October 24

Anti-Taleban meet backs Zahir Shah
Hundreds of Afghan tribal elders, former mujahideen commanders and other leading Afghan leaders attended a conference convened by a prominent Afghan figure Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani.

Pak relents, allows entry to militants' bodies
Anti-US protestors have been demanding that the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen militants killed in Afghanistan be given a honourable funeral in Pakistan while authorities had been refusing to allow the bodies to be brought into the country.

Taleban warned against recruiting Pakistanis
At least 35 members of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, a Pakistan based Kashmiri terrorist group, were killed in Kabul during US raids, the BBC had reported on Tuesday.

India in the grip of anthrax scare
Envelopes with 'white powdery substance' were reported recieved from the office of the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra and the residence of the Uttaranchal chief minister.

US firm in Pakistan gets anthrax letter
The staff members of the organisation are being treated for anthrax.

Afghans facing worst-ever humanitarian crisis: UN
The life expectancy of a displaced Afghan is only 40 years. Seventy percent of displaced Afghans are malnourished and only 13 percent have access to drinking water.

Anthrax found at White House mail site
White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said, 'It (anthrax) was found on a mechanical device that opens mails. It was not found on any mail itself.'

Laden's location still unknown: US
'You don't believe me. It's a fact. Until it's done, it's not done,' Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said.

Emerging trends in the American war
'While we should cooperate with the United States, we should have no doubt that in this effort our natural allies are the Northern Alliance, Russia, Iran and Turkey. It is ludicrous to refer to the US as a "natural ally" in the present situation,' says G Parthasarathy.

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Religious leaders join war against female foeticide
'In the interiors, people still believe strongly in religion. If religious leaders from all sects say selective abortion is against the tenets of religious faith, it will work wonders,' says R Bhama, deputy secretary, NCW.

Are politicians plotting to lose against Enron?
'People must demand full disclosure of the deal with Enron. Only then can they evaluate government action and stop vested interests from scuttling the probe against the MNC,' says Sucheta Dalal.

'India to be 3rd largest economy by 2025'
'IT has not only added to India's productivity, but has today become a key driver of growth,' Indian High Commissioner to Britain Nareshwar Dayal said.

Infosys CEO, driver go back to school
The two would attend the same school to hone their leadership skills.

Selectors choices
Faisal Shariff on Tuesday's selection committee meeting.

Indian bats bludgeon Kenya
The headline could just as well have read 'Records tumble, so do Kenyans' -- the sequel.

Injured Donald to miss India series
A stomach muscle injury has ruled the ace fast bowler out.

Humpy emerges sole leader
The Andhra WGM beat Drasko Boskovic of Yugoslavia in the third round of the Third Saturday Grandmasters chess tournament.

'You cannot stop us, we have this Anthrax'
Sample of notes and enveloped of the Anthrax letters from the FBI site.

The mouse behind bars
The Internet liberates prisoners yearning for outside contact.

The opinion web
When you want another view.

Cleopatra and Clinton make good bedfellows
Now, 'The Art of Seduction' from Robert Green.

How to install screensavers
Tips from Dr Know.

October 23

The war is on the wrong track
'When political considerations begin to dictate military tactics and strategy, it is a sure recipe for disaster,' warns Colonel (retd) Anil Athale.

22 Harkat militants killed in US raids on Kabul
An agency report quoting sources close to the group said the members killed were from the Pakistani city of Lahore, and included senior leader Ustad Farooq.

US admits missing targets; attacks Taleban frontline positions
United States Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Clarke admitted that two 500 pound bombs missed their targets, and landed in a civilian locality in northern Kabul.

150 arrested after sit-in at Jacobabad
Emotionally charged activists of prominent religious parties shouted slogans against the US and President Pervez Musharraf, even as the police struggled to break up the demonstration.

India helping Northern Alliance: Taleban
Taleban Ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef said the Taleban had reports that senior members of the Northern Alliance had recently visited New Delhi for talks with the Indian leadership.

Bomb killed Afghans praying in mosque: Taleban
The mosque was in the Qalae Shaier district of Herat, Abdul Hanan Hemat, head of the Taleban's Bakhtar information agency told a news agency.

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US offers to mediate between India, Pak
The two countries want a dialogue, but they are having a little difficulty getting it restarted, Secretary of State Colin Powell said.

'China will continue to target US cities'
US Secretary of State Colin Powell also said that Beijing would modernise its nuclear weapons.

