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Megha Kawale, 25
DJ and model

Tell us your dreams for India

August 25, 2003

'We need leaders who dare to dream'

Deejaying was not so glamorous when I started. I got into it for the love of it when I was in college.

A few girls had been there before me. Some lasted an hour, others a day, at the maximum a month. When I walked in the guys there were ready to throw me out.

Now I've been deejaying for five years.

Life is about chances. I take mine. Life is unpredictable, anything can happen. But I've been lucky. God has been nice to me.

I am proud of being an Indian because we are an intelligent and hardworking lot. This can be proved by the number of achievers we have in different fields around the world.

Population and corruption are the two major things that hinder our country's growth. If there is 100 per cent literacy -- which is next to impossible in our country -- I guess we will be in the superpower league.

My dream for India is for the common man to enjoy a better quality of life. The saddest thing in our country is that a limited few, mostly those who are financially stable, can afford a good lifestyle.

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If our country must head anywhere it needs efficient and educated leaders who dare to dream and share that dream with its people, and work selflessly to achieve it.

As told to Bijoy Venugopal

'India should change for good not worse'

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