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In the End It's Maya

“Appa.” Whenever the phone rings, Dayalan Kasilingam’s heart skips a beat. It’s been one year, three months and two days since he last heard that heavenly word—and over three years since he has seen his baby girl, Maya. But the toddler who clung to him so tightly in an Australian airport many years ago has never left his mind....more

Harvard, MIT Students Help With Quake Relief

For Ambika Patni, an English major at Harvard University, the first news about quake wasn’t earth shattering. She was on winter break in January when she got a call from her mother in Mumbai that their 25-story building had shook due to the earthquake in Gujarat. But as word of the devastation began spreading fast, Patni, like thousands of Indians across America, panicked, wanting to know if her two aunts and their families in Gujarat were safe....more

Brown University Students Helping With Quake Relief

At Brown University, Anuja Khemka is collecting funds which she will send to South Asian Funds About Relief. “I’ve put together other projects on hold because this semester is all about earthquake,” she told the student publication. A common thought heard from many student leaders: “Everyone is supportive, everyone is helping but there is much more to be done.”...more

Quake Relief Efforts in Boston

Indian community organizations in the Boston area are gearing up their relief efforts to raise funds for the victims of the January 26 earthquake in Gujarat. Over the weekend, several organizations held emergency committee meetings, and appeals were made to members of the community in temples and even at the Republic Day event held in Burlington, Massachusetts. ...more

Duke HSC Camp Draws Students From Boston

For three unusually cold days about 180 students from more than a dozen campuses met together at Duke University to discuss such topics as the revival of Ayurveda, vedantic life for students, and yoga for stress management. The popular arts were not forgotten. Hindu values in Indian cinema was one of the topics offered for discussion. There were students from Emory University in Georgia, and from schools in Boston and Chicago, organizers said....more

Remembering Mahatma in a Church

While in thousands of churches and schools, the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. was evoked through last weekend, and commitment for social justice were given, at least one leader made time to recall the link between King and Mahatma Gandhi whose nonviolent fight against the British who inspired the civil rights movement in America. Saying that the world is in the midst of a “quantum leap,” the Rev. Lawrence Edward Carter declared in his sermon....more


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