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Bradman cookies launched in India

By Shobha Warrier in Chennai
March 21, 2005 20:02 IST
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Did you know Sir Don Bradman loved chocolate cookies as much as he did cricket? Did you know there are chocolate cookies named after the legend, and they are available only in India?

For the first time, a very cautious Don Bradman Foundation has agreed to lend his name to a cookie brand. One of the reasons being that UNIBIC, the 50 year old cookie brand from Australia has a good reputation. The ANZAC brand of cookies that come from Australia is an iconic brand there.

The origin of ANZAC can be traced to the World War I where the Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought for the first time. The wives and mothers of the soldiers made cookies from oats so that they could survive the long journey from Australia and New Zealand to the battlefields and trenches in Europe.

The ANZAC cookies - as they became known, proved very popular among soldiers as it reminded them of people back home who cared for them.  UNIBIC, through the ANZAC brand connects emotionally to society by making social contributions to the community.

It is focused on proactively supporting the work of not-for-profit charitable organizations like the Returned Soldier's League (RSL) and the Starlight Children's Foundation of Australia, contributing a percentage of the sales to the organisation. ANZAC cookies were also sold to raise money for the Red Cross in support of war veterans.

No wonder the Bradman Foundation agreed to their request to lend his name to the chocolate cookies they manufacture. These cookies, the Bradman Foundation felt would proudly carry his name and represent the character of the man. The interesting news is the brand Bradman can be used only for the cookies that are manufactured and sold in India. A portion of the sale proceeds of the cookies will directly support the development of India's under-privileged children. These kids will also be exposed to Don's favourite game, cricket.

If a percentage of the proceeds of Bradman's cookies go to the development of underprivileged children, 3% of the proceeds from sale of ANZAC cookies will go to Indian Jawans. These funds will be used for limb replacements and war widow training. The company plans to organize 3000 limb replacements and train 5000 war widows to provide better life opportunities.

Bradman's cookies were formally launched in Chennai on March 18. UNIBIC also launched the other cookie brand ANZAC. The company which has a presence in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Canada has set up its first manufacturing facility outside Australia, a Rs.15 crore state-of-the art production facility in Bangalore.

According to D D Saxena, Managing Director, UNIBIC India, an intensive marketing program has been drawn up for both ANZAC & Bradman's brands.

"Besides a trial and sampling program covering 2 million audiences for ANZAC & Bradman cookies in South India, Maharashtra and Goa, we will also complement our direct marketing efforts through school outreach programs, in pack promotions and contests to build excitement around the brand."

He also added that UNIBIC India would target sales of over Rs.100 crores in the next five years.

If you are a cookie fan, and more so, a cricket and Bradman fan, both Bradman's and ANZAC cookies are available in trial packs, regular packs and family packs and Gift tins at leading retail outlets.

It may warm your heart to know that you help a poor child and an Indian jawan every time you buy these cookies.

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Shobha Warrier in Chennai

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