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'Withdraw all ties with Pakistan, declare it a terrorist state'

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Nightmare of Flight 814, Message Board. Views verbatim, edited lightly.

Message:Jai Hind, This is what we used to say 50 years back and we fought for independence in non-violent way. We Indians do remember Gandhis non-violence but do forget of Kurushetra, and forget the teachings of Lord Krishna, That if you want to bring peace and trancquility you have to fight. If u have a battle its easy but when the phone calls are passed from karachi to bombay the fight is different, here every one knows that we have big army to handle any country who attacks directly. but how much army we have , how much studies we have done on proxy wars, how much money is spent on controlling it, how much brain is used to controlled from people coming from east and west side of india. How these bhai's have erupted and why they are working only from karachi. Why can't we remove this people from india. I feel the time has come to clear our cities first, where all the plannings are done. And this can be done only when common person starts helping government. Where ever they feel any person is staying illegaly has to be debared, has to be thrown from india. Today, the war is in Kashmir , tomorrow it will come down. And it will affect each and every house. Have we forgotten history of barbars and ghazni's. Rise Hindustan, I think the time has come.

Message:I would like to say that deshi blood has no value to the rest of the world. Its all politics. If any where Gora blood overflows, whole Gora press AP,Reuter,CNN,Time start cries wolf. Even if thousand of deshis dies like Orissa cyclone, these rich nations will throw in some pennies in sympathy. But this wasn't the case with Turkey, a so called moderate islamic state but a nato allies for years. similarly in Venezuela. So what matters if Indians are getting killed every now and then in this terrorist bombing and shoot outs, who cares? This is the philosophy of west. So, the only solution I see is to fight by ourselves instead of asking their support. Who are these Jihadi's? How many are they? Why not to take the war at their door steps? Majority of the kashmiris are not Sunnis. There is lot of difference between Sunnis, Shias and Ahmedias. Why not to exploit their differences and made them shoot each other. Pakistan is hell bent of taking revenge of Bangladesh partition. The only way Pakistan will stop this is afer feeling the pinch of terrorism themselves.

Message:On one hand we try to become independant in providing for all our necessities and on the other we keep asking other countries of favors. To ask favors, we must at least be in good terms with the countries that we ask favors from. Isreal is an ideal country and we must follow their example. They ask favors, remain in good terms with those nations but still declare their own terms. We should declare Pakistan a terrorist state, stop all trade with that country. Sponsoring terrorism is only a short-term solution against Pakistan. And India always tries along with Pakistan to conveniently point at each other for every domestic mistake they make. It is hilarious!

Name:Dennis Muthaiyan
Message:We need to look at the basics first. If we are lacking in fullfilling the basics, we can never stop terrorism in our country. First of all India has to urge all the Suth Asian countries (including ourselves)on airport Security measures. No matter, how late the passenger comes in to the check-in gate, he/she has to be routed through the regular security checks. This can be done only by having well inspired, well trained crew members in the Airports. And the airport security in the region should be monitored in a periodic basis and if any airports found violating the passenger safety or security measures should be condemned and asked to rectify it immediately. State of the art security scan equipments should be installed in all the Indian airports to show the importance of airport security to our neighbors and to assure safety of our passengers. Our government may say that we have the best security equipment. If so, that is not true. There should be security cameras mounted on Gates and the equipments should be maintained and the staff working on them has to be well trained to do their job. On the recent hijacking incedent, I think India is still punching on the air. We all knew that India has already deployed lot of Army men in Kashmir region. However most of the times we are hearing news about our own army men getting killed in our own country. Does it mean that the militants are smarter than our Army ?? Any Indian will say, 'hell no'..and I sas the same. Our Army is smarter but how are they being used...Just to defend themselves or to go in offensive mode too...If the Indian Army is just doing a police job in Kashmir, we will never see peace in the region. They have to be used as Army protect our country in the interest of national integrity from both external and internal threats. India has to come up and make smarter plans to wipe out the terrorists. Should never negotiate with

Message:Indian Government should: * Sponser terrorism in Pak. * Shell Pak border areas heavily aiming at Pak citizens whenever the terrorists attack Indian soldiers * Cut off releationship with Pak * Announce Pak is a Terrorists State * Deploy Agni missles at the border and ready for launch at anytime * Aim nuclear weapons pointing to whole of Pak. In case of war, no Pak citizens should survive. * Provoke Pak always by unprovoked shelling, rocket attack and sniper attack from the whole border with them

Message:The release of the 3 militants is one of many examples where India has bowed down to terrorism. Why bother screamiing foul to the international community (read USA) , when we know only too well that Pakistan is the culprit and nobody in the world will really do anything about it? We should learn to take care of our interests on our own. Annihilation of Pakistan is very tempting, but not very realistic - so the Indian Govt should get its act together and show Pakistan in some way we can get tough too and when we get tough you wont really be sneering. All the incidents to-date are initiated by Pakistan, so let us cause some trouble ourselves - SERIOUS TROUBLE.

