
The Malayalam actress and her group was detained at New York's LaGuardia airport after a co-passenger reported their 'suspicious behaviour'.

FBI wants to question Pakistan air force officer
Squadron Leader Atif Ahmed bin Mansoor lived and studied with September 11 bombing mastermind Mohammed Atta at a German university.

FBI wants to question Pakistan air force officer
Squadron Leader Atif Ahmed bin Mansoor lived and studied with September 11 bombing mastermind Mohammed Atta at a German university.

July 16, 2002

Suspects confess in US consulate bombing case
The two suspects gave their statements before a Karachi magistrate.

July 15, 2002

Omar Sheikh sentenced to death
Sheikh, 29, and three accomplices, who have been sentenced to life imprisonment, can appeal in a high court, and then the Supreme Court.

Pakistani religious parties condemn conviction
Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader Abdul Karim Abid said the government had made him a culprit to appease the US.

Al Qaeda leader taken to Indian Ocean base
Abu Zubaydah, a top aide of Osama bin Laden, was transferred to the base from a US naval ship, Time magazine reported.

July 12, 2002

Decision on dual citizenship before January
Bhishma K Agnihotri, ambassador-at-large in the US for NRI and PIOs, said the proposal, already accepted by the prime minister, has been sent to various ministries for their opinion.

July 11, 2002

Hussain, Gulam Noon bag Asian Achievers Award
Gurinder Chadha, the director of the film Bend it like Beckham, also received the award in the art and culture category.

July 10, 2002

Osama alive and well: Al Qaeda
'We are attempting to expand the frontlines... it will be a war of killings, a war (against) businesses, which will hit the enemy where he does not expect,' the outfit's spokesman told the Middle East Broadcasting Centre.

US secretly deported 131 Pakistanis
Most of them were held under a US Justice Department programme targeting immigrants who had ignored deportation orders, The Washington Post said.

Award-winning presenter accuses BBC of racial discrimination
Radio presenter Anand Jasani has accused her bosses in BBC of 'bullying' and treating her as an 'illiterate native' of the Raj years.

July 9, 2002

Al Qaeda spokesman warns of more attacks
Al Qaeda will organise more attacks inside American territory and outside, at the moment we choose, at the place we choose and with the objectives that we want, chief spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith said.

Powell to visit India, Pakistan next month
`We are anxious to get through this [Indo-Pak] crisis and see a dialogue begin between the two sides.' the US secretary of state said.

Straw talks of rights 'deficit' in J&K
The key to de-escalate Indo-Pak tension was to end cross-border terrorism in J&K, the British foreign secretary said.

Time is ripe to discuss Kashmir: Pakistan
'Pakistan has taken all measures possible to de-escalate the situation,' foreign office spokesman Aziz Ahmad Khan said.

Jawan killed in Pakistani shelling
Ranjit Singh of 17 Garhwal Regiment was killed when a shell exploded near him at Budgam area of Kargil sector, sources said.

Put more pressure on Pakistan: India to US
Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal said Pakistan President Musharraf was being allowed to 'play with ambiguities' after he pledged to act against militant groups.

Pak slams Advani for remarks on Musharraf
Advani had reportedly criticised the Pakistan president for 'justifying the killing of innocents in Kashmir in the name of freedom struggle'.

US team to probe Afghanistan bombing
The investigation board of about 15 representatives from the armed services will be headed by an air force general and include experts in air traffic control and AC-130 attack aircraft.

Afghanistan mourns assassinated V-P
Haji Abdul Qadir was shot dead in Kabul on Saturday after his first morning in the new job.

Al Qaeda spokesman warns of more attacks
Al Qaeda will organise more attacks inside American territory and outside, at the moment we choose, at the place we choose and with the objectives that we want, chief spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith said.

US deports Saddam Hussein's stepson
He had been picked up last week for entering the country to attend a three-day flight training course in Miami without proper documents.

Halal Food Bill becomes law in California
The state has made it making it illegal to sell meat or other food that are falsely represented as meeting the Muslim dietary laws.

FBI raids jewellery stores owned by Pakistanis
The raids are part of an effort to break up fronts for terrorist activities. About 75 stores have been raided so far.

War on terror reaches beyond Osama: Bush
'Osama bin Laden may be alive. If he is alive we will capture him. If he is not we got him. We have not heard of him for long,' the US president said.

July 6, 2002

Saddam's stepson accepts mistake
He was picked up by authorities as he entered the US on a tourist visa while he needed a student visa.

July 5, 2002

Fraud allegations mar Air-India bombing trial
The children of one of the defendants, Inderjit Singh Reyat, are accused of siphoning government funds while claiming to work for Reyat's defence team.

US: 3 dead, 13 injured in plane crash
A twin-engined Cessna 310 crashed into the picnic area of Frank Bonelli Park in Los Angeles around 1235 hours (local time) shortly after taking off from a nearby airport.

July 4, 2002

Three dead, six injured in LA airport shooting
The shooting occurred at the ticket counter for Israeli El Al Airlines, television channel CNN reported quoting a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman.

Americans urged to celebrate I-day
Following September 11, the US is concerned that terrorists might strike again at places where people assemble in large numbers.

Saddam's stepson arrested in US
US authorities believe he entered the country without a proper visa to attend a flight training seminar in Miami.

July 1, 2002

US bombing kills 40 in Afghanistan
US fighter jets mistakenly bombed a wedding party in Uruzgan, north of the main southern province of Kandahar.

Air-India expands US services to India
Air-India is also expected to acquire new aircraft and increase the number of flights in long hauls and introduce flights to the Gulf region, London and to the United States.