IACP to honour Indian law enforcement officers
M K Narayanan, former director of the IB, is being made an honorary member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Madras Joint Commissioner of Police K P Tripathi would also get a special recognition at the IACP banquet.

NYP raps Powell for Kashmir Remarks
The daily also flayed Powell for trying to bolster the Musharraf regime.

Durga Puja festivities kicked off in Paris
The four-day event has been organised by a leading Bengali organisation, Sammilani, and starts every morning with regular prayers.

Rs 20-bn housing plan for urban poor okayed
The Union Cabinet on Tuesday approved a Rs 20-billion housing and sanitation scheme for the urban poor and slum dwellers across the country.

Sinha warns of hard times, subsidies may go
'Inefficiencies of the system are hidden in the garb of social obligations,' the finance minister said.

Japan to lift sanctions on India, Pakistan
The move is to show support for Islamabad during the US military strikes on Afghanistan, a Japanese daily said.

Back with the booty
The triumphant Indian junior World Cup hockey team arrived from Australia on Tuesday. Images of the team at Bombay airport.

Bonanza for junior hockey team
Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal and Sports Minister Uma Bharti announced cash awards of Rs 100,000 for each member.

Agassi, Graf marry in Las Vegas
"We are so blessed to be married and starting this chapter of our lives," the newlyweds said in a joint statement.

Zahir, Nehra back; Connor Williams to open
The national selectors on Tuesday picked a 16-member team, including five seam bowlers, for the upcoming Test series against South Africa.

SA wallop Kenya by huge margin
The final ten overs produced 115 runs for South Africa as the proteas put up 354/3 in its allotted overs -- the highest ever on South African soil.

'Mohabbatein made me fall in love'
Preeti Jhangiani, on her favourite love stories.

Where parallel worlds meet
The 12B review.

October 22

Musharraf calls for end to US-led attacks by Ramadan
Musharraf told CNN that he would hope for restraint during the month of Ramadan because this would certainly have some negative effect on the Muslim world.

US concerns over Pak nukes, democracy remain
The United States has said that despite Pakistan's cooperation in the global campaign against terrorism, Washington continued to be concerned about Islamabad's nuclear proliferation, return to democracy and human rights issues.

NY police manhandle Indian on Broadway
Uday Menon wanted to celebrate his second wedding anniversary with a dinner and a Broadway show. But the New York Police Department had other plans.

100 killed in hospital bombardment: Taleban
Taleban envoy to Pakistan Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef said they were killed in the recent bombardment by the US of a hospital in Herat.

Taleban says wreckage of US helicopter found
Maulbi Najeebullah, the Taleban consul-general in Peshawar in Pakistan, on Monday said the wreckage of a US helicopter shot down by the militia has been found in Afghan mountains.

Afghans holding 30 scribes hostage
A report said the journalists were from India, US, Britain, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, France and West Asia, it said.

US sure that more attacks are coming
Reports said intelligence officials are sure that a second and possibly a third wave of attacks were being planned.

Pakistan must return to democracy: US
Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage also said that despite the new camaraderie with Musharraf, the US had no desire of changing the military balance in south Asia.

US will try to capture Laden alive: Myers
'If it's a defensive situation, then bullets will fly. But if we can capture somebody, then we'll do that,' the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff told ABC TV.

India may destroy Pak N-weapons: Report
'India would not stand idly by if it appeared that the Pakistani nuclear arsenal was about to fall into the hands of extremist,' The Washington Post quoted US military strategists as saying.

Fourth jet's target may have been N-reactor
The FBI is studying a report that the terrorists who seized the plane may have been attempting to steer it towards the nuclear power stations on the east coast of America.

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RBI pares Bank Rate by 0.5%, CRR by 2%
The apex bank also removed most of the exemptions available on CRR.

RBI lowers 01-02 GDP growth forecast
'In view of the global uncertainty, a firm projection of revised growth rate for the year as a whole is difficult," the bank said.

Straight from Down Under
Now I have seen everything, thought Roshal Paul, as he watched four Vikings dressed only in headgear and boots riding a giant plastic penis.

Now no one can take his place for granted: Cedric D'Souza
The chief coach of the senior hockey team, hailing the junior World Cup triumph, said now there will be tough competition for all positions.

Too good to be true, says Rajinder
The coach of the India's junior hockey World Cup-winning team said he didn't expect the huge victory margin in the final.

Congratulate the Indian junior hockey team
For Indian hockey, it is the first major accolade since winning at the 1975 World Cup in Kuala Lampur and the 1980 Moscow

SA wallop Kenya by huge margin
The final ten overs produced 115 runs for South Africa as the proteas put up 354/3 in its allotted overs -- the highest ever on South African soil.