Name:Guess who
Message:I think it is high time that we start acting like Israelis or put in effect CIA style of operation in dealing with terrorists. Just Kill them in the Jail, train all the bureaucrats to deal with the effect it will have, reactions of the dumb spectators, blind US.

Message:The 3 terrorists that are released that are released are Pakistanis. One of them was asked to release earlier by the Pakistani officials saying that he was only a reporter and came to India only to assess the situation in Kashmir. And also after they were released they just disappeared. Where would you think they would have gone? Of course to Pakistan. Pakistan is definitely involved.

Message:I think Indian Government should have injected a slow poisoning agent in to bodies of the three Pakistani Militants before releasing them this would have solved our government problem I dont know whether Indian Government has exercised this option or not but government should use such inhuman tactics in dealing with militants.

Name:Satya Iyengar
Message:Why should we turn to others for help, if we have enough evidence to prove Pakistan is playing low down dirty games. I think its time we take the same to their backyards. US did not ask for an opinion about Osama from anybody, they pushed the buttons on Afghanistan. UK, Please spare the queen.. who gives a shit about that bitch anyway. Go on, plan for a few months and take a good shot. This time, aim for the chest, maybe you could get the head.

Name:Vijay Mathur
Message:This highjacking is just one more manifestation of a very deep rooted problem. Unless we deal with the source, there will be many repeats of these kind of things. Islam has always considered Hindus as enemies and very weak. Pakistan is just the latest entity to attack us on that basis. Even if Kashmir was given back to Pakistan with 200 tons of gold, they will still find reasons to call for Jihad. There is no end to it if we continue to be perceived as attackable.

Message:India has to take the initiative in declaring Pakistan as rogue state. It should break all diplomatic relations with Pakistan followed by shutting down all trade links. Its time to act instead of begging USA for help.

Name:Dharmendra Mishra
Message:We Spineless Indians We heard that during the High(34,000 Ft.)Jacking , Advani and ABV behaved like Coward but the worst is that today they behave like retards asking US to Declare this and that(That too when Pakistan enjoys most favoured nations status from India, Maximum Pakistanis are issues Visa to come to India). I hope you all get it. I saw the the disembarking passangers at New Delhi. Did you see any Foriegner so happy and jumping , No. I shuddered with the thought that Indian Passengers were laughing and jumping as if they had won a gold medals. God knows how much sleep we lost for these unworthy people and they are projecting themselves as champions and modelling for News articles(All Photos in Reuters and AFP),Romanticing and narrating the whole episode as if they had love affairs with the highjackers. A Country got Raped and they watched it and enjoyed it. Now we will make movies and ask for Golden Globe awards next.We are truly a country of Gandhi. We praised those who were collaborators, Freed the Murderers of our Army, Glorified eunuch Captain Pilot to the level of Heroism , Tolerated our Babbling Babboons (Baboos), elevated the traitor Passengers and justified our Leaders. Now we ask US, to Declare Pakistan as Terrorist Nation. Why would US like to side with a Nation led by Eunuchs. We are not Israel and can never be one like it. What the hell, in a country like that , it is better to be called a Goonda or Devil and I will thank you all for that and now I wish to become one. To top what has been tragic is that journalists of the likes of Krishna Prasad are interested in filling pages so as to earn their 10,000 Rs. per column. I pray Indian Army should become traitors. It is not Pakistan that deserves Army rule , It is we who deserve a rule by Pakistan Army.

Message:hi, Bjp is good in negotiations because they don't have guts. In the prev govt they were talking about making LOC as the border. ofCourse if somebody takes half of kashmir and Govt just sits quiet just because it is irresponsible, a Kashmiri can not do the same thing. So all these millitancy in Punjab, Kashmir, Assam ... I think if they don't have guts they should ask the Army whether they have it or not even if they have not then better kep quiet instead making and doing such irresponsible things like giving away things. People never expect such cowardice job from fucked up Politians of india.

