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INS Spokesperson, On Being Laid Off

For the last several weeks the media has been flooded with reports on the slowdown of H-1B visas. As large and small high tech companies announce layoffs and hiring freezes, speculation is rife about how this affects H-1B workers. Confusion has also reigned with regard to the number of days out of status or laid off H-1B workers have to find a new job before they must leave the United States....more

Should the Government Fund Religion?

Pat Robertson, the rightwing Christian preacher, staunch Republican and host of "The 700 Club" television programme, is unhappy with President George W Bush's plan to direct increased federal funds to religious organizations that perform social services. Robertson, well known for his anti-Hindu statements, opposes Bush's plan if it is to include non-mainstream groups such as the Church of Scientology and the Hare Krishnas....more

Redskin Sanders Concedes Game to Raheja

If America really is the land of opportunity, then a bold Virginia accountant knows how to take advantage of it. With nothing short of an iron will and $ 1.415 million, New Delhi native Surinder Singh Raheja won himself a big house and a little bit of fame recently. The coveted property was one of 10, seized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, from bookie Pak Ching 'William' Wu, in connection with his sports gambling enterprise....more

Gujarat Relief Begs $100 Million Question

Mired in a controversy over whether it is honorable to "beg" the American government for $ 100 million relief for Gujarat earthquake relief, a well-publicized rally in Washington DC on Wednesday drew about 100 people and half-a-dozen Congressmen who found nothing wrong in organizing it. At least one of them warned that unless the demand for aid and relief is continued with a sense of urgency, the Gujarat issue "will go off radar," and "nobody (in Washington) will remember the devastating tragedy...more

Manil Suri Overtakes Grisham

Perched atop the bestseller lists in San Francisco and Boston, and well ensconced among the top 10 in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, The Death of Vishnu has jumpstarted Manil Suri's writing career. Suri's tale about a dying man's soul eavesdropping on his Mumbai neighbors had earned him glowing literary reviews in publications like The New York Times....more

Washington Chalo!

Disappointed and dissatisfied with the $10 million Washington has given for relief work in earthquake-devastated Gujarat, a bipartisan group of prominent Indian Americans, some of whom are active fund-raisers for Republicans and Democrats, are leading a rally in Washington. Their demand: At least $ 100 million in emergency funding....more

Six Years Later, Justice For Murdered Father

If you want to find Culpeper or Vienna on a map of Virginia, it might help to squint a little. They’re small dots along the state’s freeways, one town now on the verge of being swallowed by Washington’s burgeoning District Columbia area, the other still far enough from the Capital that you wouldn’t be wrong if you described it as “quiet.”...more

Teen Charged in Daylight Murder

In a city where nearly half of the 250 murders a year go unsolved, the charging of a teenager with the murder of an immigrant cabbie came as a surprise to many. Jasbir Rajpal Singh was killed last Thursday in Forestville, Maryland, (a D.C. suburb) and Richard Warren Crosson, 18, was arrested on Tuesday....more

Murderous Streets in D.C. Claim Another Cabbie

Cab drivers in Washington often complain that authorities do not worry too much about the dangers they face in the murderous streets of the nation’s capital. People talk about how much the New York cabbies have to go through but the D.C. cabbies face horrendous challenges and risks, too, said several friends of Jasbir Rajpal Singh....more

Wanted: $2 Million for Maryland Temple

Nearly 12 years ago, the people who started the Hindu Temple of Metropolitan Washington have been dreaming of a grander complex. Right now, the temple is in a historic house.But if the community is willing and $1.8 million is raised in two months, work will continue at a nearby site. The old temple is located on 10001 Riggs Road in Adelphi, Maryland.The entire project, which will include a 25,000 square foot temple and related facilities, costs $5.6 million....more


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