October 06

US rejects Taleban offer to negotiate
On Saturday, the Taleban said it would 'take steps' to release the eight foreign aid workers if the US agreed not to target Afghanistan.

US delays strike to neutralise Osama's counterstrike plan
Quoting intelligence sources, the New York Post said Osama had a counterstrike plan in place to strike at targets in US or Europe following a likely attack by the US on his bases to avenge the September 11 bombings.

I'm not afraid of death: Osama
In an interview to Pakistan's Urdu weekly Takbeer , the Saudi renegade said fighting for the security of Pakistan was the greatest jihad  as 'Pakistan is the fort of Islam irrespective of those in power'.

Osama points finger at India, Israel
In an interview, Laden said none of the outfits operating under the Al-Qaeda organisation were behind the September 11 attacks.

Islamic world must confront its Ladens: Rushdie
The India-born author said that to combat terrorists, the world must agree on what matters, including short skirts, bacon sandwiches and kissing in public places.

US jets begin sorties in Pak airspace: Report
The sorties created a 'panic' in the Pakistan Air Force, which sent its own F-16s to provide security cover to the nation's 'vital' installations, the report said.

Blair pushing US into war: Taleban
Taleban Ambassador to Pakistan Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef said the British premier should try for negotiations.

Terrorism in J&K must end: Bush
The president of the United States also condemned the recent terrorist attacks in the valley.

Lashkar, Jaish not on US terror list
The latest list of designated terrorist organisations released by Washington is a clear indication that terrorism in Kashmir is not the US agenda at the moment.

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Helpline for missing persons of Indian origin

Indians plead guilty to dumping toxic into sewer
Vijay Merchant and Nandell Patel of Golden West Circuits in Santa Ana, California, pleaded no contest on Tuesday to charges of dumping copper and acid waste into a sewer.

Stanford to screen Patwardhan's films
The South Asia Initiative at Stanford University will screen films by the documentary filmmaker as part of a course on 'Socio-political Issues in Contemporary India Through Films'.

Pak authorities arrest Harkat chief in Rawalpindi
Fazl-ur Rehman Khalil's arrest may have come about due to pressure from the United States, which is also insisting on his extradition to the US.

Britain renews defence ties with Pakistan
After an hour-long meeting with President Pervez Musharraf, British Prime Minister Tony Blair also promised to help Islamabad with a fresh package of assistance.

Blair in India to discuss anti-terrorism efforts
Vajpayee, officials speculate, might tell the British premier about how Kashmiri terrorists are using Britain for mopping up funds and support for their jihad in the valley.

Cops probe links between Masood, Osama
According to Indian intelligence sources, Masood Azhar, after his release in exchange for the IC 814 passengers, came in contact with Osama bin Laden who gave him money to start Jaish-e-Mohammed.

US to consider designating Jaish as terrorist outfit
A state department spokesman said that although Jaish-e-Mohammad has not been formally designated as a terrorist outfit, it is listed in the department's annual report on global terrorism.

US Senate lifts sanctions on Pakistan
Senior official says Pakistan needs to assisted for standing together with the US in its fight against global terrorism.

Pak has 'crucial' role in war against terrorism: US
US Ambassador to India Robert Blackwill said, 'The US is going to take no action with respect to Pakistan, which undermines India's security.'

India opposes US arms supply to Pakistan
HRD Minister Murli Manohar Joshi, during a meeting with Ambassador Blackwill, emphasised that experience had showed that Islamabad had always used its arms against India.

'Pakistan must be considered criminal'
The Rabbani regime in Afghanistan says that the Pakistani government should be held accountable for its support to Laden and the Taleban.

Northern Alliance not to wait for US strikes
'Latest by Saturday evening, we will launch an offensive against the Taleban on all fronts,' the Burhanuddin Rabbani government's Defence Minister Fahim Khan was quoted as saying.

US, Russia launch operations: Report
Russian troops have joined the Delta and Seal commandos of the US, who have already crossed into Afghan territory, 'The News International' said quoting sources.

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Father did not abduct child, rules court
Narsi Reddy Tippireddy had been accused by his estranged wife of abducting their 11-month-old daughter and secretly taking her to India.

Taleban not to hand over Osama even after proof
'The movement will not hand over Laden even if it received proof of his involvement in the September 11 attacks,' Taleban's ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef said.

200 attacks on Sikhs after Sept 11
'Mosques and temples have been attacked and vandalised', Amnesty International said.

Terrorists suspected to be behind crash of Russian airliner
The plane, a Tupolev TU-154, belonging to Sibir Airlines had taken off from Tel Aviv and was headed for the Siberian city of Novosibirsk when it disappeared from radar screens, 180 km south of the Russian Black Sea resort of Adler.

Taleban is not Pak's creation: Mullah Omar
The Taleban chief said that Islamabad's decision to change its Afghanistan policy was a vindication of his oft-repeated assertions that the militia was not a creation of Pakistan.

'US evidence against Osama's impressive'
In an interview to CNN, Pakistan Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar said he would respect the conclusion reached by the US on the basis of the evidence.

