October 31

Nobody should be under illusion about India's unity: PM
Vajpayee also asserted that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and another partition of the country would not be allowed.

Brahimi-Taleban meet fails to take off
While the UN's special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi had 'no time' to meet Taleban representative Abdul Salam Zaeef, the Taleban's leadership accused the UN of being 'a tool' of the US.

Saudi prince fears Musharraf may be toppled
Saudi Prince Turki as-Sudairi said the Islamic world will descend into chaos if the US continued its bombing in the month of Ramadan.

US asks India, Pakistan to cool down
Acknowledging 'deep concern' about the situation in Kashmir US Secretary of State Colin Powell said, 'We have been encouraging both sides to exercise restraint, more than we normally would encourage them to do'.

Small number of ground troops in Afghanistan: Rumsfeld
The US defence secretary said the number of US military personnel on the ground was 'very modest' and were involved in providing logistics, communications, identifying targets for opposition forces and for US aircraft.

Afghan people will rise against Taleban: Rumsfeld
The US defence secretary claimed more the Taleban used mosques and residential establishments for storing arms and ammunition, more would the people move away from it.

Coalition will eventually prevail, says Powell
'With respect to Afghanistan, there were people, I guess, who expected that all you had to do is snap your finger and you've finished your mission in one day', the US secretary of state said.

US does not share Musharraf's assessment on war
Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the US doesn't appreciate the constant advice given by Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf to stop the bombing during the holy month of Ramadan.

Other people's wars: let them fight them
'The Americans traditionally respect the militarily strong, especially those who have hurt them. Now that the Arabs and Afghans have hurt them, the Americans will have some respect for them. We Indians have no place in their world view,' says Rajeev Srinivasan.

Malevolence in Malegaon
Images from the Maharashtra town where anti-US sentiment exploded in violence.

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Derby police arrest two following attack on a Sikh
Harjit Singh Sandhu, 22, was in hospital with a broken leg, ankle and nose and cuts to his face and head after being attacked in the Normanton area of the county.

SBI denies money-laundering report
In an unsourced story, Business Standard newspaper said the US Federal Reserve had imposed a monetary penalty on SBI on suspicion some of its branches in the United States were used to launder money.

UTI to adopt three-tier structure
Under the new structure, the trust will have a sponsor, a trustee company and an asset management company.

Pete, oh Peeete!
Tanmaya Kumar Nanda on a desi, a tennis final, and how the desi enjoyed the tennis final.

Bollywood extravaganza in NY postponed
No show for Kumar Sanu, Jagjit Singh and Shubha Mudgal.

Reel women, real women
Examining the disparities.

Kher appointed NSD chairman
The versatile actor has 275 films and 100 plays to his credit.

Dravid to play in Test series
'I am completely focussed on the coming three-Test series and (ready to) perform to the best of my ability,' the vice captain said.

South Africa's guiding spirit
Faisal Shariff in conversation with Dr Ali Bacher.

Humpy wins Third Saturday event
The World junior chess champion drew her concluding match but won the title on the tie-break.

Hard hitters, good lookers
8 sites on sexy sportswomen.

We agree to disagree
Conformists, dissidents, rebels, liberals: The Internet empowers them all.

Where to find freebies online?
Bubbles has some answers.

October 30

Anthrax scare in Indian consulate in New York
The anthrax jitter gripped the Indian consulate in New York when its mailroom received an envelope containing white powder prompting the authorities to seal the room.

Pakistan extends invitation to Vajpayee
'We have expressed our desire to resolve all outstanding issues with India, including the core issue of J&K, through peaceful negotiations,' a government spokesman said.

Pak nukes in safe hands: Fernandes
The defence minister said Pakistan, which had harboured, trained, and mounted terrorist attacks on India for years, is ironically an ally in the US war against terrorism.

Bush to meet Musharraf in NY on Nov 10
The Bush-Musharraf meeting is on the same day when Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee addresses the UN General assembly.

Bush waives another set of sanctions against Pakistan
Immediately after the move the US said Pakistan could expect much more help from a aid pipeline which could touch one billion dollars.

Bush wants to tighten immigration policy
US President George W Bush ordered the creation of the task force to coordinate programmes meant to deny entry of non-US citizens tied to terrorism.

