November 7

Two Indians win New Jersey elections
Upendra Chivukula won from the 17th District to the New Jersey Assembly as a Democrat. George James, a Republican candidate for the Westwood Township Council, also won.

Vajpayee-Musharraf meeting in New York may take place
According to diplomatic sources, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee may find it difficult to refuse a request by US President George Bush to meet Musharraf during their November 9 White House meeting.

WTC survivor preaches Christ's message
Sujo John, 27, recounts how flaming chunks of concrete and glass fell from the ceiling, killing everyone in his group, but he invoked the name of Jesus Christ and escaped.

Bloomberg wins NY mayoral elections
The founder of the international news and information company, Bloomberg LP, defeated his democratic rival Mark Green.

Halt war during Ramzan, Musharraf to tell Bush
Reports said some Northern Alliance units were just 14 km from the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, after they overran the town of Sholgera.

NA close to Mazar-e-Sharif
Reports said some Northern Alliance units were just 14 km from the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, after they overran the town of Sholgera.

Ground action must supplement bombing: Vajpayee
The prime minister expressed 'complete satisfaction' with his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and described as 'excellent' their discussions on Afghanistan.

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UN concerned about India-Pakistan hostility
United Nations Deputy Secretary General Louise Frechette also hinted at the possibility of the world organisation being open to the option of mediating disputes between the two warring countries.

November 6

India, Russia for pursuing campaign against terror to its logical end
A joint statement issued after wide-ranging talks said the on-going operations in Afghanistan could be at best a first phase in the campaign against international terrorism.

Pakistan muffles Taleban's only voice
The government has directed the militia's ambassador, Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef, to 'limit' his activities and 'barred' him from holding daily media briefings.

Russia wants India to be in 6 + 2 group on Afghanistan
After a 90-minute one-to-one summit talks between Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and President Vladimir Putin followed by delegation-level parleys, Putin told a press conference that both the countries have "identical views" on combating international terrorism.

40,000 Sikhs gather for Yuba City parade
The Star Spangled Banner dominated the annual parade as the Sikhs tried to educate the American public about their culture and society.

Red Cross denies receiving body of US commando
A Taleban official had said on Monday the body of Bolton, who Taliban sources on Sunday claimed died of kidney failure in Kandahar, was handed over to the Red Cross and was expected in Quetta in a day or two.

Indo-Russian ties have scaled new level: Putin
'Indian economy today is one of the most stable economies of the world with six per cent annual growth rate', Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Taleban down US chopper: Report
An agency report quoted a Pakistani official as saying that a US helicopter had crashed in Chaghi district, near the Afghan border to the north of the Dalbandin air base in Baluchistan province.

NY dinner for Vajpayee triggers controversy
Though over two dozen organisations are co-sponsoring the event with Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party, those left out are complaining that BJP has 'hijacked' the dinner and packed the reception with its own supporters.

Taleban, UN agency in war of words
Taleban's ambassador to Pakistan, Abdul Salam Zaeef, has accused the UN humanitarian agencies of indulging in politics.

New York consulate staff test negative for anthrax
Two employees, who worked in the mailroom, were sent for a medical examination after some white powder fell out of an envelope they opened a few days back.

PM to discuss post-war Afghan scenario with Bush
The prime minister told newspersons that India wants the people of Afghanistan to elect their own government and live in peace.

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November 5

FBI Arrests Nepalese for Carrying Weapons at O'Hare
Subhash Gurung passed through a security checkpoint with seven knives, a stun gun and a can of Mace in his carry-on baggage. He was caught during the final bag check at the gate.

95 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan: Taleban
The US, however, has not confirmed the death of a single American soldier in combat operations in Afghanistan.

Taleban hands over US commando's body
Taleban sources said the body of Major John Bolton, who reportedly died of kidney failure in Kandahar, would arrive in a day or two.

Pak nukes are safe: Rumsfeld
About the US reluctance to fight terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, Rumsfeld said that the war against terrorism was a global one and that the war in Afghanistan was only the first phase.

Sedition case against Jamaat-e-Islami leader
Despite being placed under house arrest at his residence in Peshawar, Qazi Hussain Ahmad telephonically addressed an anti-US protest rally in the NWFP.

US ready for shoot-out if Pak nukes fall into extremists hands
Whether US Marines would actually be needed for such a task, to be undertaken on Pakistani soil, and whether they could pull it off, remains unclear, Newsweek said.