Message:I think we have the same spineless governement at the center irrespective of which party is ruling. I thought BJP would be different. But not so. Why do you cry and beg USA to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Can't this governement act like the Israel. We have a weak foreign minister who talks to the secretary of USA foreign minister rather than her. And tells us that it is a great achievment saying he held 10 long discussions. He is equating himself to her secretary. What I do not understand is "Can't the Indian governement and its people live happily without the visit of the American President?" Why does the foreign minister keep saying the president is coming in January or March. Is he the only Presid4ent in the world. Even we have a president of our own. Why do you refer him as the only president in this world. This shows our Central Governement does not have a spine. It just wants to clamour to the west.

Message:I don't understand why the militants who were done with interrogation, were still in jail. The Govt. had substantial amount of proof and they should have been given death sentence long back. All this would not have happened at all.

Name:Ashish G
Message:Offense is the best defense for India now. I feel sick that a great country like India should have to go through such Humiliation. All because of impotent govt and its impotent servants. I think all Paki pigs in Indian Jails should be killed at once and the Indian Armed Forces should hijack a PIA flight and demand the Hijackers back, in reality India is better off with an open war with Kabrastan.

Name:Ashish Gupta
Message:The whole hijack drama has been a big blot on the Indian self-esteem, morale. It clearly shows that we Indians are sloppy at everything. Be it security, air-monitoring, negotiations or instant commando action. Firstly how could a bunch of armed goons get into a plane at the airport (What the hell was ground security doing ?). Secondly our air traffic control did not have a clue about the direction of the plane after it took off from Kathmandu (probably we did not have GPS in the plane to track its trajectory). After the plane landed at Amritsar we had 45 minutes for a commando action to flush out the terrorist (I must admit our political bosses did not realize the gravity of the situation till then, else they would have been ready with orders to storm the plane in Amritsar itself). The plane landed in Lahore and was refueled there, it has been said that Rupin Katyal had his throat slit before that and he needed medical treatment, the hijackers had agreed to release him for medical treatment but the authorities at Lahore did not allow that to happen, our foreign office should at least question Paki authorities about this, at least his life could have been saved. Subsequently the plane landed in Kandahar and was surrounded by Taliban militia. Why was it not possible for the Government of India to mount a commando operation there inspite of the fact that APU (Auxillary power unit) was down and there was no power available in the aircraft. All said and done even after the swapping of the militants in exchange for the hostages, the government failed to bombard the fleeing hijackers and militants with bombs/missiles. Once the barter had been done, India could have taken the strictest possible military action, but alas our political bosses do not have balls for that. Surprisingly we never tend to use any of our satellites for any such operation be it Kargil or this. We could have easily tracked the hijackers and could have blown them to bi

Name:South Asian
Message: South Asians should take a step back and analyze the root cause of this problem, rather than being juvenile about the whole situation. Kashmir problem should be about the people of Kashmir who have lived there for thousands of years. It's not about the baboons running the Indian and Pakistani administrations. Let the native people decide what they want to do with their land. I am proud of my South Asian heritage and culture, but this childish freak show between two nuclear powers makes me sick to my stomach. They should get their filthy paws off that region. Let the Kashmiris decide their fate. I can't believe how inept our so called leaders have been. Even Israel has learnt how actual peace can be acieved in the Middle East. God Bless the People of South Asia with something they need the most: COMMON SENSE.

Name:Arindam Varanasi
Message:It was a very tough call on the Indian Govt. with regard to the release of the militants in exchange for passengers.The fact that US is not prepared to declare Pakistan a terrorist state should be reviewed again in the light of this fresh incident of extreme cowardice.The best method after Azhar's statements to quell further loss of lives is combined efforts of both the US and India in restricting Pakistans terrorist activities.Millitants once caught should be quickly decimated or 'encounters' can be devised to kill them.

Message:Begging the world to declare Pakistan a terrorist state follows in the great Indian tradition. Under Gandhi we begged for our freedom and the Brits gave it to us when they milked us for all we were worth and left with this artificial creation on our western borders. Lets act like a strong state: 1. Declare the Terrorist state of Pakistan, cut off all links sports, cultural and economic. 2. Forment as much mayhem in Pak Punjab. Unless this lot feels the pain they will notunderstand. A series of disproportionate killings and bombing of both military and civilian targets will inflict pain. The bottom line is unless we hurt them we will never win this war and it is a war.

