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TiEcon Plans to Go 'Back to Basics'

Last year they proudly discussed Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. This year, they are Back to Basics. Maybe with the economic downturn and failure of dotcoms in recent months, it was inevitable. Still Entrepreneurship: Back to Basics will be the theme of TiEcon 2001, the flagship event of The IndUS Entrepreneurs, on June 23, 24 in Santa Clara, California....more

Will I Be Sent Back If I Am Laid Off

?As a member of the Immigrant Support Network, Anish Moni had plans to help the group set up its annual meeting at the Santa Clara City library on Tuesday evening. The ISN holds the free event so that immigrant workers with legal quandaries can get answers....more

Dotcom Star Charged with Securities Fraud

Three years ago, Srinivas Anumolu was a bona fide member of the Silicon Raj, that elite group of desi entrepreneurs who transformed the Valley into the world's hi-tech Mecca. His company,, caught the crest of the dotcom wave, attracting gallons of cash from institutional investors and equally desirable attention splashed across the pages of the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Economist. ...more

Celebrating Holi at Stanford

The color was everywhere—red, green, yellow, purple—you name it. If you were at the Wilbur Field on the Stanford University campus, some people might have thought you were there for just one thing: to play Holi. But then, you were also helping raise money for a charitable cause, Asha for Education. People of all ages came in groups to revel in the plethora of colors and dance to Bollywood music....more

Women Debate Business of Success

What are some of the key factors for success in business? A group of high profile entrepreneurs pondered over the question as they shared life lessons with over 350 men and women recently. "For me, it's about selecting the right people," Nibha Agarwal, the co-founder of SkyFlow, said. "You have to be careful and think with your brain, not with your heart. Sometimes you have tough decisions to make and you can't always favor your friends....more

Celebrating Holi With a Difference

When you join the Holi celebrations at Stanford University this Saturday, you are expected to go back home not only with colorful memories but also with the satisfaction of having contributed to a good cause. The Holi Hangama event, organized by the 10-year-old Asha for Education, will go for its various basic educational programs across India....more

Fund Drive Raises Hate Mail

When Bill Clinton arrived at the fundraiser for Gujarat earthquake relief a handful of demonstrators stood outside Jubilee Christian Center carrying placards denouncing corruption in the White House during his tenure. What was not apparent during the four-hour concert, which was attended by over 2,500 people, was the anger against Clinton felt by some of the church members. Though several hundreds of church members attended the concert and applauded Bill Clinton, anger had been building elsewher...more

'Sex Slaves' Avoid Media, Want Normal Life

Many people are interested in learning about the well-being Lakireddy Bali Reddy's teen victims: CNN, ABC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post. But the victims themselves don't want anything to do with the media, says Jayashri Srikantiah, the American Civil Liberties Union lawyer representing the girls. She must oblige with her client's wishes, 'hermetically sealing' any information about them....more

An Honorable End for Evite

With huge layoffs at established technology giants like Intel and Cisco, dotcoms shouldn't feel so bad now when they fail. After all, experts say the economy in general is in a downturn. If that thought is any consolation for Selina Tobaccowala, 23, and, the online event planning Web site she founded out of Stanford University, she should keep it in mind now that her company has been acquired by Ticketmaster on Friday for reportedly less than $ 25 million....more

Focus Shifts to Reddy's Sons

With Lakireddy Bali Reddy now in custody and two other Reddy family members facing prison sentences in four months, the attention on the Berkeley immigrant smuggling scandal turns to Reddy's two sons, who are maintaining their innocence. Observers also await the court date of the man who posed as the father of two of Reddy's three teen victims....more


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