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November 4

US rejects halt in bombing
Meanwhile, the opposition Northern Alliance opened a new airstrip north of Kabul, which could help intensify the fight against the ruling militia.

Mullah Omar in control: Taleban minister
'Mullah Omar changes places due to security reasons. He effectively runs the affairs of the government and is in complete control,' Maulvi Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil said.

US jets carpet bomb Taleban frontlines
Meanwhile, the opposition Northern Alliance opened a new airstrip north of Kabul, which could help intensify the fight against the ruling militia.

1,200 Pakistanis cross over to Afghanistan
The men were armed with automatic rifles and other weapons, reports from Pakistan's North West Frontier Province's Bajaur tribal agency said.

Pakistan fears threat to its nukes
Islamabad is apprehensive of pre-emptive strikes on its nuclear sites by America, India or Israel to prevent the weapons from falling into fundamentalist hands, media report said on Sunday.

US ban will not cow down mujahideens: LeT
'The ban would increase spirit and enthusiasm among them to intensify the jihad against the infidels,' its leader Hafeez Mohammed Saeed said.

Lift ban on arms sale: India to tell US
Defence Minister George Fernandes said that it was more important for the two countries to take the ongoing security dialogue and strategic relationship to a new high.">

Militants plan to use 'Toy Plane' to hit VIPs
The 'Toy Plane', which can be operated by remote control, has the capacity of carrying 10-15 kg of explosives. It takes a trajectory path and can hit a target within a range of 300 metres.

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Petro prices may go up if govt has its way
The finance ministry is considering a proposal to pass on the excise duty impact on petrol and diesel to consumers.

Bin Laden network profited in diamond trade
A Washington Post said the Al Qaeda network has collected millions of dollars in the past three years from the illicit sale of diamonds mined by rebels in Sierra Leone.

South Africa do unto India...
On day two, South Africa took complete control of the proceedings as India were sent on a leather hunt.

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka in Sharjah final
They overhauled the Sri Lankan total of 173 in just 43.4 overs.

Arjun Singh wins PGA Championship of India
He won the biggest golf tournament on the domestic tour by a comfortable four-shot margin.

Assorted melodies
The music review of Deewaanapan.

'Monster Inc' expected to down 'Shrek'
It offers delightful fun for the entire family.

What is peer-to-peer computing?
Dr Know answers.

November 3

Muslims in J&K being persecuted: Osama
Making another appearance on the Al-Jazeera television channel, Osama bin Laden said the US had no evidence to justify the attack on Afghanistan.

Taleban suffer first defeat, lose key district
The opposition forces captured large portions of Aq-Kupruk, 70 km south of Mazar-e-Sharif, after a three-hour battle during which 800 Taleban fighters changed sides, General Atiqullah Baryaalai of the Northern Alliance said.

America bans Laskhar, Jaish
US Secretary of State Colin Powell designated Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed as 'foreign terrorist organisations', days before the visit of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Washington.

US to beef up forces; Rumsfeld heads for Russia
With the harsh Afghan winter setting in US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is expected to ask for greater Russian military cooperation.

Bush lists India as major drug centre
With India in the list are Pakistan, the Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Chna, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Britain mulls freezing assets of more terror groups
The new list of 25 groups includes Babbar Khalsa, International Sikh Youth Federation, Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

US helicopter crashes in Afghanistan; crew safe
A Pentagon spokesman said the crash-landing was due to severe weather, and not hostile fire.

US forces 'tightening the noose' on Osama
Deputy Director of US Operations Rear Admiral John Stufflebeem, however, could not say how close his forces were to catching the elusive terrorist.

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November 2

Spy racket busted; Pak official detained
Mohammed Abdul Samad, an assistant in the Directorate of Marine Engineering at the Naval Headquarters, had been passing information to a Pakistan high commission official.

US carries out fierce bombing runs ahead of winter
Back in the US, while President George Bush expressed satisfaction with the progress of America's war against terrorism, the average American seems to have lost his nerve about the campaign.

Bush-Vajpayee meet part of coalition consultation: US
National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said US President George Bush would discuss with Prime Minister Vajpayee the nature of the global response against terrorism.