Name:mahesh rao
Message:To me rupen katyal is a hero bigger than kargil wariors.He is a civilian but he defied the enemies of the nation. janani janma bhumisha swargadapi gariyapi(mother and mother land are greater than heaven).there are 165 people in the plane and only 5 hizakers.They were sitting like cowardise for 8 days even though they have been told they are going to be killed.did any body thought of the national pride.If I were in the plane I would have fought with them with out caring for the lifes of fellow passengers.Because my national pride is involved. no Governament in the world can provide total security to people.It is the people who should press the governament all the time for their problems.people will talk about security only if something like this happens.People should especially media should be vigilent to threats like this and make the govrnament stand on its toe's.Indian media is big failure.governament is nothing but a bunch of people.So people should do their part and governament will do its part.Wake up fellow indians.sacrifise your lifes for better tommorow.

Name:Abhijit Mukherjee
Message:Let us not view the hijacking incident in isolation. All said and done the entitre episode revolves and culmination of the following: a)Kashmir Problem b)Indo Pak realtionship c)The coming of the BJP in power d)The nuclear explosion e)Kargil f)The hijacking It is beyond my means at the moment to go into the details of a) and b) listed above. Let us take the backdrop in which the present BJP government assumed power. I feel it assumed power by strongly fanning the Hindu Sentiments and also at a point when the Congress(I) is at the verge of liquidation. Now if one recalls the Babri Masjid episode or the Rath Yatra conducted by Mr. L K Advani in those days resulted only in riots and unnecesary bloodshed. But somehow the conduct of BJP and its allies made the country feel that if installed this Government will be able to take care of the security of the Country, specially from any kind of Pakistani aggresion and terrorism. But it has been proved to be a mistake. Thousands of intruders occupied our territory in Kargil for a period of time and our intelligence were unaware of the situation. he entire country knows what price we had to pay for Kargil. Again now in Amritsar we allowed valuable 30 minutes to go out of our hand, our intelligence, security failed for whom the country spends crores of rupees. Here is my point of frustation, we can have riots within our country to prove that majority community is in crisis, but when to comes to punishing the real enemy of the people we strike deal with them. In the hijacking episode the Government allowed SITUATION TO GO OUT OF CONTROL. Definately the release of the militants will give a new life to terrorism resulting more bloodsehd of the innocents.

Message:This hijack drama has indeed attracted Internation attention which the hijackers wanted. The irony is the hijackers were able to get away with what they wanted. India should have acted in a more bold and stern manner. Instead of leaning to the US for every action ,India itself should first declare Pak as a terriost state. All trade and diplomatic channels (the famous bus rote to lahore which is still going on) should be stopped. The military should be equipped with modern equipments. And one Last thing "ALL THE MILITANTS LODGED IN JAILS SHOULD BE KILLED IMMEDIATELY"

Message:Execute all of the remaining militants as soon as possible! We should not wait for any further Hijack!

Message:Dear sir, I like to add my honest openion regardint the incident. It is clear that Pakistan had its hand in the whole matter. Thieves and coverds act like this. As they cannot win any wars against us(India).

Name:Swami Satya Vedant
Message:Unless the entire world unites in fighting against terrorists, a country such as India will have no option but to save lives of hostages as best as possible. US takes all possible actions, including use of arms to retaliate against terrorists but it escapes showing the same resolve and pro active support in standing by other countries. Terrorism is a worldwide desease -- painful and often fatal. Such as mankind pulls resources to fight against cancer and AIDS, the same urgency needs to be shown in eradicating terrorism and the terrorists.

Name:Shivender Ahuja
Message:I think its really a pathetic state of affairs when 5 criminals can hold an entire country like India to Ransom. The least we can do now is to Butcher the remainig militants in the list of 35 that the Hijakers had asked for and send pieces of their bodies to the Pakis. This will show them the value of one India life. Lets not fight terrorism with one hand tied behind our back, lets take them head on and distroy them.

Name:satheesh shankar
Message:first i have to tell u that in this hijack drama , only the hijackers seems to be intelligient ,but indians rare not proving to be good releasing the pakistani prisoners is very bad, we can say that more than 200 life of indians were thier in 814, but releasing the prisinoers may cause ,a big bomb blast or some new accidents in india,by the prisoners and hijackers. according to my view if the hijackers asked to release the prisioners , our indians should react very smart as if they are not going to realese the passengers in the 814, we will ,that is our indian police,would have been said that we will smash the plan by puting another bomb if the hijackers did'nt leave the passengers,then the hijackers would have been left are, even then they are not lisening to that, we must crash the plan, so this is the way i will treat the hijackers if iam a home minister.u peaople can say if the plan crashes 200 loves of indians r going ,this not bad,leaving more than 1000's of indians by bomb blast are something else this will be bettar, i can say.