No quick results from war: US
'It bears repeating that our goal is not simply to reduce or simply contain terrorist acts, but our goal is to deal with it comprehensively', said US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

US fears more terror attacks next week
United States Attorney General John Ashcroft said law enforcement agencies have been put on high alert, and asked the public to be vigilant.

Britain warns its Muslims against joining Taleban
British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon warned that any Britons who joined the ranks of ruling Taleban militia could face death in Afghanistan or legal action in Britain if they returned.

Bunch of thoughts & questions
'What's the reason for Colin Powell's sudden loss of ardour for Pakistan? Was this volte-face because of some American editorials suspecting mush Musharraf's duplicity,' asks Arvind Lavakare.

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Police chiefs discuss information sharing
Some American police officers attending the Toronto police chiefs conference have criticised the anti-terrorism legislation that US President George W Bush signed last week for not having a provision for information sharing.

Opposition parties strongly oppose POTO
Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav said POTO was the most dangerous law to ever be promulgated in India.

Enron in talks with banks for new credit line
Enron declined to comment on the size of the credit line.

'Big bang' from Kapil soon
The Indian cricket icon said he will come out with a 'big dhamaka', which will be in the media for at least five days.

Kumble has new googly
The ace leg-spinner says he's ready to tease the South Africans with it.

Dravid in pain but will play against SA
Dravid has been plagued by pain in his right shoulder for the past four months.

Caddick, Croft opt out of India tour
But Marcus Trescothick, Craig White and Ashley Giles have decided to take part.

Chokers or heart-patients?
Roshan Paul and Shreyan Singh present an analysis on India's no-show in the nine finals it has played in.

Over to you!
What do you think should be India's team composition for the first Test against South Africa? Speak your mind!

What is disk partitioning?
Dr Know has some answers.

October 29

Pak opposes nukes in Afghanistan
US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld stirred a major controversy and a great deal of embarrassment for allies like Pakistan by saying that the US did not rule out the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons in Afghanistan.

No meeting with Musharraf in New York: PM
'If I have to meet General Musharraf, I don't have to go to New York. We can meet in Delhi or Islamabad,' Vajpayee quipped.

Terrorist acts have brought US, India closer: Blackwill
The American ambassador said the US believed it could have good relations with both India and Pakistan and that this was not a `hyphenated, zero-sum' relationship.

Resume Indo-Pak dialogue: Schroeder
'I have always been very much in favour that the process begun in Agra is resumed and it is continued in improving Indo-Pak relations', said the German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

Israel wants Pervez Musharraf to stay
Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Perez said he told US President George W Bush, 'We understand your strategy. I would have never dreamed that I would pray for the safety of Musharraf, the President of Pakistan.'

Israeli army withdraws from Bethlehem
The Israeli occupation of Bethlehem and Beit Jala in the West Bank had resulted in the death of 20 people.

Canada may admit more immigrants
Citizenship and Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan said her plan is to increase the level of annual immigration to one per cent of Canada's population - that means about 320,000 - up from the 225,000 new immigrants being admitted at present.

SA Indian accuses New Zealand of racism
Pool wizard Henry Moses Govindsami said the authorities' refusal to grant him a work permit had robbed him of the chance of winning the $10,000 New Zealand Open.

Festival season in Australasia
With Navratri, Durga Puja and Dussehra having been celebrated in a grand way, the Indian community in Australia and New Zealand is now eagerly awaiting Diwali.

Reluctant England face winter of discontent
England's hopes of success in their three-test tour of India are being written off.

Over to you!
What do you think should be India's team composition for the first Test against South Africa? Speak your mind!

Humpy earns second GM norm
The World junior chess champion became the first Indian woman to achieve prestigious norm with a draw in the ninth round at the Third Saturday Grandmasters chess tournament.

Paes-Bhupathi go down in final
The duo lost to Ellis Ferreira of South Africa and Rich Leach of United States in the final at the Basel Indoors tournament.

Dance till you drop
On the sets of Khullam Khulla Pyar Kare.

Here's to Raveena
She seems to be at the peak of her career right now and every director, from Harmesh Malhotra to Sangeeth Sivan, knows she's got the looks and the talent.

'K-Pax' beams up to top spot at US BO
The Kevin Spacey starrer draws the crowds in.

V S Naipaul on Islam, Osama and 9/11
The Nobel laureate fields questions on his contentious relationship with Islam, the Taleban, and the support for Osama bin Laden in the Muslim world.

US special unit 'plans to steal Pak atomic warheads'
An elite American unit is planning a possible excursion on Pakistan in order to steal its nuclear units.

October 26

Bush signs stringent anti terrorism bill
The new law increases the powers of security agencies to tackle incidents like the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.

Major blow to covert anti-Taleban effort
Afghanistan's ruling Taleban captured and executed Abdul Haq, a hero of the resistance against the 1979-89 Soviet occupation, while on a mission to trigger an internal uprising against the Pashtun-dominated militia.

India Washington's natural ally: Powell
Powell also said that Washington's improved relationship with Pakistan would 'grow and thrive' in the years ahead.

Musharraf reiterates demand for swift end to US air strikes
Musharraf's comments came amid rising concern among Muslim countries over civilian casualties as a result of the US-led bombing of Taleban-ruled Afghanistan.

Bomb defused in time near PIA office in Karachi
The bomb was hidden in a bottle at the booking office of the state-owned Pakistan International Airlines and was detected by a passer-by who alerted the local police.

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Germany aims for 10,000 more Indian IT professionals by 2002
The German government is also contemplating prolonging the duration of stay beyond five years and welcoming the spouse and children of the professionals.

October 25

Pak can't veto non-Taleban govt: India
The Afghan people would have a major say in the formation of the next government in their country, the external affairs ministry said.

Osama may get away, Rumsfeld
'It's a big world. The are lots of countries. I don't know whether we'll be successful,' the US defence secretary said.

Pakistan to crack down on militant groups
The direction came in the wake of large-scale protests in Karachi following Islamabad's refusal to let in the bodies of the Harkat militants who were killed in the US attacks.

10,000 Americans treated against anthrax
Health inspectors found more of the deadly bacterium in a Senate office building.

Taleban is going to go: Rumsfeld
The US Defence Secretary said the words 'moderate' and 'Taleban' made a strange combination.

'Musharraf wants to replace madarasas'
The president wants to put in place schools that would teach kids and prepare them for the 21st century, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said.

'Pak cannot foist govt again on Afghans'
US Secretary of State Colin Powell said the new government in Afghanistan has to have international blessing.

War may not stop during Ramzan: Powell
'We're sensitive to Ramzan, but we can't let that be the sole determinant of whether we continue our military action,' the US secretary of state said.

US jets dropped cluster bombs: Taleban
Meanwhile, the Afghan Islamic Press reported that 17 civilians were killed in raids around Herat and Kandahar.

Osama's evil genius
'Each cruise missile or bunch of cluster bombs unleashed on Afghanistan has furthered Osama's mission to divide the world into two camps, Muslims and non-Muslims, true believers and infidels,' says Ajoy Bose.

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ICICI, ICICI Bank merger ratio set at 2:1
The merger proposal has been sent to the Reserve Bank of India for its approval,

India looking to break final jinx
Dravid likely to continue as 'keeper in the triseries final against South Africa.

Waugh giving up chocolates for new diet
Waugh, 36, who is recovering from a deep-vein thrombosis injury to his calf muscle, is on a new low-fat diet.

England tour travails
Shyam Bhatia reports on the dilemma England's cricketers face.

Find a better system
Daniel Laidlaw makes some suggestions relating specifically to disputed catches.

Humpy outplays Dragutin Sahovic
The world junior chess champion maintained her lead with 3.5 points after the fourth round of the Third Saturday Grandmasters chess tournament.

'Any youngster who wants to represent India in the Olympics should play hockey'
Transcript of Indian Hockey Federation president K P S Gill's chat on

Crash! Boom!Bang!
Indian is all about mindless violence.

Patriotic. Predictable. Schmaltzy.
The Last Castle review.

Pak's Kashmir distractions threatens US
The hostility in Kashmir may divert Islamabad's attention and resources away from western Pakistan, where US troops, involved in operations against Afghanistan, have already come under fire.

Famous Explorers:
Nine men with a taste for adventure.

Aguilera promises more flesh for her fans
'Lady Marmalade' was only the tip of the skin-toned iceberg, warns Christina.

What is file compression?
Dr Know on the process of 'zipping' files.