Brand Lashkar, Jaish terrorist groups: Ashcroft
US Attorney General John Ashcroft's statement echoes the long-standing demand of India to brand Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed as terrorist organisations.

Pakistan launches manhunt for WTC attacks suspect
Bahaji, a German citizen of Moroccan origin, is sought under an international arrest warrant in connection with the September terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon.

US troops ready to enter Afghanistan: Rumsfeld
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said it is only a matter of the right kind of equipment, and the right landing zones to be decided, before the special forces are sent in.

Egos hamper efforts for alternative to Taleban
The participating monarchists, current and former warlords, tribal and ethnic leaders and officials from over a dozen countries are refusing to meet with one another, insisting on their own programmes.

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The land of inequalities
After Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal, Telangana is now fighting for statehood.

BJP asks govt to rectify anomalies in WTO pact
The party also asked the government to expedite the implementation of social safety measures.

Rakesh Mohan stays back as advisor to finance minister
A letter cancelling his earlier relieving order was issued by the finance ministry late evening on Wednesday.

Swedish band goes gaga over Hindi
Neeraj Shridhar of the Bombay Vikings wants to put the pop back in Indi-pop. And though they can't understand a word, his Swedish bandmates are ready to rock.

Indian women qualifying for World Cup in doubt
The FIH has belatedly referred a technical matter to its disciplinary panel which could see Lithuania go through instead.

True sportsmen or amateur salesmen?
Prem Panicker and Sujata Prakash debate.

We are cautious; India will be seeking revenge
Shaun Pollock previews the first Test, starting on Saturday.

Nehra, Harbhajan on injured list
Nehra fell badly on his left foot and twisted an ankle during nets while Harbhajan is suffering from a groin infection.

Where to watch Hindi film trailers and songs
Dr Know answers.

November 1

'No point in holding talks with Taleban'
The UN's special representative for Afghanistan Lakhdar Brahimi told reporters in Islamabad that had the Taleban leadership heeded the advice of the UN earlier, the people of Afghanistan would not have had to put up with the US-led attacks.

US aid not enough: Pakistan
Despite the lifting of US sanctions and the announcement of economic aid, Pakistan stands to lose $1.5 billion this year as American and Japanese importers cancelled contracts for textiles, Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar said.

Pak sending military supplies to Taleban: US officials
The military goods, including ammunition and fuel, are being sent with the help of some elements of the Pakistani government, the officials told The Washington Times.

US aircraft shot down: Taleban
Sources told a new agency that the plane, which crashed in Char Bolak district of Balkh province near the border with Uzbekistan, was brought down by anti-aircraft fire.

Afghanistan's biggest dam hit in US strikes
'So far, water has not started gushing out of the dam. But any further bombing may lead to flooding, putting at risk lives of thousands of people,' a Taleban minister said.

Terrorists may target nuclear facilities: IAEA
IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei said the whole world needs to join together and take responsibility for the security of nuclear material.

FBI probing Atta's visit to Pakistan
According to Indian intelligence officials Atta and his accomplices visited Pakistan and went to Afghanistan border, possibly to meet Osama bin Laden.

US strikes to continue through winter: Prescott
British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said the military campaign will continue through the winter to make sure the Taleban's ability to fight a ground war is destroyed.

CIA denies contact with bin Laden
Le Figaro and Radio France International had reported that a CIA operative met with Osama bin Laden, while he was undergoing kidney treatment in Dubai.

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SBI mulls easing PSU open offer rules
Under Indian takeover rules an acquirer who has gained control of a company by buying 15 per cent or more of its shares -- directly or indirectly -- must make an open offer to buy a minimum of 20 per cent from public shareholders.

Wish Shah Rukh Khan
On his birthday.

Adoor to the rescue
The director has great plans for Malayalam cinema.

Chakradhar Award for Kishori Amonkar
The noted vocalist gets her due.

rediff cricket ratings
Manohar Rao and Srinivas Bhogle present a novel approach to rank Test teams.

Pitch report annoys South African coach
"The groundsmen should use their expert knowledge to prepare surfaces that do not suit the Indians," Ford said.

Anand wins Corsica Masters
The final ended in a 1-1 deadlock and Anand, playing black in the tie-break, only had to draw to win the title.

Indian games to be researched in SA
An Indian South African school principal, Danny Pillay, is attempting to revive Indian games like kabaddi and kho-kho in SA.