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Jammu and Kashmir: No Pandit among winners

By Onkar Singh in New Delhi
Last updated on: December 29, 2008 13:38 IST
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Despite having over 2.5 lakh voters living in various camps in Jammu, Delhi and elsewhere not a single of Kashmiri Pandit could get elected to the state assembly.

Raman Mattoo was the sole member in the previous House.

Indu Jalali, another young politician from the state was critical of the Kashmiri Pandits in failing to get their due.

 "How can they expect to make it to the state assembly when for last twenty years they have failed to do anything for their own community? If they can't do it then those who can should be allowed to do something about them," Ms Jalali said.

Dr Shakti Bhan, who is working as a doctor with Apollo Hospital, denied that the election was a defeat for the separatists and militants. "I do not see how people like Sajjad Lone claim that the people have defied militants. What are the issues that the National Conference and PDP have raised? The NC has raised the issue of reverting back to 1947. For all you know they may bring about a resolution in the state assembly that would legitimize their whims and aspirations," Dr Bhan said.

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Onkar Singh in New Delhi