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A Very Expensive Typo

It just doesn't seem to get any better for Sanjay Kumar's Computer Associates International Inc. The company's stock fell over 9 percent on Monday after it reported that it had overstated its annual earnings on operations in April due to a typographical error. ...more

Census Spurs Indians to Join NY Poll Fray

Buoyed by early reports from the 2000 Census data, five South Asian Americans are contesting for the New York City Council, which in its 150 years history has not elected an Asian American official. Out of the five contestants, three -- Renu Lobo, Inderjit Singh and Jairam D Thakral -- are from India....more

Queens Judge Upholds Hindu Wedding

Seven years ago Mala Balram and Chrisendeo Persad were married in an elaborate Hindu ceremony witnessed by over 300 people in Queens, New York. Wearing traditional wedding garb, they prayed, exchanged vows and rings under the direction of a pandit, and walked around a sacred fire. However, the Guyanese couple, who still live in Queens, never got a state-authorized wedding license....more

Julie Taught Others to Live

One night, over a year ago, my 22-year old best friend, Julie Sherali, called."Claire, I don't know how else to say this... I'm in the hospital and I have leukemia," she said. I could hardly reply. I had talked to Julie three days before that, when everything had been fine. But suddenly she had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive cancer of the blood marrow and lymph nodes....more

'So Many Went Into This Rush For Greed'

A member of the Brady Commission that looked at the Wall Street crash of 1987, noted economist, author and Columbia Professor Amar Bhide says he and his colleagues confronted an 'implausible explanation' for what happened: "Yet with all the resources in the world, and access to every piece of data one could imagine, are you sure that everyone got, even in retrospect, what happened? Probably not."...more

Youngster Easwaran Wins Intel Award

Easwaran Nambudiri experimented on his friends and volunteers for several weeks last year. He exposed light to the backs of the knees of 10 teenagers as they slept, using a "light pad", which is the size of a small heating pad. After exposure, he measured their test-taking ability and sleepiness....more

It's Sharma vs Mishra for Art Seidenbaum Award

New York-based Akhil Sharma (An Obedient Father) and New Delhi-based Pankaj Mishra (The Romantics) are among the five finalists for the Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction given annually by the Los Angeles Times. The two Indian authors, both in their thirties, are competing with three others, including 24-year-old London-based Zadie Smith, whose White Teeth, a comical look at sex, race and politics in multicultural London, has brought her immense praise on both sides of the Atlantic....more

Immigrant Killer Gets Life Behind Bars

Craig Godineaux—the man who pleaded guilty to taking part in the robbery massacre that claimed the lives of five workers at a Wendy’s in Queens, New York—was sentenced to life in prison yesterday. One of the people killed in the May 25 slayings was a Pakistani immigrant named Ali Ibadat, who remained in the city morgue for more than a week, listed as an “unknown male,” before he was finally claimed by a distant relative....more

Clinton To Use Gujarat As World Model

“In a larger sense, I want to make it clear, what we are trying to do is to develop something that can be a model for the whole world, that we can use in the long term for the economic development of poor places, when they are hit by disaster or when they just need some help,” Clinton said. Picture: Rightmost is Megha Bhouraskar, an attorney in NY and co-founder of Sakhi. ...more

American Desi: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

For over a year, the Pandya brothers have been trying to sell their first movie American Desi to an American distributor. The movie, shot in and around Edison, New Jersey, chronicles the lives of Indian American college students—and the tussle between their American dreams and desi heritage. “We looked at all distribution companies, not just limit ourselves to Indian,” Gitesh Pandya, the movie’s co-producer, said. It will be released on March 16 by Eros International....more


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