Khan, Nehra face make-or-break fitness tests
The two pacemen will get a final chance to make it to India's squad on Tuesday.

Laxman confident of doing well
The ace batsman said he is looking forward to taking on the South African pacemen on their turf.

Of attitude and aptitude
Unless there is an attitude change among the selectors, administrators and domestic players, says Minal Rahate, no amount of aptitude is going to help Indian cricket.

From Hell -- Heaven sent for Hollywood
The Johnny Depp starrer grabs the top spot at the BO.

Dutt tenders apology to court
Promises not to misuse his bail conditions in the future.

Sanjay Khan churns out another mythological
His Maha Kavya Mahabharat will be India's most expensive serial.

Fourth rock from the sun
Eight sites on Mars

FBI considers torture on silent suspects
Harsher interrogation techniques considered for jailed members of Al Queda network.

Triumph of the dispossessed: Naipaul and the enigma of exile
'None writes better or more evocatively about the experience of exile, about being dispossessed, than V S Naipaul. The Nobel is a richly deserved tribute,' says Rajeev Srinivasan.

October 21

Bush ordered CIA to kill bin Laden: Report
The US president has directed the CIA to undertake the `most sweeping and lethal covert action', calling for the destruction of bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network, senior government officials were quoted as saying by the Washington Post daily.

UN unwittingly funded Osama: BBC
The UN donated more than $1.4 million in 1997 to the Sudan-based Muwafaq Foundation, a consortium of charities. The US believes that the charity was used by wealthy Saudi businessmen to transfer billions of dollars to bin Laden.

Day 16: 2000 US troops land in Pak

Taleban's top commander denies discussing alternate govt formation
Maulana Jalaluddin Haqqani also denied reports about rifts within the rank and file of the Taleban, according to a press release by the Afghanistan Defence Council in Islamabad.

Pak parties divided over Afghan attacks
While Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party supports the war against terrorism, most other parties do not.

Mullah Omar's son killed in US raids: doctor

October 20

India waives visa fee for Sikh, Hindu Afghan nationals
An accelerated process for the issue of visas to such individuals has been put in place, an external affairs ministry spokesperson said on Saturday.

US Army Rangers carry out raids in Afghanistan
'Army special forces and helicopter gunships are attacking Taleban military targets in Afghanistan,' NBC said, quoting Pentagon officials.

US trying to avoid civilian casualties: Bush
The US president told this to Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

General Dostum confirms he is alive
'Things are going well for us at the front, whereas the Taleban are trying to demoralise our troops,' the Uzbek warlord was reported to have said.

Musharraf asks US to end strikes
The general told German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer that prolonged military operations in Afghanistan would aggravate the situation in Pakistan.

US concerned by Taleban's resilience
The US has reportedly told Pakistan that Taleban's arsenal, including artillery, bore no relation to the intelligence inputs from Islamabad.

2 killed in US chopper crash in Pakistan
The Pentagon did not say if the accident occurred while the helicopter was on a mission relating to Operation Enduring Freedom.

Bomb found at Islamabad airport
The device was found in a piece of luggage. It was moved to a secluded area nearby, where it later blew up.

US special forces link up with Dostum
But other Northern Alliance commanders see this as an attempt to split their coalition.

October 19

Bush refuses to halt raids to allow food aid
The US president blamed the Taleban for the disruption of food deliveries, accusing them of seizing the aid.

Ground troops enter Afghanistan: Official
An official told CNN that special forces troops were carrying out search and destroy operations in south Afghanistan.

India to gift $1 million worth of anthrax antidotes to US
Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh said the India will also contribute Rs 50 million worth of wheat for the Afghan refugees.

India will go after J&K terrorists: Advani
The Home Minister says that in view of the US-led war on terrorism, there will be no hot pursuit "for now."

Israeli tanks enter Bethlehem
Israeli-Palestinian tensions rose to a new level with twenty Israeli tanks entering 3 km into the autonomous Palestinian town of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

US compiling database on foreign students
The decision to expedite the process has been taken because one of the men who hijacked a passenger jet used in the September 11 attacks entered the country on a student visa.

'India neither has biological weapons nor the capability to face such attacks'
'Biological weapons are not weapons of mass destruction. They are weapons of terrorism to dislocate society,' says Dr Narendra Prakash Gupta, former director of the National Institute of Virology in Pune.