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Fellowships for Outstanding Artistes

Last updated on: November 03, 2003 11:01 IST
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Fellowships for Outstanding Artistes

The Department of Culture invites nominations from Indian nationals for fellowships to outstanding artistes in the fields of performing, literary and visual arts for 2003-2004. The Fellowships are awarded for undertaking research-oriented projects.

The applicant should provide evidence of his/her capabilities in undertaking the project. The Fellowships are not intended for providing training, conducting workshops, seminars or documenting memoirs/or writing autobiographies/fiction etc.

A total of 170 fellowships will be award for a maximum period of two years:

a. 85 Senior Fellowships having a value of Rs 12,000 per month for artistes in the age group of 41 years and above.

b. 85 Junior Fellowships having a value of Rs 6,000 per month for the artistes in the age group of 25 to 40 years.

Selected candidates will have to undertake academic or application oriented research work on the project document within two years and submit the same to the department.

Nominations must be typewritten as per the prescribed per forma and sent to the Section Officer, S&F Section, Room No 333, C Wing, Department of Culture, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi 110001 on or before November 20, 2003.

Per Forma

Application For Senior/Junior Fellowships 

1. Name (Shri/Smt/Kumari)  (Capital letters) 

2. a. Present Address

    b. Permanent Address

    c. Phone number and e-mail (if any)

3. a. Date of birth (in Christian era)

    b. Age as on 1.4.2003: Years……………….. Months…………..

4. Present Occupation

5. Income

6. Qualifications:

   a. Educational Qualifications:

   b. Qualification in the field:

   c. Work and contribution, if any:

Please provide a brief write-up of work done or contributions if any, and details indicating subject, institutions/guru/guide etc. under whose supervision you functioned. Attach photocopies of certificates/documents.

7. Have you received any honour/award/recognition or Fellowship/Scholarship from any institution/University/Board. (If yes, please give details thereof with photocopies of certificates/documents)

8. Fellowship applied for: Senior/Junior

9. Field of Fellowship: (Indicate the field and specific sub-field out of the following)

i. Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Theatre and Puppetry)

ii. Literary Arts (Poetry/Fiction/Drama/Criticism/Travelogue/History & Theory of Literature) (Please indicate the language)

iii. Visual Arts (Graphics/Sculpture/Painting/Photography)

10. Study proposed to be undertaken:

a. Title of the proposed project document:

b. Type of study: Academic research or application oriented.

c. Synopsis of the project document:

A comprehensive project proposal not exceeding 1 to 20 pages indicating details of the plan of work, the salient features of proposed study and justification as to why the project merits a Fellowship. The work should be original in nature and should enrich our knowledge. Routine area studies, documentation etc would be discouraged.

11. Names and addresses of two persons/organizations who will certify your credentials.

It is certified that the above information given by me is factually correct.


Place:                                                                                    Signature of the candidate


a. The applicant for the Senior Fellowship should not have earlier availed Senior Fellowship under any of the fields. The candidates who have availed Junior Fellowship earlier and intend to apply for the Senior Fellowships can apply only if there is a gap of five years from the date of completion of their Junior Fellowship. The applicants for the Junior Fellowship should not have earlier availed Junior Fellowship under any of the fields. The candidates who have availed Scholarship under the Scheme for Young Artistes of the Department of Culture and intend to apply for the Junior Fellowships can apply only if there is a gap of five years from the date of completion of their scholarship.

b. If the applicants are employed in the central/state government departments/institutions/undertaking/universities, UGC aided colleges etc., they will have to take leave for a period of two years if selected for the grant of fellowship.

They should submit their fellowship applications through the Head of the Department/institution/undertaking/university etc with the written assurance that in case the fellowship is sanctioned, the candidate would be granted leave for the duration of the fellowship as per rules of the Department/Institutions etc.

The first installment of fellowship will be released on production of proof of leave sanctioned in addition to fulfillment of other conditions as applicable to other fellowship awardees.

c. In case of visual arts, six photographs of the applicant's works should be appended with the application.

d. Books/brochures/cassettes must not be sent.

e. Applicant should not be a recipient of pension from the Department of Culture, Government of India under the scheme of grant of financial assistance to artistes in indigent circumstances.

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