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Home > News > The Hijack: One Year On Feedback  
  December 18, 2000
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  The hijack
The hijack
Line December 23
'Today my son is dead and they call it destiny': Time has not healed the wounds of Rupin Katyal's father
Where are the freed terrorists now?
'One incident cannot change everything': Manjula Tolia refuses to let the hijack affect her life

December 22
Who was that man? Did the intelligence sleuths spot a hijacker in Kathmandu?
'Arrest the jailer if he stops you': How one man almost put a spoke in the government's plans
'Jaakho raakhe Saaaiyan, maar sake na koye': Dr Anita Joshi believes God helped her survive the hijack

December 21
How the hijack case was solved: Some clinical analysis and a little commonsense
'Bombay is not a haven for terrorists': Interview/JCP D Sivanandan
FBI's probe into hijack going nowhere: An American citizen was aboard the aircraft
'We cannot tell you when the trial will begin': Criminal charges are yet to be framed
Sky marshal plan still born: Idea is in the conceptual stage
Threat to Indian airlines has increased: Efforts to beef up security have failed
'I am planning to sue the government': 'They have to answer for it!

December 20
Crisis management still a dream: A contingency plan is still unfinished
The wounded white elephant: Whatever happened to the plane?
'Those prayers were like armour for us': Recollections/Prashant Kharwadkar
Advani's stand on hijack is history: The home minister has made his peace
IA steps up surveillance: Dual frisking is now the norm
'A horrible nightmare': Some crew members remember

December 19
'Sometimes the hijackers suddenly appear in my dream': Interview/Captain Devi Sharan
'We could have been killed any moment': Recollections/Arun Nathani
'It is sheer coincidence': The anniversary flight


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