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Welcome Events News & Features Directories
Jain New Dean of Kellogg School

As a business school, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University is known worldwide for its marketing and finance curriculum. Now, a marketing professor of Indian origin will fill in one of the most prestigious positions in the school. Dipak C Jain, the Sandy and Morton Goldman professor of entrepreneurial studies and professor of marketing, was named the school's new dean, effective July 1....more

Another Conviction in License-for-Bribe Scandal

Manharbhai Patel stood before a judge in a Chicago federal court and announced in a trembling voice: “I realize that I hurt my family and God. I have to pay for what I did.” The 47-year-old driving school instructor is the 36th person convicted in Chicago’s ongoing Operation Safe Road investigation. Troublesome questions have been raised about traffic law enforcement in the city--and the willingness of driving officials to accept bribes....more

Mir Backer's Space Dreams Stay Alive

As the Russian engineers were getting ready on Thursday to send the 143-ton Mir space station into a scorching oblivion in the Pacific Ocean, in Chicago Dr Chirinjeev Kathuria, known to his friends as space cowboy, made some time to reflect about his own ties with Mir. It wasn't just the Russian pride that had been wounded when Moscow decided that it was too expensive to keep Mir going on....more

A New Syro-Malabar Diocese

The 50,000- strong Syro-Malabar community in the United States has acquired a new diocese, a new bishop and with it, a new identity and sense of independence. Last week, Pope John Paul 11 appointed Rev Jacob Angadiath, 55, as its first bishop. The new diocese will be centered at Chicago and will be called the Syro-Malabar Catholic Mission of Chicago....more

Fugitive Bro-sis Duo Continues to Fox FBI

Downer's Grove is a sleepy town about 25 miles south of Chicago. Compared to the Big City, not much happens here by way of crime -- the last murder occurred more than two years ago. But that peace and serenity was shattered last month by a brutal stabbing in the town's tiny Indian community, a murder that remains unresolved....more

FBI Hunt for Father, Missing Daughter

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is joining forces with suburban Illinois police in their hunt for a man who may have kidnapped his 10-month-old daughter last August. Narsi Reddy Tippireddy, 30, has been charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution after being charged with child abduction by Cook County police. Authorities believe he may have taken his daughter to North Carolina and India....more

Motel Owners Sue Chicago

Asserting that Chicago wants to grab their land cheap, motel owners along a seedy strip are suing the city. They bristle at the complaint their motels have become dens for quick-and-dirty prostitution. Manu Patel, owner of one of 11 motels in the northern part of Chicago being considered by the city for expropriation and demolition, accuses city officials including Richard Daly, the powerful mayor, of trying to make his business look bad so that developers can get his land at a cheap price....more

10-Year-Old Boy Wins Political Asylum

In a decision with far-reaching consequences, immigration officials in Chicago finally granted political asylum this week to Umair Choudhry, ending a legal nightmare for his mother, who has been fighting battles for over three years. Umair is not a child soldier from South Asia, nor is his family is into politics....more

Patel Brothers Want to Build a Chicago in Bhuj

For Mafat Patel and fellow Indians in Chicago, rebuilding a village in Gujarat and rehabilitating the villagers is not enough. They want to rename it Chicago, after the city that is their adopted home—and that has helped them prosper in the new world. “If the government of Gujarat allows us, we would like to rename one of the villages as Chicago,” Mafat Patel, 56, said....more

Nationwide Manhunt for Murder Suspect

Downers Grove is a sleepy town, about 25 miles outside of Chicago. Compared to the Big City, not much happens here in the way of crime—the last murder occurred more than two years ago. But that peace and serenity was shattered this week by a brutal stabbing in the town’s tiny Indian community....more

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