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IPO Center - IPO Analysis

Sequelsoft India
Any takers for this software company?

D-Link (India)
You can safely link up with this one.

Brought to you by the promoters of Amara Raja Batteries...

Moving Picture Company (India)
Ramesh Sharma, director of the critically acclaimed New Delhi Times, goes public... Infotech
Star? Unlikely. A meteor maybe...

Globsyn Technologies
Global vision? Vision correction? The lines get blurry.

Mid-Day Multimedia
Is it getting over-ambitious?

Ador Powertron
No power play...

Moschip Semiconductor Technology
A working chip gathers no moss? You must see this...

Adlabs Films
Adlabs is here with an I-MAX dome and Multiplex theatre.
With dot-coms dying the world over, it’s a surprise that this one is still hopeful.

V & K Softech
Do dot-com and WAP impress anyone anymore?

Vijaya Bank
Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, said Thomas Jefferson.

Fortune Infotech
Every man is the architect of his own fortune said Sallust. Will you trust yours with them?

Kushal Software
Hasn't worked for a year, no projects in hand. Will go public...

Creative Eye
Creative comeback, will it succeed this time?

Fourth Generation Software
First generation results?

Synfosys Business Solutions
Against all odds?

Vision Organics
Nothing visionary about it... Officially.

Aztec Software and Technologies
The Aztecs were overthrown by Cortes but this company seems to be going great guns.

IT&T Limited
Software company at a forward price-earnings ratio of 5.5. Should you subscribe?

Prosoft Systems
The pros and the cons...

Oasis Infotech
Or a mirage?

Balaji Telefilms
Will this company be able to repeat its past performance in the future?

Essemm Information Systems
An issue from a company that was in the red till last year.

Opto Circuits (India)
The future looks optimistic for this company...

IQMS Software
Can a new software company make it in such a competitive market?

Indian Overseas Bank
A bank issue after a long time. Should you buy?

Siris Soft
A par issue from strong promoters...

Essel Software & Services
An ambitious new software company...

Geekay Imaging
The graphic details...

Galaxy Multimedia
Reaching for the stars...

Ontrack Systems
The makers of are going public. Is the premium justified?

Visie Cyber Tech
Visie expects its turnover to grow by 8500% in 2001. Can it happen?

Twin Cities Infotech
Another software services company. Find out more... Software
The company has yet to prove itself.

Shine Computech
All that glitters...

Tabassum International
The Shirley Temple of India wants to go public. Should you buy?

Tabassum International
The Shirley Temple of India wants to go public. Should you buy?

Tips Industries
The tip of the iceberg...

Pritish Nandy Communications
The showman arrives...

MRO-TEK Limited
Networking solutions company, connected at 56 kbps. Log on...

Zen Technologies
An arms training simulator company. Will it be a hit?

Hughes (India)
Huge losses -- India’s first private telecom company going public.

Datanet Systems
If only it can get its act together...

Vikram Software
Will this issue be a winner? Find out...

Suchinfotech Limited
High ambitions, not much to show... Read about such an issue.

Pragnya Software Systems
Too much dependence on the defence sector. Should you buy?

Oceana Software Solutions
Healthy financials, good growth plans. Should you buy?

Virinchi Consultants
Virinchi — another name for the eternal creator Brahma. Read more about this B2B play...

Ashika Credit Capital
A finance company IPO after a long time. Check it out… Software
This issue is unlikely to create any ripples.

Net Axis Software Services
Don't get caught in this net...

Srico Software India
A sure case of thinking too big too soon.

Dynacons Systems & Solutions
A fair issue if only it was priced lower. Read more...

Lanco Global Systems
Should you invest in this software company?

Daisy Systems
This daisy is wilting...

Tele Data Informatics
A promising software company. Read on...

Zenith Global Consultants
Are Zenith Global's feet on the ground?

SIP Technologies
This looks like your cup of tea, so sip away...

PNB Gilts
Decent company, decent returns... After a long time something worth investing in.

Kanika Infotech
Here comes another software wannabe. Well, check it out...

Mukta Arts
First Indian film production house to go public. Should you dance to the taal of this one?

Cyberscape Multimedia
Another software development company. Click here to find out more...

Response Informatics
There's a mighty big difference between good, sound reasons and reasons that sound good...

Tera Software
This Tera is not very firm but it's still worth a look.

Recursion Software
The company with the Merant connection. Check it out...

Exquisite Exports
Leather company getting into medical transcription. Find out more...

Sibar Media & Entertainment
After IT and optic fibres, some amusement coming up...

Comp-u-Learn Tech India
This learning curve would be tough. Check out for more…

Mega Channel Computers
The mega issue — but will it deliver?

Aksh Optifibre
Flavour of the month - broadband and optical fibre. Will Aksh emerge as a good short-term bet?

Virtual Dynamics Software
Know more about this company. Virtually...

Orpine Systems
This company has tremendous business opportunity, provided it gets off the ground.

Pyxis Technology Solutions
Looks like this company will prove true to its name...

Cyberwave Internet Solutions
This wave is unlikely to sweep you off your feet.

Kals Information Systems
This company sells insurance-related software products... Do you think it has potential?

Telephoto Entertainments
Touched up photo... Want to click?

Online Media Solutions
Online is seriously off-track with this one... See for yourself.

Kirloskar Multimedia
Ever heard of the Titanic IPO? Take a look at Kirloskar...

Sark Systems India
There's many a slip between the cup and the lip. Take a look...

FI Sofex
Not enough growth, nothing to justify the premium, what's the funda for an IPO?

Padmalaya Telefilms
Looks cheap dosen't it? But then, looks can be deceptive...

Sagarsoft (India)
Seems to be a silver lining among software stocks… After a long time.

Zen Soft Solutions
This company wants to run before it learns to walk.

Irmac Services India
Has a tie up with Macola Inc. Does that brighten its prospects?

C S Software Enterprise
This is one company which shows some potential. Check it out...

Balwas e-Com India
No experience in IT, no infrastructure and an IPO... Wishful thinking or sheer guts? What do you think?

Arraycom (India)
Wide array of technical collaborators, good growth... Is it worth Rs 65?

Computer Power (India)
India's first penny stock... Are you game?

Rajesh Global
Will this company be able to take on the world?

Micro Technologies (India)
This company is doing many things... Should you subscribe?

Southern Online Services
Ambitious plans in a growing industry. But will they work? Find out...

Softsol India
Check out this software issue.

Jeevan Softech
Could it be that this company’s plans are a little too ‘soft’?

Weal Infotech
Good directors, chic new business. But is it worth a buy? Find out…

Krisn Information Techologies
This company is making a par issue. Should you subscribe?

Omni Ax's Software
This company has an impressive order book. Find out more...

Bangalore Softsell
This software and migration projects company is raising Rs 97.5 million. Find out more...

Baron Infotech
Should you buy this software company?

GDR Software
This business-specific application developer is making a par issue. Should you subscribe?

Archana Software
This software development company will be closing its IPO on April 10, 2000. Find out more...

Cerebra Integrated Technologies
This computer company is raising Rs 88.7 million. Find out more...

Vantel Technologies
This communication software company is making a par issue. Find out more...