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Arun Jaitley slams Hurriyat for 'lying'

August 23, 2008 20:12 IST
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Bharatiya Janata Party General Secretary Arun Jaitley slammed the Hurriyat Conference on Saturday, accusing them of lying about the 'economic blockade' against the Valley.

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In an interview to a television channel, Jaitley criticised the Centre for not countering the 'separatists' propaganda'.

"The separatist lied to the whole country, to the whole world saying that Hindu colonisation would come up in the valley. Nobody in the valley, not even the state government or the central government countered that propaganda. The separatists lied to the world saying there is an economic blockade," he said.

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Jaitley defended the BJP's role in the ongoing agitation, saying, "We were the only ones who countered the argument and today we are the ones who are saying that the land transfer is pursuant to a law enacted by the state legislature, pursuant to a direction of the high court. So why should it not be implemented?"

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However, Jaitley admitted that BJP leaders has participated in blocking the highway but insisted that it was only a disruption and not a blockade, which only lasted for a day.

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