Don't limit fight to Osama: India
Countries who have suffered know that terrorism can only be tackled collectively, UN Ambassador Kamalesh Sharma said.

War against terrorism on all fronts: Blair
'This is a commitment that spans all continents, cultures and religions, reinforced by attacks like the one on the J&K assembly,' the British Prime Minister said.

Senate resolution condemns violence against Sikhs
The resolution calls upon law enforcement agencies to 'work to prevent hate crimes against all Americans, including Sikh-Americans'.

US to use 'smart' weapons in Afghanistan
The US will avoid destroying electrical grids, bridges and water supplies, an administration official was quoted as saying by The Washington Times.

Canada worried about bioterrorism event
The country bought a large supply of antibiotics after the September 11 tragedy and it is in the process of buying more.

Canada blacklists Harkat-ul-Mujahideen
Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin announced new regulations that prohibits Canadians from raising funds for 22 organisations and individuals.

Pak acceded to US 'demands' after 'blunt' talk: Armitage
A great majority of 140 million people of Pakistan see their future with the West, US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said.

October 03

US provides proof of Osama's hand to Pak
A government spokesman said that additional evidence was provided a day after US Ambassador Wendy Chamberlin briefed President Pervez Musharraf over the status of the investigations.

US foreign policy 'tainted with blood'
An attack on US foreign policy at a women's conference in Ottawa put Canada's minister for multiculturalism in an uncomfortable position.

Greyhound resumes services across US
The company had suspended its services all over the US for a brief while following the attack on one of its drivers.

CIA, US commandos set up base in Afghanistan: Reports
Media reports also said the United States was reported to be considering providing Pakistan choppers, intelligence equipment and blast-proof doors for nuclear facilities.

US targeting 23 terrorist camps in Afghanistan: Report
A report in The Washington Times said that a number of aircraft, tanks and anti-aircraft missile sites belonging to the Taleban had also been identified for action.

Moratorium on student visas proposed
Legislation is necessary after the FBI disclosed that Hani Hanjour, one of the men suspected to be behind the attacks in US, entered the country on a student visa, says a senator.

Kashmir terrorism part of global war: Powell
The US secretary of state, however, soft-pedalled on the question of Pakistan's role even as he condemned the attack on the Sringar legislature building.

Annan condemns J&K assembly attack
'This act of senseless violence underscores the need to eradicate terrorism from whatever quarter,' he said.

Canada deplores attack on J&K assembly
In his first conversation with Pakistan Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley Manley made it very clear that the violence must be stopped.

Proof that Gandhi studied in London revealed
Researchers from the University College of London have found an old card index box with Gandhi's name on it.

$400 mn lawsuit against ISKCON dismissed
Filed in June 2000 on behalf of 79 former students, the lawsuit sought to take the leadership of ISKCON to task for having extensive knowledge of the alleged child abuse and even seeking to cover it up.

October 02

Mullah Omar warns US against toppling game
In a radio address in Kabul on Monday, Omar asked the US to let the Muslims, Arabs and Afghans rule in their countries.

US, Pakistan condemn Kashmir blast
'India is a key partner in the global coalition against terrorism, and we do believe that terrorism must be ended everywhere', said US State Department spokesman Robert Boucher.

Text of Vajpayee's Letter to President Bush

US arrests 1986 Pan Am hijack suspect

24 Members of Osama's Family Whisked Out of US
Saudi Ambassador to US Prince Bandar said that most of bin Laden's relatives had come to the United States to study, but were flown back to Saudi Arabia in the wake of September 11 terror attacks.

Bush acknowledges India's concerns on terrorism
In what is perhaps fast becoming a habit, Bush not only dropped in on the Singh-Rice meeting, but shared 40 minutes of the 75-minute discussion.

Support Northern Alliance: Jaswant
'India has never recognised the Taleban as a legitimate regime. We have continued to recognise the government of Afghanistan as represented by President Rabbani', said External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh.

October 01

Northern Alliance halts operations ahead of 'US strikes'
The Northern Alliance and exiled King Zahir Shah have signed an agreement to set up a supreme council to bring together all anti-Taleban forces.

Taliban should not be in power: US
"The Taleban has worked in concert with Osama bin Laden. That is not right," White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said.

Pakistan seeks details of US military plan
Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, foreign office spokesman Riaz Mohammad Khan said the US so far had not made any requests for Pakistani military assistance. US ropes in dissident Taleban commander: Report
Two prominent ministers of the Taleban regime had promised to support the commander if he appeared successful in his fight against the militia, the report added.

Canada lifts economic sanctions on Pak
Canada took the decision in recognition of and to support Pakistan's `courageous stand' against terrorism in the region.

Demand for more teeth to US law agencies
'If we don't build our capacity to fight terrorism, the risk (of other terror attacks) goes up,' Attorney General John Ashcroft said.

Jaswant moots fund for terrorist victims
The Minister for External Affairs addressed an inter-faith meeting in New York, and asked the Indian community to come together for the cause of those hit hardest by terrorism.

FBI agents question Indian suspects in Hyderabad
Intelligence sources said two FBI agents, in the presence of Intelligence Bureau officials, probed the background of Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath.