November 30

Taleban routed, Al Qaeda on the run: Bush
'We have destroyed the Taleban military. The government that used to hate women, and not educate its children is now in rout', US President George W Bush said.

Continue fighting: Mullah Omar
'You will win if you continue to tread the divine path and remain ready to lay down your life for Islam,' the Taleban's supreme leader was quoted as telling his men.

NA fails to get Bonn talks adjourned
Head of the Northern Alliance delegation Younus Qanooni sought the adjournment to enable his delegation to return to Kabul to confer with the top leadership.

Top Northern Alliance leader quits Bonn talks
Abdul Haji Qadir, the governor of the eastern Afghan province of Nangahar, walked out after strong disagreements emerged within the Northern Alliance camp.

NA agrees to multinational security force
Northern Alliance delegation leader Yunus Qanooni said his group preferred the security force to be composed of soldiers from Islamic countries.

Russia vows to support Rabbani
The United States had been putting pressure on Russia not to recognise the Burhanuddin Rabbani government.

November 29

Top Al Qaeda leaders believed dead: US
A Pentagon spokesperson said US jets bombed a compound in Kandahar where Al Qaeda leaders were closeted in a meeting.

NA, Zahir Shah agree on interim council
The interim council, according to reports, would comprise 42 members, with 21 members each from the Northern Alliance and the delegation of former king Mohammed Zahir Shah.

Rabbani striking deal with Pakistan
The Afghan president announced that a number of Islamic states had backed him on the formation of a 'transitional government'.

Diplomats appalled by rift among Afghans
Even as Northern Alliance delegates were to begin discussions in Bonn, its leader Burhanuddin Rabbani told reporters in Dubai that the participants of the meet lacked 'authority'.

US asks Russia not to recognise Rabbani
'The so-called rule of the Northern Alliance, headed by Rabbani, cannot be sustained because it represents only part of the country's ethnic groups', a senior official of the Bush administration said.

Senior Taleban officials defecting: Pentagon
The Pentagon said that some of the officials were providing intelligence to the United States.

'Taleban, Northern Alliance not very different'
Throughout the civil war in Afghanistan, the major factions, especially the Taleban and the groups that comprise the Northern Alliance, committed serious human rights abuses, say rights groups.

US turning blind eye to NA atrocities
Toronto Star in a report said Northern Alliance militiamen summarily executed wounded 'foreign' Taleban troops in Kunduz, and killed 100 Taleban soldiers at a Mazar-e-Sharif school.

Pak may have evacuated soldiers: US
Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Stufflebeem said it was possible for helicopters and planes to fly in the shadow of mountains and escape detection.

Row over next phase of anti-terror campaign
There are sharp differences between the US and its allies on whether the campaign should target countries like Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

November 28

Officer killed in Mazar prison riot: CIA
Johnny Spann is the first American known to have been killed in action inside Afghanistan since the US-led bombing began, the CIA said.

Taleban recapture Spin Boldak: Report
Pakistani newspaper the Dawn, quoting a senior Taleban commander, said the militia had recaptured the Kandahar airport also.

Northern Alliance retakes Qala-e-Jangi
More than 450 militiamen -- Pakistanis, Arabs and Chechens -- loyal to Al Qaeda were killed when the Northern Alliance, with help from the US, put down the revolt.

Osama to be dealt with under law: Pakistan
Pakistani officials said if Osama bin Laden tried to cross the border and was apprehended, laws of the country would be applied to him.

British commandos fly into Afghanistan
The Times quoting British defence ministry officials said about 40 Royal Marine commandos were airlifted from HMS Fearless to the Bagram airbase near Kabul.

Assets of Taleban govt Frozen by UN
An agency report said the freeze also covers the accounts of Afghan-related businesses, including one held at Citibank in New Delhi.

Al Qaeda, Taleban leaders' compound bombed
United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the compound bombed housed leaders of 'appreciable' importance.

India junks Pakistan claim on Afghan govt
'It is very important that neighbouring countries stop interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan,' Indian envoy to France Kanwal Sibal said.

'Sketches of anthrax bomb found in Pakistani scientist's office'
Such bombs, the sketches of which were found in Bashiruddin Mehmood's Kabul office, could shower anthrax over areas as vast as New York.

November 27

Afghan deal within three days: Alliance delegate

Al Qaeda terrorists may flee to Kashmir: India

US marines seize key Kandahar airfield
Giving strong indications that the US is going for the jugular, Pentagon officials said more than two thousand marines would be rushed into Afghanistan in the next few days.

November 26

Pakistan approaches UN on Mazar prison riots

Osama, Mullah Omar in hiding: N Alliance
Afghan United Front Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah said, 'They are cornered, they cannot move. The next few days will be very significant for the fate of the Taleban.'

300 Revolting Al Qaeda prisoners killed
The Al Qaeda militiamen, taken as prisoners when Northern Alliance commander Rashid Dostum reportedly took control of Kunduz, had smuggled weapons under their tunics and started shooting at the prison guards.

US marines land near Kandahar: Report
ABC News said the number of marines, who reportedly landed on Sunday, is expected to rise to 1,200 to 1,600 within a day.

November 25

MPs, MLAs to adhere to Code of Conduct
Political leaders deplored the deterioration of parliamentary standards and called for a behaviour code, which would punish grave misconduct.

Nepal Maoists burn Kathmandu DPS bus
Activists of the students front of the Maoists set the Delhi Public School bus on fire in protest against playing of the Indian national anthem in the institution.

ICC vows to win power struggle with India
The ICC could even suspend the BCCI if they continue to defy the world governing body.

India loses the plot at Centurion
Day 3: Indians played as if they just did not care whether they won or lost.

Et tu, Tendulkar?
Ashok Hegde reflects on the Mike Denness controversy.

Northern Alliance troops enter Kunduz
Ethnic Uzbek commander Abdul Rashid Dostum's troops had taken control of the city, the Taleban's last stronghold in northern Afghanistan.

'US war in Afghanistan unjustified'
'The US leads the pack of rich and powerful nations that carry out international terrorism on smaller nations, says Professor Noam Chomsky.

Full Coverage of America's War

Das the way...she likes it!
Acting and singing is fun for Vasundhara Das.

It's all about money
On the sets of Aamdani Athani Kharcha Rupaiya.

We spy a hit!
Spy Game  is all set to hit the BO.

The common enemy
'After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the British chief of defence staff had remarked, "we have no enemy now. We're looking for one." In OBL and his successors, the West has met its match,' says Major General Ashok K Mehta (retd).

Tehelka, Take Three
'We, the people of India, expect you, milord, to give us a report that reveals the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We expect you to mete out justice, infinite justice,' says Arvind Lavakare.

Of our own bias
R Raghuraman asks why was there no outrage when Ganguly was similarly penalised; when Kapil Dev was condemned.

Love struck man proposes with mobile billboard
Scott MacMillan uses a different way to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She agreed.

November 24

US allowed Pak to quietly evacuate fighters?: PTI

Osama bin Laden not in Pakistan: Musharraf

Taleban evacuation of Kunduz underway: Northern Alliance

30 US commandos killed: Taleban
The commandos allegedly came under heavy attack as soon as helicopters dropped them in Kandahar.

US for all-inclusive govt in Afghanistan
'In order to get the blessings of the international community, the government must represent all the people,' Secretary of State Colin Powell said.

November 23

India to 'closely monitor' developments at Bonn meet
India is sending its special envoy S K Lambah to the UN-sponsored meet which starts on Monday to deliberate the formation of a broad-based Afghan government.

Pak forces face ignominy of being caught in Kunduz
Reports said the Pakistan Air Force had flown several missions since Sunday to evacuate top military commanders trapped in the northern Afghan town.

Revival of Indian Kabul hospital to provide much needed relief

Pakistan may be booked for supporting Taleban

Taleban fall triggered by ISI withdrawal?
The intelligence agency had pulled the plug on the Taleban just 48 hours before the regime collapsed and its forces fled Kabul, sources said.

Don't strike Iraq: Saudi prince
The Americans, eager to punish their foe, might draw a connection between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, he said.

Britain opens diplomatic mission in Kabul
It also welcomed the conference of major Afghan groups beginning on Monday in Germany.

600 bodies discovered in Mazar: ICRC
There have been reports of massacres in the city after the Northern Alliance occupied it.

November 22

Scribes told to leave Taleban-controlled areas

Northern Alliance promises lenient regime

Al Qaeda trained terrorists for Kashmir: Documents

Anthrax claims fifth victim in United States

Pak choppers rescue officers from Kunduz
The two officers, both of brigadier rank, were said to be part of a thousand-strong contingent of Pakistani Army regulars trapped in the northern Afghanistan town.

Pakistan orders Taleban embassy closed
Foreign ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan said the decision was taken on Wednesday, but only communicated to the Taleban on Thursday.

Three more scribes killed in Afghanistan: Report
'Northern Alliance officials have confirmed the report, but the nationality of the reporters is not yet clear, and neither is the identity of the killers,' the Iran radio said.

Taleban to surrender in Kunduz: Report
A deal was reportedly struck between Alliance commander General Abdul Rashid Dostum and Mullah Mohammed Fazil, the main leader of the besieged Taleban forces in Kunduz.

No rest till terrorism eliminated: Bush
'We will not be secure until the terrorists are defeated. Across the world we will fight evil ones, and we will win,' the US president said on the eve of Thanksgiving. Archives