Name:Mukund Kher
Message:Pakistan's agents are causing systematic and regular murder and subversion in various parts of India like Assam, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, UP, and Mumbai etc. Clearly, our security apparatus is overwhelmed with the massive job of defending our huge nation. They are trying, but no defense can be fool-proof. While we need to be ever vigilant, the only way to check Pakistani terrorism would be to play the Pakistani game. While retaining control over defensive defense, the Indian government must privatise offensive defense. We must let loose a wave of terror in Pakistan. We must make them concentrate on defending themselves, instead of always being free to attack us. When they have to divert all their energy towards defense, they will have no resources to seek to destroy India. Our general superiority will make an offensive stance very effective. If we remain in a reactive, purely defensive mode, we would have learnt nothing from Prithviraj Chauhan.

Name:scott lambie
Message:India has the right to see that any terrorist groups anywhere to be brought to justice,no matter who thay are.The India community is trying to protect the world from these one sighted fanatices,who are bent on cousing havice the world over!Let's give India the benifet and see to thay have our support from every country that condemes these cruel ways of getting attention,by hurting others due to there beliefs.thanks India for your concern for others around you.

Message:Saala, Indians ko koi dam nahi to counter TERRORISM. INDIAN are COWARDS. Most Message board say that Do this, do that. Nobody does in the name Nation. Everybody thinks of his/her own to save his skin. They can do any thing to save it but not Nation. Proof look the recent Hijack drama. 1) Only few Hjackers(5), one in cockpit, two in executive class, three in economy class hold 180 passengers including BRAVE Capt Saran(Sharanagat), co-pilot, crew and rest of passangers and taken for ride. Nobody is protested. Even BRAVE Capt. Saran says that he was thinking to Protest, declare war against Hijackers with help of his crews and remainig passanger, Order them "EVACUATE". But he did ni do it. He said he was think like that in Kandahar. Normally pilots are cosidered to be Good reflexes, have to take decision in fraction of a second. But this BRAVE captan took many days just to think, never materilised his thoughts. 2) Capt. Saran he himself threating and pressuring ATC at Amritsar, to give permission to fly, because as he was said "They are killing him and he is taking off". If he would have refused to fly what would have happened. Saran might have killed. If so he would have died for the country. But he did not. "HE IS READY FOR MORE HIJACKS" what says on TV. He says that even he taught hijackers how to operate the communication equipment. That shows they were not well trained for piloting. Hijackers might not have dare to kill Pilots. Because who would be flying craft. Or it would have taken much time till then our commandos on the operation. With his act now nation's pride has been lowered. Had there been our AIRFORCE PILOTS they would have died for the NATION. But Coward Saran crated more panicy than the Hijackers. I wish all civilian pilots are to replaced by our wingcommanders. Otherwise we Indian have to face more Hijacks. Thease hijackes are not like LTTE who are ready to die for the cause. Hijackers(Muslims) are Cowards, they would not be ready to die. See the history you can find many insatnces they are "QUITTERS". Even Prophet Muhammad asked others to go forwar to face battle but he himself hidden behind the soldiers and ordering them. So that he can very easily quit runaway. It is time You INDIAN Get up and SHED COWARDNESS. Feel proud to INDIAN, DIE FOT IT. Don't wait ask some to save you. You have to save yourself. Even god can't save one who does not save oneself. BE BRAVE


Message:It is a well known fact that the hijacking and many such instances had happened due to lack of alertness on our part which the terrorist or pakistan trained militants had acted. But instead of crying and pointing to the world about the happening , the government and our intelligence agencies instead of merely being a spectator, should act accordingly and should be strict in all measures and not just bend on political grounds. It is my humble advise to the politicians of India, not to politise this issue and gain public support by being a godfather, after any untoward things happen. It is for sure that pakistan is supporting the terrorist and they are well supported by our Indian counterpart which makes thier planning very easy. Therefore it is very much necessary for every politician to be concerned about our country and think for the well being of our country then our country will boom like anything and there will be no future instances as it is happening now.

Message:There is every reason for Pakistan to be declared terrorist state. Is'nt the hijack enough proof for it. If Pakistan is not one, what are the hijackers doing there? Why would they even let them be there. But, New Delhi too has to act. What has it done to cut ties with Pakistan?? It still has diplomatic relations with them, don't we. Cut that first India. Do all you can do, to have nothing to do with Pakistan, then ask for the declaration.

Name:Vikram Belday
Message:The recent 'Successful' hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight is the last thing India wants from an ill-reputed islamic country like Pakistan. They (The country of Pakistan) are a black mark on the name of Islam. The hatred for india among them is more than the love for their own country. What kind of a nation would try to infiltrate terrorists into another country when the whole political structure in their own counry is in shambles. Well, leaving Pakistan aside, Indian government should give a fitting reply. I am not advocating any wrong move from indian government, but if the world remains a spectator to this action by Pakistan, we (India) might as well train some militants and let them loose in Pakistan. Its the submissive and soft nature of us Indians which brings upon great disasters on the country be it Cricket or War. Well, i definetely think Pakistan should be declared a ROGUE state and all economic ties betweent he world and Pak should be severed. I see no difference between the Taleban ruled Afghans and the terrorist Pakis.

Name:Debasmita Misra
Message:India must provide all sorts of evidence that we have as soon as possible. This way Indian activists abroad can influence the governments to act against Pakistani designs. We need to end this fiasco as soon as possible. Many innocent lives have been destroyed and the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, including the kids need a much better life, devoid of terrorism. We have to end corruption in India and make the country a strong one. Let us also work towards providing maximum warmth and support to the Kashmiri people so that they start voicing their opinion against terrorism and Pakistani designs. We need to strengthen our intelligence and internal security immediately. Let us deal with anti-national people with utmost harshness. Yes, Pakistan should be declared immediately as a Terrorist State.

Message:pakistan should be declared a terrorist state as they are avenging the partition of their own country by India i.e. the formation of the same manner they want to separate kashmir from India.

Message:It is really interesting that Indians are so good at breast-beating and self flagellation after every disaster, man-made or natural. The same is true in the case of this tragic hijacking. However, Indians are also good at ignoring all the lessons history has shoved in their faces for the last millenium or so. Indeed, they learn nothing and forget everything. The simple fact that no Indian dare look squarely in the eye is that Islam, a schismatic Abrahamic tribal ideology has devastated an entire civilization. Its theology enshrines religious intolerance as the most pious of duties, its founder parades political dominance as the acme of spirituality, and its deity spews abuse and threats of demonic torture for revelation. Under the influence of this evil, many a misguided ex-kafir has started baying for the blood of his ex-co-religionists. These problems are not going to go away unless the Muslim clergy summons the courage to question the tenets of the Koran, usually considered infallible. The so-called Hindu-Muslim problem is nothing but a plain monomaniac Islamic obsession with extirpating all other forms of worship and culture, with its intrinsic hatred of God-pluralism, and its haughty proclamation of monopoly over spiritual experience, and its doctrinal sanctification of murder and legalisation of spoliation. The sword of Islam is still unsheathed, and still as thirsty for the blood of these kafirs, these unbelievers, these mushriks, these idolators of many Gods.

Message:First of all hijacking a plane full of innocent people can never be accepted and it is a heinious crime. The Hijackers have held women & children for 8 days and one can imagine the mental trauma and physical strain they would have faced. Harassing and killing innocent people for your own reasons is not justified under any circumstances. If you want to fight against a country do it face to face. The Militants have not learnt their lesson even after the Kargil war. India on the other hand has done it's best to release the militants in exchange to its innocent people. It is not easy to hold talks in a foreign territory which has backed the Hijackers. If India has behaved the same way the Hijackers did, then there would have been no militant left alive in a jail for more than 4 1/2 years. India has never invaded a country in the last 10,000 years and is very, very tolerant in it's approach. I am sure USA would not have negotiated across the table in an alien country with the hijackers if a bunch of American citizens are held as hostages. Why should India expect USA verdict on declaring Pakistan a terrorist state? India should itself declare Pakistan as terrorist state and withdraw all its Diplomatic ties. Why pretend a diplomatic tie when people are being killed on both sides?

Name:SureshAchar, Malaysia
Message:Actually i am angry with indian politicians and burachrats. They shoudl not have allowed the plane to take-off from Amrister. Anyway in future, indian military forces should kill terrorists instead of capturing them and feeding them for years and freeing them like this. I strongly feel Mr.KPS Gill (former punjab DGP) shoudl be made as DGP/Governer of J&K. the present CMof J&K is useless.

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'Indian are and will always be ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation'

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