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Namita Malhotra, 26
Lawyer and researcher

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August 25, 2003

'We need to re-imagine the definition of progress'

I'm currently working on how public art like graffiti, signboards or hoardings can be used to respond to social issues like communalisation.

My work has put me in touch with the life of everyday people in India. I have come to appreciate how the entire experience of being in India is so exciting. Only here you have a bazaar in some places, a supermarket chain in others.

While Delhi has its Chandni Chowk, Bangalore has its Shivaji Nagar and these co-exist with the supermarkets and the malls around.

The various facets that places like these bring to the fore is something that is uniquely Indian. I think despite the changes that India will undergo over the next few years, we need to retain the varied set of experiences that our country provides today.

Liberalisation is bringing about a lot of changes in India today. There is also a greater disparity now emerging between the different sections of the society. But I think there is disparity, including on issues of 'roti, kapda and makaan' .

There is a surge towards development and progress that is being defined in a very narrow manner. We need to re-imagine the definition of progress that we have today. Does development mean taking away land from people to build IT parks outside the city or displacing thousands so that a dam can be built?

Development also has brought with it a greater confusion. I think when my parents were growing up they were clearer on what the country stood for and what it was about. I don't have that clarity or see it in my generation.

When I grew up watching Doordarshan and things like Mile Sur Mera TumharaI could identify with it and connect to it. But today television seems regressive and I just can't identify with the images.

On a more personal note, I would like to see more exciting art and cinema come out of this country. When you see a film like K3G, you enjoy it, but you cannot connect to it.

What I like most about India is the fact that many different elements in every aspect of life come together and co-exist happily.

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There is a lot of anger in this country on various issues. However, when that anger tries to find a voice through mediums like protests and demonstrations then it finds few takers, among the media or the government. The apathy that protestors face is incredible.

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